1. CKNJ says

    Sessions is simply showing himself to be a Republican bigot hack! The more of them that t expose this disgusting part of themselves to the nation, the more we will get the fools out of office sooner than later. It amazes me still that BLATANT discrimination is being defended by conservative Senators and Congressmen, and they are patting themselves proudly on their backs for it. I just wish for once they would substitute ‘jewish’ or ‘black’ or any other minority group name in their bigoted tirades, so they can hear it for what it is… it’s DISCRIMINATION, assholes, DISCRIMINATION. Still so damn proud of yourselves?

  2. walter says

    he is one of the good old boys just missing the white hood. the man is a total bigot. the repuks keep trying to go back to the good old days. they have lost all sense of being force for progress and civil rights.

  3. MrRoboto says

    Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III and his other Rethug hacks spent an awful lot of time in Kagan’s hearing yesterday trashing the legacy of Thurgood Marshall, so nothing from him surprises me. One hundred or two hundred years from now, whose name will children most likely come across in US history books? I most sincerely hope it’ll be Marshall and not Sessions.

  4. Brian in Texas says

    Sessions was nominated for a federal judge ship in the late 80s and was rejected because some of his past racial-discriminatory misgivings. It’s personal.

  5. kansastock says

    I watched Kagan this morning and she was cooooool. Sessions, on the other hand, might have had a stroke if he would have been up any longer.

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