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Craig Lowe Certified as Winner in Gainesville, FL Mayoral Race


Openly gay candidate Craig Lowe, who beat his opponent Don Marsh in the Gainesville, Florida mayoral race by a margin of 35 votes despite being the target of vicious anti-gay attacks, picked up an additional seven votes in the recount for a margin of 42 and was certified the winner this afternoon, Towleroad has learned.

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  1. Congrats, Mayor Lowe. Gainesville joins Chapel Hill as college towns with openly gay mayors.

    Posted by: Lucas Gomez | Apr 16, 2010 2:24:54 PM

  2. This is for Craig Lowe's homophobic enemies:


    Posted by: Rick | Apr 16, 2010 2:44:34 PM

  3. damn Rick you read my mind

    Posted by: wtf | Apr 16, 2010 3:16:12 PM

  4. @Lucas :: And in both of your examples - I'd bet dollars to donuts without the *college* in these towns - this would not be so. :>)

    Education is Key to Acceptance.

    Posted by: Chapeau | Apr 16, 2010 5:39:21 PM


    As in all states, unless students re-register to vote IN Florida, going to college IN Florida means nothing to the ballot box. And non-event/off-year elections tend to bring out even fewer voters than a national election.

    I'd say that this guy won BECAUSE of the nasty adverts and criticism leveled on him by Republican/TeaBaggers.

    BTW: This happening in conservative Florida does not bode well for TeaBaggers nation-wide: An OUT GAY MAN beat a Republican/TeaBagger.

    Which leads me to conclude: BWHAHAHAHAHAH!

    Posted by: NewJerseyGirl | Apr 16, 2010 5:47:15 PM

  6. Congrats!! Wow, by a margin of 42 votes.

    Posted by: DireFates | Apr 16, 2010 6:35:19 PM

  7. congrats!

    Posted by: Bill | Apr 17, 2010 12:38:41 AM

  8. What has Craig Lowe's election have to do with his sexual orientation? The straight community needs to grow up.

    Posted by: Tom Nunnery | Apr 17, 2010 7:10:34 AM

  9. It's like a mini-Houston! Nice to see two gay southern mayors withstand this type of campaign attacks.

    Posted by: Alex | Apr 17, 2010 10:49:36 PM

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