1. cd says

    go Johnny go, it’s amazing that a group of people that can’t biologically propagate itself always comes back with tremendous young people to carry the torch. I wish him well and if that’s not in the Olympics, ok, that may not be big enough for Johnny Weir.

  2. Eugene says


    “No one should come out until THEY’RE ready to do so. Quit trying to force the issue already.”

    If you keep telling yourself that, you will NEVER be ready.

  3. Zlick says

    That’s the way to say it, btw. Don’t make some announcement, as if straights had to proclaim their heterosexuality. Relay the information in ordinary context. I “came out” to friends at work by casually mentioning fun stuff I did with my boyfriend, and to my employers by talking about my activism activities. Go, Johnny, go!

  4. Rann says

    Without uttering the exact words he has come out multiple times. I wish he would just say it but the younger generation seems to not be as willing to do so for fear of being “labeled”. Oh my god the horrors of being labeled gay!

  5. Beth says

    Johnny Weir doesn’t need to state it to show it. It’s not a fear of labels that causes us not to say “I’m gay” but the recognition that our straight friends don’t have to say “I’m straight”. I came out at my old job because they asked about my new boyfriend and my sentance started “well her name’s Helen.” You don’t need to say “I’m gay” to be gay and although most people will use the termanology to their family when they first come out why isn’t appearing with your boyfriend/girlfriend, or refering to the LGBT community as ‘we’ and ‘us’ be sufficient? It’s a statement and a classily done one.

  6. Giff says

    Johnny isn’t gay until he has the cover of People Magazine proclaiming “Yes, I’m gay!” While that was needed for Ellen and Lance Bass, it is now less of an issue. I didn’t tell my new coworkers I was, I just mentioned I have a boyfriend.

    Common people…if I don’t need to proclaim that I write with my right hand or have a bad hair dye job, why should I need to proclaim my sexuality. Let people figure it out for themselves, I’ll continue to date whom I want to date.

    Go Johnny!!!

  7. Billy says

    This qualifies as OUT, people. Thinking he’s not is kind of the “It’s only gay if you kiss!” mentality.

    Hell, for half of my friends, they didn’t learn about my sexuality because I said “I’m gay” — they learned when I said something about an ex or a cute guy instead. Does that make it any real?

  8. Anon says

    He DID mention that if he wanted to marry a woman or a man then he or anyone should have the freedom to do that. The point is he didn’t have to mention MARRY A WOMAN, did he? Simply put, Johnny was essentially there in support of freedom; gay, straight or whatever. There’s nothing for him to come out about; like he NEEDS to explain himself? Pardon, but who do any of you think you are? Hmm?

    What are you going to do if/when Johnny decides to marry a member of the female persuasion? Say he was “forced” into it? Get over it, go around it or through it, already! Leave it alone.

    And there WERE people there who are “straight” as you say; non-GLBT but very supportive of a persons’ right to choose. I think that’s what the event was all about, wasn’t it?

    Will you please show just a little respect and human descency? Thank you.

    Love you, Johnny.

  9. Happily Married says

    @anon Right to choose? we aren’t talking about abortion here. . Sometimes I wonder how we are ever going to educate the ignorant wingnuts when our own people can’t get it right.
    And Mr. Weir’s coy games aren’t cute and they aren’t cool. Have some guts and stand up and be counted. Whether you are gay or bi. It’s nothing you have to be secretive about.

  10. Paul R says

    Jeez, he’s out. “this community, us, our people”—that means he considers himself part of the gay community. There’s no other way to parse it.

  11. Anon says

    Yes. His right. My right. Your right. The way some people are posting here, the topic might as well be abortion. That’s how it sounds. We are posting about freedom and peoples’ individual right to choose A MATE. There’s nothing childish about it. Please try to stay on topic.

    Don’t you have a marriage to take care of and a husband to keep happy? I posted this because nobody seems to mind sticking their noses in Johnny’s business, so? Mind if I stick mine in yours?

    And Paul, he did start with “THIS community…”, first. It’s almost as if he corrected himself by ending it with “…OUR people…”. I’m amazed at how his words are being placed under a microscope by the very community he flew all the way out to L.A. to support. Could the GLBT community please show just a little more appreciation for even a slight sacrifice? Why is nothing ever good enough for some of you? Maybe that’s why you’re not as supported as you should and could be? Thank you. With love.

    Love you, Johnny.

  12. TANK says

    Yeah… I too wonder if he’d be doing this if he weren’t flush with endorsements and america’s next top skater. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad he’s doing it, and he seems like an okay enough guy. But, I’m a moral realist…and the right thing needs to be done even when it’s inconvenient (and it’s never convenient given the people who live around us).

  13. steve talbert says

    I think what he said was right on. Why does one have to ‘choose’? It isn’t supposed to be a choice. He might be bi, he might be a femmy str8 guy, he might be gay. I am not having sex with him, so I don’t really care. He is very talented, and I enjoy watching stuff he does. I have never seen or heard him try to make it seem like being gay would be bad if he was, but who really cares but the religious nuts who torment themselves thinking of nasty sex all the time?

  14. Bear says

    Johnny Weir is a celebrity. Any celebrity that will stand up for the good of the people is doing good for all of us. Who gives a crap what sexuality he prefers? (answer) Only the people who for some reason are not comfortable with heir own. This includes not only the crazy church people but those who call themselves gay yet do not accept any others as being gay unless they fit the standards of their mind. These ‘gays’ will only think of others as being gay if they jump up and down with big banners saying they are gay or dressed in some outrageous drag. Well I have news for them. There are many many people who do not consider themselves GAY simply because of the ones who continually profess the old stereotype drawn up by straights years ago. Stop cow-towing to the straight ideal of what a gay is and just be yourself. Your friends, coworkers and family will figure it out for themselves without you having to shove it in their face that you prefer the same sex.

  15. kw says

    I really think he’s bi because of the part of this speech where he says he should be able to marry a woman or a man and lots of other comments he’s made. He out. He’s not passing as straight. Has it occurred to people he’s not using the label gay because it’s not exactly the right term for him? I don’t think his reluctance to use the word comes from prejudice or being closeted.

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