1. Derek Washington says

    Fantastic! I’m especially happy that someone beat Gay Inc to this one.

    I don’t know much about this group that’s donating the money, but, I’ll be sure to check them out.

    I hope it’s the best prom EVAH! I bet it does more for Gay / Straight relationships in that area than anything else ever could have.

    We owe a big thanks to the idiots who tried to stop this young lady from having a good time and being an American teen.

  2. jackal says

    Constance has declined any money for a “special prom.” Go watch her on the Ellen show. Ellen wanted to give her a prom, and she declined.

    Because she wants to go to _her_ school prom, and she has a right to it.

    She right actually. As much as I wanted Ellen to give her a massive amazing school prom, Constance is actually right. She should be able to go to her school prom and it should be a non-issue.

    Good for her. She’s smart, and she’s strong.

  3. joey says

    wanda i like your show, but when you lump everyone in the same pile that is wrong. i live in mississippi and it is a great state,although, just like every state we have problems. mississippi is in the middle of the bible belt and you have a lot of bible thumpers. all mississippians aren`t like that. i`m a 47 year old male with 3 kids and a wife and if one of my kid told me they were gay i`d back them 110 percent. so i would appreciate a pulic appology for all the mississippians that are not that way’

    sincerely, joey