1. Ray says

    Good God. This was such a brilliant speech. It’s so good to know that sanity and intelligence are not completely gone in this country. More power to her. It’s just sad that so many people are listening to the voices of ignorance, greed and dirty politics.

  2. jamal49 says

    Rachel Maddow is awesome! Wise words and wise advice. Rachel, be careful. Somewhere along the way, you are going to be asked to run for office, probably the U.S. Senate. Although you would make a great Senator, our nation needs your intelligence on a nightly basis, explaining the “spin” and unraveling the lies and deceptions that pollute our body politic and our social contract with one another.

  3. Jnee says

    I love her topic and approach — that some hardworking, dedicated people dedicate their lives to EVIL and worsening the living circumstances of other people. This is such a refreshing rejoinder to all the creeps who blindly suggest that hard work is the answer to all life’s ills — as if this is a solution for anything???

    Bravo to Rachel and to being a step ahead and truly moral.


  4. JeffDalon says

    Rachel has always impressed me, from her start on Air America to the election a year ago, and now on her own television show that is as my podcast addiction every day on my commute (recommended, if you don’t yet subscribe).

    She is not only an intelligent, wise, and balanced woman, but she is a great American. She loves this country so much, valuing truth and equal treatment for all.

    I hope her star continues to rise and grow brighter. We need her voice.

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