1. niles says

    Madonna: If there ever was a time for you show your gratitude for the gay support you have enjoyed for many years it would be now. Please speak out and condemn this atrocity or at the very least request leniency from the courts.

  2. says

    “that the ruling or the court proceeding as of today, reflects our tradition in Malawi”

    A tradition we learned from our colonial masters.

    “He referred to the crime as ‘buggery,’ using language from when Malawi was a British colony and the current law was written.”

    Because there was neither a tradition nor a law against homosexuality until we learned it from our masters.

    This is so fucked up!

    Next they’ll be thanking evangelical Christians from America from teaching them what their traditions are.

  3. J says

    Does anyone have connections with mercenaries that could go in and rescue these guys? I will gladly donate to that.

  4. DavidW says

    ………this just wants to make me open my wallet for “poor, starving, downtrodden, colonially oppressed, bigoted, bloodthirsty, xenophobic bastards”of that country. And this goes for pretty well the whole of Africa. I’ve lived there most of my life and this is just the tip of the iceberg!!!
    Remember that even when it comes to slavery it was the African chiefs that sold their own people to the Arab and Western slavers for their own greed…….nice people hey?

  5. John in Boston says

    There should be MASSIVE protests at their various embassies in and at the UN/NYC, just like there should have been when Iran hanged those gay teenagers. They still do it. Don’t hold your breath. ANYTHING negative that involves black on black scares the bejeesus out of white liberals. They’re petrified of being called racist. To bad these guys weren’t sophisticated enough to apply for and get asylum in a western country. Certainly they qualify.

  6. John in Boston says

    That homosexuals exist in such a hostile environment surely is proof that genetics is the dominant cause.

  7. DavidW says

    Very good John….
    The only problem with the protests is that they are so busy spending their money on this sort of crap that they don’t have any left to run an embassy. I suppose the only place you could find them is at the backdoor free hand out line up or maybe the luxury car mart in some duty free tax haven.
    Or maybe the World doesn’t care because they don’t have oil down there.

  8. jason says

    Madonna come to our rescue??? Puh-lease, the menstruating cow hasn’t come to our rescue in ages. She appears to be more interested in making nice with Malawi, a country that has been good to her vis a vis the adopted kids.

    She’s got her mansions now, courtesy of us gullible gays. Why should she be overly worried about some poor, persecuted gay guys in Malawi? Her own empire is probably the most important thing to her right now.

    I’m not saying she’s not concerned at all but she is more likely to eat her menses than make the judge change his mind.

  9. jason says

    And where, oh where, is the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Why aren’t they criticizing Malawi? Oh, I forgot, blacks don’t criticize other blacks. How silly of me….

  10. DavidW says

    Jason your last comment exactly describes the black brotherhood of thieves and corrupt Idi Amins……just look South to what’s happening in Zimbabwe. See how the Prop 8 voting went in California…who voted that one in? The very people who Gay people fought for all these years. I am sorry if I sound racist but I’m so sick of being PC while these users keep quiet and hate us. Time to let them rot in their own mess.

  11. Lexxvs says

    By “tradition of Malawi” he means “since the religious monotheistic venom was imposed to the natives cause I don’t like to know from before”.
    But what do you expect.

  12. FunMe says

    And where is HIllary Clinton?

    This is HORRIBLE!!!

    And yes, I agree with those who mention Madonna. That woman doesn’t do anything that benefits anyone else other than her. I detest what she has become, especially all the support she got and still get from gays.


  13. mellotron says

    “who voted that one in? The very people who Gay people fought for all these years. I am sorry if I sound racist but I’m so sick of being PC while these users keep quiet and hate us. ”


    The answer to your question: Whites and Mormons (majority).

    I like how black people are all supposed to have one big collective opinion. Oh yeah, and just because black people are a minority, who historically have faced oppression and discrimination (and still do), means that black people should be know better and not discriminate ever? Right??

    And yeah, you are a racist.

  14. josepe says

    what good does it do if our organizations don’t speak in our behalf?
    we are seeing so much bigotry not just in the USA but around the world.
    there is so much greed we forgot we were hungry once,

  15. jason says

    Again, I’d like to know why the NAACP isn’t criticizing Malawi’s position on homosexuality. This is a golden opportunity for the NAACP to express horror at how black gay brothers are being treated in this hole.

    Where is the NAACP? Where are black people in general? Their silence is deafening. It seems they’re more interested in ho’s.

  16. wbnyc says

    @mellotron: you’re missing the point. most black leaders in America, whether religious or political, are against gay anything. sure, my black friends happen to be cool w/gay whatever, but it’s Eric Holder and Donnie McClurkin and Barack Obama and Clarence Thomas and Michael Steele who get the press. you must admit, none of them are fans of gay equality. these are the anti-equality faces most of are presented with in the media today.

  17. Chris says

    Jason since when you care about anything BLACK????

    You shrilly faggot shut the fuck up!
    And the only Hoe is your Mother!

  18. SeriouslySick says

    Homophobia, it’s the new (old) black-on-black crime. This way, you can be a servant to the white master (evangelicals), and still be the big swinging dick on your block. Why not, Barack does it, every preacher this side of bumfuck does it, no? It’s easy pickins for the illegitimate power movers. Just ignore it, your gay identity is a product of Nazi thought anyway, you racist white queens.

  19. TruthSeeker_Too says

    There is a bi-partisan resolution (H.Res. 1335) pending in the U.S. House Foreign Affairs committee condemning this action (introduced by Tammy Baldwin and Mark Kirk). Call your Representative and get them to become a co-sponsor and ask for a VOTE on the House floor. The toll-free number for the U.S. Capitol Switchboard is 1-866-220-0044. Call today!