Towleroad Guide to the Tube #648

MIKE HUCKABEE: Tries to discredit "children are not puppies" reporter by painting him as radical activist.

iPAD: Nuked.

ELECTRON BOY: Make a Wish Foundation recipient gets his dream, to be a superhero for a day.

DAVID GANDY: Top British model gets interviewed on Friday Night with Jonathan Ross.

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  1. Paul R says

    I really don’t understand the endless trend of people destroying costly electronics. Did they get them free? Are they filthy rich or just desperate for attention? No matter the answer, it makes zero sense.

  2. BART says

    Again, Mike Huckabee, Christian bellwether (in his mind,) lies. The “children are not puppies” line was verbatim, on the transcript tape, an answer to the question presented to Mr. Huckabee about gays adopting. He can dance around it all he wants, he can say that it’s not a priority for him (even though he’s riding this wave ad nauseum onto every talk show he can get his mug on…) but he’s a liar. He said it.

    And for Hannity to blanket those who believe that gays shouldn’t adopt as a “Christian” view is disgusting and utterly false. I’m a Christian. I’m gay. I have two adopted children. As a Christian, I knew in my heart it was a way for me to both be a father and to give two children, that I love more than my own life, a home and a family. This whole ridiculous, specious, pompous prattle about “chidren should be raised in an ideal family” makes me gag. Hey Mike, show me one kid, just one, who has the ideal parents. It’s such utter nonsense and if the ideal parents raise people like Rush Limbaugh, Anne Coutler, Glenn Beck, and Mike Huckabee, the world would be far, far better off without the ideal. Maybe Mike would like to explain all the kids from “ideal families” that are abused and neglected. All the kids from “ideal families” that grow up confused, angry, dangerous.

    A mother and a father in a family isn’t the ideal. Love and attention are. One day maybe even someone as ideologically damaged as Mike Huckabee will figure that out. Until then, from me and my family, you’re a lying idiot, Mike Huckabee. And my guess is that even in your heart, you know it.

  3. JH says

    It makes me angry when conservatives say that they’re right in line with Democratic party figures as Huckabee does here. Granted, Obama is not in favor of same-sex marriage, but he also doesn’t call a household led by two opposite-gender parents the “ideal.” Obama’s stance sucks, but at least it’s not demeaning to anyone raised in single-parent households or in other non-traditional families. Obama, being raised primarily by just his mother and grandmother, turned out much better than Mike Huckabee did.

  4. Observer1000 says

    Thanks for that last gasp of hate, Huckster! And, it got such wide press, too!

    The gay equality movement appreciates your help in demonstrating to all America how religion is used to cover up for bigotry.

    Great job proving to all exactly how it’s done!

  5. Rodney says

    I don’t think that’s still true about Hilary Clinton. Maybe I’m wrong, but I think she supports same sex households at the State Department.

  6. Harry says

    The “Electron Boy” video was truly touching. What a wonderful organization.

  7. srsly says

    Hopefully, Apple donated that thing to those dumb fucks because if they are seriously wasting money doing that shit, it’s fucking sad.

  8. rolph says

    that model on jonathon ross’ show proves that models should be seen and not heard

  9. Rodney says

    If his wish were to meet a soccer team, that was awesome. However, if it was to be a superhero, that was pretty lame. Those people aren’t dumb enough to think that kid believes he opened the door with a move of his hand are they? Jeez, the least they could have done is hire an FX crew.