Orrin Hatch’s Way Of Paying A Compliment: “Gays And Lesbians Don’t Pay Tithing, Their Religion Is Politics”

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch has clarified a statement he made at a town hall in Utah last week where he said that "gays and lesbians don't pay tithing, their religion is politics."

Offensive? Yep. But according to The Salt Lake Tribune, this is what Hatch really meant by the comment:

Orrin "Many gay people are vociferous Democrats who are willing to pony up money for politics. That's something I admire," Hatch said this week. "I don't know how I could have been much more complimentary the way I said it." The six-term U.S. senator said he was trying to motivate the crowd to be active in politics and was using those groups as examples. He said he wasn't trying to imply that people who are gay aren't religious.

"There are some very, very good gay people who are very religious who undoubtedly pay tithing," Hatch said. "That wasn't what I was talking about. I was talking about politics and praising them for getting involved. I was making the point that they don't just stand on the side, they actually support their Democratic candidates with their money."

Thanks for the compliment, Senator.


  1. Rich says

    And why would I want to pay tithing to corrupt, evil, backwards organizations that actively work to discriminate and deny basic rights to a segment of society?

    Orrin Snatch is another that just needs to go away.

  2. Marc says

    Mormon jabs aside – I don’t think he’s lying.

    Yes, he did tell his people that we are their enemy. But the wording is a compliment.

    “I wish you guys cared about politics like the gays and I do.” Perhaps we’re on opposite sides, but I think smart people care about and pay attention to politics.

    It’s ok to disagree with someone respectfully.

  3. Alpha says

    I’ll be taking the opportunity to spend some of my gay money on his opponent during his next election. Thanks for properly motivating this sinner.

  4. says

    Oh, who does Orrin think he’s fooling? This is exactly how he said it, and exactly how he meant it. Mormons don’t believe homos can be religious because their Bible tells them so, and when combined with the fact that the gay “community” (a word I hate used in this context, but so be it) is politically active, Orrin was attempting to use political action against homos. Very coded, very sophisticated, and very evil.

    The question is why Orrin felt the need to issue a correction. It’s not like the bigots aka Utahans will ever vote him out of office.

  5. Alex says

    His statement was not complimentary, rather it was a panicky warning that a demographic with which they were sparring had greater resources allocated to the fight. I used to sit in priesthood session with the bishop as he described how Cheers was helping the breakdown of the traditional family because it showed friendship and family-like camaraderie among strangers at a bar.

    Oh and that happened in 1999.

  6. says

    Take a chill pill, guys….relax. Inhale….and exhale.

    This old, relatively moderate Republican Senator from Utah tried, at least, to compliment gay people and you know what? He was right for the most part. Put it this way, if we devoted ourselves to religion as much as we did politics, we’d be some hell, fire and brimstone holy rollers to the max.

    An unmatched level of interest in politics is embedded into each LGBT, by nature, presumably.

  7. adamblast says

    How typically Mormon.

    Denigrate others with a smile on your face. And if you get called out on it, rewrite the story and pretend it didn’t happen or you meant it as a compliment. This is what they always do, and not just with gays.

  8. Craig says

    Compliment? Obviously he didn’t know what he said was going to be made public, and now that he looks like the idiot that he is, he’s making it even worse by trying to “explain” his bigotry. Just admit you’re a bigot, Orin. Stop inserting ever more feet in your mouth trying to distance yourself from your own words.

  9. voet says

    This reminds me of the 60s and 70s when racists would make denigrating comments about black people and then fall all over themselves trying to prove that they were not racist. All he needs to add is “Some of my best friends are gay.”

  10. jamal49 says

    I just looked up the word “asshole” in the dictionary and, yup, there was Orrin Hatch’s picture. I don’t think there is a more miserable, embittered, joyless man on this planet than Orrin Hatch.

  11. RJ says

    @DIZZY SPINS: “But his followers dont NEED to fund political causes. They can just tithe and their church will be political FOR them”

    Exactly. Based on the funding of the two sides of Prop 8, I really don’t see the difference between the Mormons’ religious tithing and the gays “non-tithing” political contributions.

  12. Art says

    I have been on the board of directors and treasurer of several UFMCC, UCC, and Baptist churches.

    For the Hatch to make these comments just shows his complete ignorance.

    The GAY churches and GAY friendly churches had better tithing ratios than the Baptist and non GAY friendly churches.

    True, politics and back biting are the true Christian values, but the Baptist church was so full of hate that even though I loved some of the members and most of the sermons, I had to pray for forgiveness for the board members after each board meeting for the hate and political manuvering in the room. Every one having to be better than someone else! Sooo Christian. NOT!

    I must admit though that the UFMCCs and the women going on about GOD’s gender was what finally got me to quit going to church. Don’t DARE call GOD “father”. If you do, you are a “misogynist pig”! And don’t get me started about the sermons about your “womb space”.

    I have learned my lesson.
    Religion = HATE
    Jesus = LOVE

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