1. Pierre says

    After watching Rachel Zoe Project I developed the biggest crush on him. So friggin’ cute in those little shorts on the show! Thanks for posting these…

  2. J says

    I know this is going to be met with me being crucified, but Im sorry for once can we have not the stereotype? I mean, he is surely sexy, but always the same. Fashion, style, Gaga! It is just so repetitive and one dimensional to me. No, Im not jealous or afraid to be or whatever will be thrown at me. I am ferociously proud to be queer. Im just commenting on yet another fashion gay being goo-goo’d at.

  3. mikey says

    “J” … no crucifying necessary … but do settle down sweetie!

    haven’t you figured out we’ll goggle anything worth “goo goo’ing”?

    Footballers to soccer Dads, porn stars to starched bankers, twinks to mugshots … nothing is off limits if they’ve got a little something going on.

    and to quote, “don’t be bitter, it leads to botox.”

  4. FizziekruntNT says

    MMMmmmmm. Panty creamer of the day!

    Could’ve ONLY been made better by Richardson being strapped into a head-to-toe rubber suit with the breathing hole corked. HAWT!

  5. Raul says

    This blog is drivig me crazy…very sad…but hardcore saaaaaaaaad news from malawi and then a bonner and then more sad news about DADT and stupid politics.

  6. hughman says

    goreski is cute enough (if you like that kind of thing) but too bad he gives lip service to a known homophobe and sexual molester. blech. talk about selling your soul for “fashion”.

  7. Drusilla says

    No offense to Rachel Zoe’s main gay, but I don’t have much respect for someone who’s willing to work with a gross sexual predator like Terry Richardson.

  8. TANK says

    Seriously, terry richardson looks like he hangs around playgrounds with nothing but a trenchcoat on! The guy could GAG A MAGGOT. What is that creepy ole perv doing posing with his models, detracting from their pretty? PTOOEY!

  9. John says

    Terry Richardson makes tea out of model tampons and rapes underage girls (and yes it is still rape if they agree to it, Terry) for pictures. I wonder what Brad had to do?

  10. says

    Um. Rie Rasmussen’s accusations were based on her OPINIONS of the photos in his book – not based on any specific knowledge. She basically drunk yelled at him at a party because she didn’t like her pic in his book.

  11. neverstops says

    this photo is posted next to “famewhoring” in Webster’s dictionary

    Terry Richardson is a photography god.


    no for real.

    I’m serious.

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