1. says

    You’ll forgive me if I defer my celebratory happy-dance until some actual action has taken place.

    It’s all BS until repeal passes both houses of Congress and Slim Jim puts his signature on that piece of paper.

  2. DRoseDARs says

    Aw, that’s sweet, but if it isn’t a memory by Election Day, my voting for Democrats is going to be a memory. My donating to Democrats already is. I’m sure the same holds true for MANY others. You’ve had majorities in both chambers since 2006, expanded those majorities in 2008 and took the White House that year as well. You cowed to Republicans and conservative Democrats at E V E R Y opportunity, didn’t get squat from them and yet CONTINUED to cow to them hoping maybe this time they won’t be mean to you. This failure, like so many others in the years since January 2007 (when the November 2006 electoral winners took office for those of you who don’t know how that works) have only proven to me that Democrats aren’t ready to govern any more than the Republicans ever were.

  3. Steve says

    Make no mistake: Nancy Pelosi is a smarmy politician like all the rest of ’em. If she thinks it’ll get her votes, she’ll say it.

    I’ll believe it when I see it. Where’s the beef, Nancy?

  4. says

    She was quiet on Prop 8 two years ago when she was running for re-election. She was a shoo-in for re-election. Now, though, she and the Democrats need the gay vote, because many incumbants are being voted out. She may be out of a job (as speaker), although most likely be re-elected to Congress. They only support us when they need us.

  5. candideinnc says

    I admit, I like her and see she has done more progressive things than ANY other congresscritters. Who is bettter?

    Thanks, Nancy

  6. says

    I would love to see all of you commentators, really doing something besides sitting behind your computers being the Saviors of the world. If it were so easy to change the law it would be called a dictatorship. I do not live in America where the religious right have so much power.I will add that those of you that think it is a breeze to change the laws because you have a majority, really need to check into the real world.