1. dgchgo says

    Okay, so I thought the last guy was kinda hot. Sue me. But yeah — a hot otter on the order of Jake Gyllenhall wouldn’t have been bad, either.

  2. Um says

    Can any of the women on that miniepisode be considered as sexy or “serious” to you guys? Most of you are acting like an injustice occured. Don’t some of you get enough of your buff boys on gay blogs and porn. If Ball brought some sexy buff gay guy, people would still have a problem.

    Because hes not a realistic gay man. Because hes white and they’re always white or because hes black or asian and well, we wanted a sexy built white one. Or because hes trashy and perverted. Because hes a vampire and homosexuals continue to be portrayed as the bad guys. Etc. Etc.

  3. Robert says

    To be fair, the trashy guy in the jock strap DOES have a great ass. Just sayin’!

    And yay, I can’t wait for whatever they do with Alex Skarsgard this season. Sounds delicious.

  4. DW says

    Alex Skarsgard has shot at least one VERY graphic gay sex scene on True Blood, involving he and one other man. I think he’s already shown that he’s not afraid to go there, not at all.

  5. Miguel R says

    How good was Melancholia? I was just thinking about the scene after the wedding when Kirsten is like “What did you expect?” And AS is like, “Yeah.” And the whole film changes. It’s amazing.

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