1. clint says

    OMG I can’t even imagine how HOT HOT HOT that man’s O-face has got to be. Think about that for a few seconds. Add boy noise. WOW.

    @ Shelby: some people have discovered that if they shave or at least trim under their arms, the deodorant works better, not as much hair to trap bacteria and odor. One spends much more of their life clothed and avoiding odor than shirtless and flashing furry pits for those who find them unusually sexy.

  2. David says

    Here’s a guy who is so secure with himself that he posts this video knowing his teammates would give him hell. He’s handsome and shows tons of personality in this video. I could hang around with him for a day on the beach and have a blast. I think he could be future Calvin Klein or Armani underwear model. . . .

  3. Fahd says

    Not to objectify him, but overall my type. Are there any nudes of him anywhere? Those athletically clear eyes are devastating not to mention his beautiful teeth.

    In many other sports he would not be videotaping himself from a bed without a headboard. He’d be a very wealthy man.

    He can’t be more than 20 or so though. Does he have a fan club?

  4. jamal49 says

    Just another reason why soccer players are so hot! This guy’s got cojones. And, I’m in love! Can’t wait for the game vs. Ghana tomorrow!

  5. clint says

    @ Fahd “..overall my type”. Well hell, that doesn’t count, he’s mostly everyone’s type!

  6. David in Houston says

    Holy crap… that guy is unbelievably gorgeous! He might fall under the category of “too pretty to be straight”.

    To Chris: Yes, I do think Landon Donovan is gay. I heard him speak on CNN. I thought he was gay after listening to him for 5 seconds.

  7. Tom A. says

    Very sweet video! His sense of joy is very captivating on this boring friday afternoon!

  8. Dave Johnson says

    Agreed, adorable. That said, I wonder how many of us fawning over this straight guy queening it up, were trashing the equally “camp” gay guys from fire island a while back. Just interesting, I think, how the straight guys seem to always get a pass, and our most bitter criticisms are saved for our own.

  9. ken says

    I love that he seamlesslesly sings both parts. Cute, fun and he’s really sweet. Maybe a little tipsy?

  10. Aim says

    @ Jim:
    I was just about to post that. He and Brad Pitt look CRAZY alike! Ignoring hair color, their eyes, brows, noses–hell, just general facial structure, are so similar…and HOT.

  11. says

    He has the most GORGEOUS eyes! I swear I could look into them all day long.

    Oh yeah, TOTALLY GAY. Welcome to the family!

  12. Rob says

    Summers in Phoenix AZ suck, I shave my pits every summer to stay dry. He’s beyond hot…just…hot…I need to lay down now.

  13. spectatorsporto says

    The future of media: One camera, one close-up and in 4 minutes it offers more entertainment value than 110 minutes of “Knight and Day.”

  14. Jake says

    Anyone know what song that is and who sings it? Sounds hot!

    Oh, and Benny is cool too. ­čśŤ

  15. Jake says

    PS: You know what they say about long fingers? *swoon*

    Gosh, this one video and we practically know everything we need to know about Benny. :)

  16. Ted says

    Wasn’t it Samantha who said about the Absolut guy…first get the gays and you’ll have it made?

    He will be in a TV commercial soon; look at that German guy, and Benny (we are on a first name basis in my dreams) is much better looking. What is his height?

  17. nic says

    he is 5’9″, 25 yrs old, half brazilian/half jewish. he was raised in the jewish faith, so you know what that means, re: foreskin. oh, well nobody is perfect. though born in brazil, his family moved to the u.s. when he was six. (i thought some of his gestures and mannerisms looked latino.)

    i think this vid was 1st uploaded a couple of years ago. still, he is a beauty! those eyes, those teeth…. wow.

  18. TANK says

    foreskin? You like cheese dick? Figured, ya fuckin’ old perv. It’s not a post about male beauty with nic talkin’ about mackin’ it hard.

  19. TANK says


    Nic, you’re better talking about riding it hard and putting it away wet than casual antisemitism, dickhole.

  20. Steve says

    Since he is Jewish through his paternal grandfather an Austrian who fled Hitler and the Nazis in ’38, would he be considered Jewish for purposes of Israeli citizenship which takes the conservative view that the Jewishness passes through the matralinial line. I’ve always understood this to be at the root of the shiktsa problem. Practicing Catholics (Brazilians) would probably not be permitted to marry within the church unless the parents agreed to raise the child in the Catholic faith. I think he keeps some Jewish holidays, but I wonder if he would strictly speaking be considered a Jews by Israel’s rabbis concerned with these matters.

    Also, I am not circumcised myself, and I find the term “cheese dick” offensive. I respect my parents’ decision not to mutilate me at birth. I am as God made me, in his image, and from what I’ve been told my foreskin/dick is not cheesy.

    Can someone ask Benny if he is circumcised, or maybe find out from a teammate? (I haven’t heard of any girlfriend in the picture.)(My foreskin used to get a lot of attention from certain connoisseurs in my college locker room days.)

    Also, I can’t hasn’t picked up on this story.

    Anyone know Benny’s email address?

  21. Brad says

    I saw an article in one of my gf’s women magazines entitled “How to tell if he’s gay”, and lipsynching for video without shirt on (especially if he publishes it on Youtube was on their list.

    Here’s hoping.

  22. jamal49 says

    Tank, you’re the dickhole. What does NIC commenting that he prefers foreskin have to do with “anti-semitism”? Holy shit, but you are a piece of work!

    If somebody says that they prefer a cut cock, does that make them pro-Israel? God forbid that you should remember that tens of millions of Muslim men are also circumcised.

    Since millions of Muslim men in the Middle East are actually and truly Semitic (way more Semitic that the Euro-jews who overran Palestine), does a preference for Arab men make one “anti-Israel” instead of “anti-semitic”?

    Tank, you need to think it through before you post your idiotic, bone-headed, GOPROUD commentary here, you know? You only end up embarrassing yourself.

  23. TANK says

    jamal, you’re not even worth taking seriously. Nic is an antisemite…long list of offenses. I suppose I could pay him back…dirty messycans and hispanics can’t keep their dicks in their pants…oh well, no one’s perfect…but especially them.

  24. ChrisM says

    Born in Jan 1985 (25 years old) in RIo (that explains the hotness to me) … he seems so totally comfortable with himself and that makes him super sexy to me …

    by the way this particular video is actually a couple of years old but, because of the world cup, is currently getting a lot of attention (again) …

  25. Jake says

    Aww, I wanted to reach into my TV today and give Benny a hug after the U.S. team lost and ended its run at the World Cup.

    Yes, he did look quite different today than he does in the video — much longer hair and a lot more bulkier — so its definitely possible that this video is not very recent.

  26. Mark says

    “This video contains copyrighted material from Sony Music Corporation and is not available in your country”

    I can’t even watch people lip-syncing to some song anymore?

    Fuck you Sony, seriously…

  27. nic says

    i’m sad that he, Donovan, Bocanegra and team USA lost. still, those men are hot. thank the gods/goddesses for them.