40 Retired Military Chaplains Write Letter Against DADT Repeal

This reeks of Elaine Donnelly. Via Politico:

Dadt  "The chaplains argue in a letter to the commander in chief and defense secretary, due to go out Wednesday, that allowing gays to serve openly in the military would discriminate against some Christian chaplains.

'We are deeply concerned that these changes would threaten the religious liberty of chaplains and service members,' the chaplains said in their letter, circulated Tuesday by the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defense Fund.

A change in the military policy would force chaplains into a moral conundrum, they said, 'whether they are to obey God or to obey men.'

They also cite the recent dis-invitation of Family Research Council President Tony Perkins from an Air Force prayer meeting as evidence that a crackdown on those who oppose repealing “don’t ask don’t tell” is already under way."

In related news, Servicemembers Legal Defense Network executive direct Aubrey Sarvis has a piece in Roll Call on how Obama can get himself out of the box he's put himself in regarding a repeal timeline.

Writes Sarvis:

"The House and Senate armed services committees are less than 30 days from voting on the defense bill. DADT originated in those two committees 17 years ago, and that is where the matter should be addressed now. The big votes on the defense bill are likely to come in late May and early summer, several months before those Pentagon recommendations are due on Capitol Hill. How does the president keep faith with Mullen and Gates on the very process he set up and, at the same time, ask key Senators and House Members to support him in repealing this discriminatory federal law? That is the president’s moral and political dilemma.

The immediate challenge is reconciling the timeline to ensure that the findings and implementation recommendations of the Pentagon Working Group are received and considered in an expeditious manner by both committees. This should be spelled out in the repeal legislation now before the committees."

I posted before that there are six senators on the Senate Armed Services Committee that need to be lobbied and urged to include repeal in the Defense Authorization Bill this year. Their names and contact info are HERE


  1. MT says

    Allowing gay people to serve openly would discriminate against some chaplains? What makes it worse that they are discriminated against as opposed to gay people? Somehow It think there are a lot more gay people in the world than chaplains. I’m deeply concerned how chaplains not only threaten my liberty, but actively oppress it.

  2. says

    They are to obey their commanding officer.


    The only thing DADT repeal threatens is the liberty to treat their fellow service members like shit.

    Fucking christianist pussies. Always whining and playing the victim, while working their damndest to deny civil and human rights to their fellow man.

  3. Tadpolicus Wex says

    Last I checked, we live in the United States of America not the United States of Jesus! Our taxes pay for these clowns to spread their bigotry under the guise of patriotism, they deserve to be fired and the retirees ought to have their benefits recinded. F U Talibangelicals.

  4. says

    So how do these chaplains feel about ministering to people who have taken human life as part of their daily routine, on the orders of men, in direct opposition to that pesky commandment about Thou Shalt Not Kill?

  5. says

    Last time I checked belonging to a religion is a choice. If that choice interferes with your duties, then you should quit. They do not have the right to discriminate. To then complain about NOT being able to discriminate is beyond chutzpah.

  6. ichabod says

    Sorry, “Christians”, but you’ve got it all wrong and the world is tired of listening to your misguided, hateful crap.

    If only you could hear yourselves…

  7. JusticeontheRocks says

    Let me see: their “religion” forbids them to work with openly gay people but allows them to work with closeted gay people? Possibly it would just make their temptation too great.

  8. walter says

    tony perkins was not uninvited because of his opposisition to DADT but his hate speach.some examples of christian charity are these chaplins. if they don’t want to serve next LGBT troops let them find a store front church to preach hate and bigotry not the US military. just goes to prove hate is more important than love and understanding.

  9. X says

    America doesn’t protect “religious” beliefs and policies that harm other people, but apparently these old chaplains don’t get that. I wonder if they remember when priests argued that women should be treated like lower class citizens and not vote because God said they were second to men and inferior. Sorry, but there’s no religious freedom to hurt people.

    I can’t wait for these asses to get old and die. Get out of my country!!!

  10. TANK says

    Don’t blame this on religion! It’s just an excuse…like nazism was an excuse for antisemitism, and antisemitism was an excuse for bad behavior! How dare you blame nazism for the persecution of others, or religion for the persecution of women and gays, other religious people, different races, etc! bigotry! These aren’t the causes of bad behavior…nothing causes it, and nothing can prevent it. It’s a mystery.

  11. says

    SLDN are stabbing Gay and Lesbian soldiers in the back! I can’t believe that group is still pursuing an asinine “delayed implementation of repeal” strategy! The strongest argument DADT opponents had was the urgency of retaining personnel with essential skills, and here they are throwing it out the window. The unit cohesion arguments are wholly bogus; the DADT policy itself establishes that there are Gay soldiers serving, and everybody knows it. Making official something that’s already common knowledge is hardly going to throw the Armed Forces into chaos! Whose side is SLDN on, really? I don’t think it’s the servicemen they’re allegedly advocating for.

  12. epic says

    @tank …really…religion is justification for bigotry and intolerance the world over, without biased interpretations whats left…religion it used to control the weak minded an assert a class apart from the “heathens” but really they all turned out to be covered in shit..its all dirty…nothing that every religion combined can ever make up for the hatred and and pain its has caused in the past, for you to justify it shows how well you have been lead and are the case against this blight on humanity

  13. TANK says

    You don’t say, epic. Sarcasm…it’s a response to popular claims by theists that religion is an excuse for bad behavior, not the cause. Of course it’s the cause in many cases, and beliefs cause behavior (that’s how they’re sensible, in fact). It amounts to the view that beliefs don’t cause behavior, or that some do and others don’t without specifying any coherent or credible distinction between the two.

    It’s a lot like theist christians claiming that their faith is the “true faith”. There’s nothing to settle the disputes between different christian denominations to establish the true christian faith other than for the believer who subscribes to one variation to assert it…just like there’s nothing beyond blind faith and repeating it to establish any true religion (islam vs. christianity, for example). And christians do horrible things becauses of their faith, as there’s no such thing as a real/true christian.

  14. Spongey says

    I never in my 20 years in the military had any use for a Chaplain. They all pretended to be your friend, but what they really wanted to do was blast all your business to everyone and anyone.

  15. Jerry6 says

    All the discussions concerning Gays and woman’s rights, and marriage,and anything else you bigots want taken care of can easily be done — Just let the Catholic Church run everything like they did a few hundred years ago. You know, Gays – Burn them at the stake; Disagree with the the local Pastor – Draw and Quarter them; Jews? – Convert or ship out. But beware what you ask for — someone who is a little higher on the pole than you might just turn you in for – (You know. You didn’t know I was watching you.)

  16. Photomojokid says

    The issue is not whether or not the chaplains are willing to minister to everyone regardless of sexual preference. The issue is that there is no protection for them as to how they are to minister. If they believe that homosexuality, bisexuality, or promiscuity are wrong, they have the right to preach so according to freedom of religion. The middle road solution here is to also allow gay chaplains into the armed forces and allow them to preach what they believe in their own service. Asking ministers who believe that this lifestyle is wrong not to preach what they believe would impose a form of state directed religion, and that is just wrong. These same ministers are preaching against premarital sex and promiscuity as well. The heterosexual community that practices these acts has the freedom to attend or not attend based on what they believe, but nobody is forcing chaplains not to preach that it is wrong. As an active duty Airman I can say that I would have no issue with serving alongside anyone who openly practices a non-hetero lifestyle. I do however believe that provisions must be taken to protect gay rights with out sacrificing the rights of others. This is a non issue in the civilian world because gays and heterosexuals chose where to worship as they each see fit. This should be no different in the armed forces.

  17. Way To Go USA! says

    What difference does it make if a person has a different sexual or personal preference to your own. You signed your name and said “I will serve this US of A under oath.”

    So what if s/he has chosen the title of GLBT, your duty and/or job is to fight and protect if need-be or to serve another soldier by medical assistance if that is your profession. And “Soldier” is GENDERLESS. Do you not (Sir/Ma’am Officer) save a persons life because of known sexual orientation? Do you not spiritually assist a person because his/her sexual orientation?

    Get over it and just do the job that you say you were called to do. Remember, if your commanding officer gives you a direct order and you find that you don’t want to obey his/her order – then you may want to reconsider where you are and why you are really there.

    I know and understand that it’s a very hard call when you have to make the decision to not end a prayer in the way you would according to your belief – but an order is an order and with it when disobeyed comes consequences that can ruin a career. People are still human and each human that is a part of this US of A has both civil and human rights.

    (1) What would be your reaction/response to later find out that the person that protected you (a law enforcement officer) from clear harm from a armed attacker, and you remained unscathed from the attacker prescribed to other?
    (2)Or you later found out that the person you thought dragged your buttocks from a burning building was of different sexual orientation from your own?

    Hypocrite or higher thankful?

    (Just a thought…)

    One weekend a month…two weeks a year. That’s a small price to pay for the security and continued freedom we experience in this
    US of A. I would this for free if I didn’t have bills and responsiblities.

  18. Chaplain Rick says

    I seriously doubt any one of you have put on the uniform or served anything greater than your own whiney, puney selves. If you had you would see Chaplains do a hell of a lot for their Soldiers, including the one who was killed in Afghanistan last year. Go back to your Spiderman comics and cyber porn and leave the decisions to the grown-ups who have earned the right to make them.

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