Watch: New Video Shows Geysers of Oil Shooting into Gulf

"Gigantic oil and gas bursts gush out of a secondary leak point in the May 18 video on right.

The insertion tube is seen in the May 17 video, bottom left.

Also in the May 17 video, dispersants are sprayed near the leaking riser pipe.

The top left video is dated May 10."


  1. Paul R says

    Man I hate Republicans. That kind of stonewalling is revolting to everyone, no matter which party they support. Obama talked tough (for him), but he should be talking even tougher. The GOP has no excuses and can’t defend blocking a bill that requires companies to fix their mistakes. Most parents make their children clean up their messes; why don’t major corporations?

    Maybe for ONCE the Dems can play off public outrage and use it to their benefit in the fall elections, especially since this is poised to affect a lot more than a few Gulf states.