Which Senator Placed a ‘Secret Hold’ on Obama’s Lesbian EEOC Nominee Chai Feldblum?

Lisa Keen reports that at least one U.S. Senator has placed a "secret hold" on the nomination of openly lesbian Obama nominee Chai Feldblum to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission:

Feldblum  "A Senate committee approved all the nominations, including Feldblum’s, as a group in December.

A spokesperson for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said Monday that Reid is 'working to get an agreement' with Republicans to consider the nomination of Feldblum and other EEOC commissioners.

There has been no public indication yet of which senator has placed the hold on the EEOC nominees’ full Senate confirmation vote."

You may remember back in November that homophobic right-wing religious leaders hoped to "unleash Armageddon" on Feldblum's nomination and paint her as a radical extremist who would threaten religious liberty. The highlight of Feldblum's testimony, in that sense, was her statement that she did not support polygamy.


  1. Swellster says

    While I never took a class that she taught when I was at the Georgetown Law, I did meet her a couple of times. She exhibited such intelligence and a well grounded philosophy. Yes she is liberal, if by liberal you mean that she believes that the anti discrimination laws of the US should be enforced vigorously, but that shouldn’t hold up her nomination. The Republican hypocrites are now doing the very thing they criticized the dems for doing during the last administration, I mean abomination.

    It is a disgrace. We need Senate reform now.

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