1. veg says

    Those poor dogs…dye is not healthy for hair, much less fur on a living animal…and all so somebody can get their kicks.

    I am against all forms of animal cruelty, especially the kind where it “seems” benign.

    The objective is never to bother these animals, to let them do as they please for the most part in the wild (unless they are genetically domesticated as pets for years), and to never alter their natural biochemistry except through feeding, shelter, and medical care when necessary.

  2. Greeny says

    Just so everyone knows this is not purely a Chinese phenomenon. Just last night on Nightline, they ran a story about extreme pet grooming competitions. At least the chinese dye jobs are classy. Take a look at the awful looking animals in this video:

  3. Blaz says

    I absolutely do not think this should be done. That being said, that Tiger Dog is adorable and I think it would be fun to play with him. Once again though… shouldnt be done.

  4. Ted B. says

    I love the tiger-dog, s/he’s adorable. How would you like to be the burglar who meets that late one night in the upstairs hallway??

    As for “cruel”, I’m calling bulls**t on that…compared to some of the outrageous poodle haircuts I’ve seen, this is benign…and the poor-thing doesn’t get laughed-at at the doggie park.

  5. stolidog says

    well, I guess that’s slightly better than eating them, chopping them up for medicine, or skinning them alive, all of which the chinese (and southeast asia) seem to have a penchant for

  6. Paul R says

    I dyed my hair about 40 times between the ages of 13 and 17, and it never caused me any harm. (And I still have a full head of hair 25 years later.)

    Though who knows what kind of dye the Chinese are using. It’s probably made from lye and the blood of debtors.

  7. D. R. H. says

    Maybe they’re finding new ways to supply their disgusting and insatiable demand for endangered species.
    *Notice to Chinese men*
    Just because the animal is a deadly predator does not mean that eating parts of it will make your pitifully tiny penis any bigger.

  8. Bryan Harrison says

    This should not be shown to gay men. You know how we get.

    My cat is staring straight at me with a very clear “Would you like to die?” expression.

  9. Robert says

    D.R.H. is exactly right. We can only hope that the Chinese and others will start eating their dogs instead of continuing the ignorant, barbaric, and shameful practice of using endangered species for “medicine”.

    There’s no doubt they would be just as effective. Seriously, how can a people that styles themselves (even falsely) as the oldest civilization on Earth be so crass? I’m all for recognizing cultural difference but this verges on the insane.

  10. ketchup says

    There are millions and billions of people living in China.
    Some of them are batshit crazy, some of them are uncultured
    Most are normal and DONT eat tigers.
    Wake up and stop making ignorant comments!

  11. Tony says

    Wow, the so-called victims of hate could be so racist! Love the dogs or hate them, but do not use this to hate the Chinese!

    A shout-out to you, Stolidog: I’m from a country in southeast Asia, and where I’m at is ILLEGAL to kill dogs especially for food. You’re making disparaging comments out of ignorance. Isn’t that exactly how “prejudice” is defined?

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