1. Chris says

    OMG…..I was watching this last night as I headed to work. And I was so disgusted at this. It really amazes me how these ignorant ass Blacks in Uganda and (I’m Black) American that is. Can let these white men come over there and just spew such nastiness within them in reference to Gays and they believe it to the point of murdering folks.

    Ain’t got a pot to piss in nor a window to throw it out and all this evilness coming from their mouths was simply scary.

    Fuck hating us gays. They need to get decent infrastructure in that shack and have the folks looking half decent. My Godness they all look a shitty mess all those little idi amini’s running around.

    And then Martin Ssempa showing them sldes from porno movies that just took me over the top I had to leave and get to work.

    Just plain and simple stupid ass folks!

  2. Disgusted American says

    just proves – MOST religions are Nothing but hate filled/Brainwashing/mind control/money making rackets $$$$ …how many gays come to your door trying to recruit you?, how many people have opened thier door to a religious wack-job bothering them, and trying to recruit them??? ALOT!!!

  3. TJ says

    Well what’s ironic here is that we in the US and Western Europe have fucked our relations w/ Africa so often that now our benevolent opinions and influence in this matter are seen as ideologic colonialism. When in fact homophobia across the world is generally a by-product of Muslim and Christian colonialism and proselytizing.

  4. Rodolfo says

    When I see stories like this, I think that we have to come up with a better word than “homophobia.” Their hate may be based in fear, but the word doesn’t convey the viciousness of the hate.

  5. says

    Don’t think for a minute this could not grow and take hold in the United States. “pastor” Lively is a refined version of Fred Phelps.

  6. gayalltheway says

    @Chris – I was thinking the same thing when I was watching it yesterday. I felt sick to my stomach when I listened to the things they were saying about homosexuality. The best part was Ssempa claimed that ‘gays eat each other poop’.. but as ignorant as he is, the only time I’ve seen something like that was on 2G1C and I doubt that they are even lesbians. He must have thought that rimming is ‘eating poop’ – that ignorant fool. The other thing was about anti-sodomy sentiment – well someone should really show them some straight porn and let them see that they do anal in straight porn as much as in gay porn.

    I really do pity the Ugandans because of how they are manipulated and duped by all these assholes who kept spewing lies and hatred. One thing I want to say them is that they should look around them and ask themselves what is more important; stopping corruptions in the “government” and improving the standard of their own lives or sitting around and debating whether what other people do in the privacy of their homes and lives is right or wrong.

    They should really look around them because all they have are dirt, shanty towns and impoverished people. Now that’s something they should be worried about and not us.

  7. says

    @Rodolfo I agree and here it is, Homoanathema.

    The problem is, the word Homophobia is just so catchy. Homophobia was first documented in print on May 23, 1969 (Hey, that’s my boyfriend’s birthday) and it specifically referred to heterosexual men fearing that others would perceive them as gay. So, there were examples of it in the ABC News piece but the reality is the word has come to mean so much more then that internalized fear of perception. In part do to the mainstream expectance of any phobia to be synonymous with unreasonable fear, think arachnophobia. Anathema, although it conveys the fallacious or rather indoctrinated hatred present, it just doesn’t conjure up the necessary level of hysteria needed by the media. OMG I just made up a word! Check out my blog xoxo

    a·nath·e·ma   [uh-nath-uh-muh]
    noun, plural anathemas.
    1. A person or thing hated, detested or loathed
    2. A person or thing accursed or consigned to damnation or destruction.
    3. A formal ecclesiastical curse involving excommunication or extermination.
    4. Originally meant something lifted up as an offering to the gods. Later, it came to mean to be formally set apart or banished.

  8. Lexxvs says

    In some countries of Africa they have embraced the monotheistic venom so profoundly they even have no idea how the sexuality was in pre colonial times. And they really think that homosexuality was always an abomination and so forth.
    What a bunch of ignorant haters. Always submitted to whatever piece of garbage others want to feed them with. Hope sometime they can escape from their knowledge misery.
    I personally think that people promoting those genocide ideas at the USA must be prosecuted like the Nazis. But well, there you have.

  9. epic says

    and this is where religious freedom gets us…i don’t care what fairy tales you have to make yourself believe to get by day to day, you’re hurting real people…your delusions are causing real suffering and the more you justify it by saying “its only the fringe nuts” the more you are the real problem…this cannot be tolerated, tolerance is showing itself to be weakness…i just want one day where i don’t have be ashamed to be a member of the human race…how can it still be justified to spread hate and intolerance; why can’t we learn from the past…are we innately evil/cruel as a species? i don’t know anymore…but i do know one thing, you justify fairy tales to quantify your silly existence and you will be mocked and marginalized for being a lesser person…i could feel sorry for you, but you are to dangerous.

  10. Michael Stone says

    Scott Lively and his kind should move to Africa with all the other “good Christians”

  11. voet says

    I agree with Rodolfo and Kevin Jetson, this goes beyond homophobia. It may have its roots in homophobia, but these people are advocating “homocide.” This is homo-hatred to the nth degree.

  12. Michael says

    Blame the christian missionaries for this one. They have a long-standing practice of withholding aid of any sort unless the people accept whatever brand of religion they are peddling.

    It’s not surprising to see an impoverished people reacting this way. Their government is corrupt and they know they can’t change it and so they whore themselves to the religious cults just to get aid. The cycle just keeps repeating itself.

  13. Fuck GrabbinNewscum says

    @ GrabbinNewscum only iof I can kill you and your red neck cracker barrel family.


  14. GrabbinNewscum says

    @ GrabbinNewscum only iof I can kill you and your red neck cracker barrel family.
    Posted by: Fuck GrabbinNewscum | Mar 12, 2010 12:20:02 AM

    >>Oh look, a homophobic Negro who can’t spell. Well that’s different.

  15. Contrarian says

    Except for a few liberal blogs and the NYT, this story of American involvment was flying beneath the radar for most US residents. Now that a TV network has covered it the fundies cannot be so the brazen in their nefarious propagandizing and manipulating East Africa on this issue.

    Oh, Mr. Towle, are you back on your blog because the comment section is being abused by some and needs monitoring. If I want to see personal invective and crazy racism there are hundreds of wacko wingnut bloggers I could read but I’d need several stiff drinks first, and antacid.

  16. Beegee says

    Bomb the sh*t out of that country. Time to start over. This time we’ll use logic and education, ok?