1. Vito says

    I want my 16 minutes back. Big ol’ gay stereotype in the middle of that. I might expect that in 1985, not 2010. I wonder what their thinking was there. Did they consider bringing forth pancake syrup logo Aunt Jemina and giving her characteristics associated with her “type” as well — nudge nudge wink wink?

  2. Zlick says

    Personally, I loved it when I first saw it in a theater (they have a special screening for nominated shorts). They posted a dire warning on the screen for two full minutes before the film, so my interest was piqued. Maybe the gag went on for a little too long, but I loved it.

    I never thought in a million years it would mean an Academy Award. It was my favorite win of the evening!

  3. says

    I was way ahead of the curve on this one. I actually saw Logorama quite a few months ago on MovieWeb before I even knew it was a nominated short for the Oscars. I tried to tell people about it, of which, only 1 person I know actually went to watch it. Now it wins the best animated short Oscar and now everyone is talking about it.

  4. says

    The Nelly Mr. Clean ruined it for me. That was a cheap shot totally disrespectful of gay men and bodybuilders. It was uncalled for as was most of the language. I am no prude but found most of this distasteful that negated the creativity. Even in 2010 filmmakers continue to use gays as comic relief and negative stereotypes. We have a long, long way to go people.

  5. Leonard says

    That was extremely well done, and worked on so many levels. Totally deserving of an oscar. Maybe it’s because I already have corporations and how they relate to humanity and the environment on the brain, but from “nature” taking back the world from the hands of a society that has completely become “corporatized” the short really worked for me.

  6. AladinSane says

    As usual, I’m totally in awe that people can be so oblivious to irony…The gay Mr. Clean is playing AGAINST the stereotype of his creators…Sigh…

  7. says

    Clever. As. Hell. But…..and I did watch it twice, to catch all the subtleties…Where was COCA-COLA?!! Only the Number One, most recognized brand on the planet…and it was Not used!? The cop Did ask for a Coke, before the big chase began, but No logo?! Just the big panther-piss Pepsi at the end. Ugh.
    Maybe they are saving it for the sequel?!


  8. Rick says

    Brilliant as animation, but lousy as storytelling; the filmmakers present a situation — the stand-off between Ronald McDonald and the Michellin men — but rather than follow through and resolve it, they give us an earthquake which renders everything preceding it pointless. So the whatever existed as a “narrative” was simply a pretext for the images and nothing more. That is not the stuff of great filmmaking, animated or not.

  9. Andrew F says

    I hate this movie. Hate hate hate hate it. And this is coming from a Masters student in film theory who has a undying love for French film, animation and postmodern irony.

    The worst art is the smuttily transgressive. It’s a thin idea that goes on way too long, with eye-rolling dialogue (Oh my, you can swear! How shocking!) and poor animation (look at the sprites’ movements). Ugh.

  10. says

    @ ANDREW F – you had to be a smug prig and mention your so-called masters in film – innit?

    The rest of the world doesn’t need to be ‘educated’ to enjoy movies – you’re the one who had to be ‘specially educated’…… (moron).

    It’s a cute short and worthy of the prizes and accolades it received. And I didn’t need advanced degrees to say that!

  11. says

    Goo god you people can be a bunch of self-serious wankers some time. It’s a SHORT film for starters so all this talk of it being a poor narrative and such is silly. It’s an animated short that’s all about representing how much big business has been inserted into our every day life (even during the earthquake there are brands and logos revealed in the earth). I reckon it’s brilliant.

    And, of course, an effeminite gay character and everyone chucks a stink. Did y’all not notice the fact that Ronald McDonald is portrayed a serial killing terrorist? PC is NOT what they were going for.

    Seriously. Get a brain.

    And Andrew? Nobody’s impressed by you talking about being a masters student with an undying love of French film, animation and postmodern irony. Good grief.

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