Primaries: Meg Whitman, Carly Fiorina Win in CA; Lincoln in AR

Former eBay CEO Meg Whitman and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina came out on top in their California gubernatorial and Senate primaries, respectively:

Fiorina  "Ms. Fiorina, a former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, beat Tom Campbell, a former congressman, and Chuck DeVore, whose candidacy drew the backing of many Tea Party activists. She will face the incumbent senator, Barbara Boxer, a Democrat, in the fall.

Ms. Whitman, the former chief executive of eBay and a billionaire, had invested a small share of her personal fortune to prevail in the governor’s race over Steve Poizner, the state insurance commissioner, who put $24 million of his own money into his primary campaign. She will challenge Jerry Brown, the state’s Democratic attorney general, who was first elected governor of California three decades ago."

Karen Ocamb at LGBT POV has more on a few other California candidates — LGBT and pro-LGBT candidates — who appear to have triumphed:

"As of midnight, with more than half of the precincts reporting, Victoria Kolakowski, a transgender administrative law judge and attorney for over 20 years is leading in her race for Alameda County Superior Court Judge with 46.11% of the vote, compared to her nearest competitor with 31.52% of the vote…In Southern California, openly gay Ricardo Lara, a founding member of HONOR PAC, appears to have won his race in the 50th Assembly District in the East LA area. He becomes the second openly gay Latino in the state Legislature in California history…And in what openly gay Assembly Speaker John A. Perez described as a “huge win,” pro-gay Democrat Matt Gatto beat National Organization for Marriage favorite Sunder Ramani who 'used H8 card with the Armenian community,' which backfired."

Here is the Victory Fund's report on openly gay candidates who won.

Senator Blanche Lincoln (D) fought off a left-wing challenge in Arkansas from Lt. Governor Bill Halter:

"Lincoln used a down-home pitch and the clout of the Democratic establishment to turn back Halter, the unions and an anti-incumbent tide that had already claimed two Senate colleagues. She defined herself as a sensible moderate in a polarized capital and leaned heavily on endorsements from President Obama and Bill Clinton.

'This is about us. This is about who we are as Arkansans,' she told supporters Tuesday night. 'Arkansans and this senator are going to be part of the solution.'"

Berry  In Virginia, GOProud-endorsed gay Republican Matthew Berry (who opposes changing DADT and believes in state rights on marriage) lost his primary:

"Matthew Berry, who’s gay and an attorney for the Federal Communications Commission, was seeking the Republican nomination to represent Virginia’s 8th congressional district, which comprises Arlington and Alexandria.

But Berry lost to Patrick Murray, an Iraq war veteran, who took nearly 52 percent of the vote in a race where nearly 14,000 ballots were cast. Murray is set to face Democratic candidate Rep. Jim Moran this November in the general election.

After conceding the race, Berry told the Blade he’s 'disappointed' he had insufficient votes to win the nomination, but said he felt he ran 'a very honorable and good campaign.'"

Murray is anti-gay, and was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans.

In Iowa, pro-marriage equality incumbent Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad fought off a wingnut challenger. One Iowa: "Despite mudslinging from his primary opponent, Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad emerged the clear winner in tonight's primary, capturing three quarters of his district's votes.

'We congratulate Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad on his decisive victory and welcome his continued leadership at the statehouse,' said One Iowa Executive Director Carolyn Jenison."

More on various races at Americablog


  1. rjp3 says

    IS there ANYONE more vile or elitists or narcissistic that Carly F – the voters of California are proving themselves EASILY manipulated by money and image AGAIN.

    This woman is KNOWN for driving HP into a ditch and treating her minions there like dirt.

    Great Job California — only thing worse would be to elect the Christianist Meg W into the Gov’s office.

    Two more reasons I will never move back there if they win. Would rather live with the hicks in Florida.

  2. jason says

    What a horrible state of affairs you have in the USA. It seems to be a case of “have money, will get elected”. The Founding Fathers would be rolling in their graves if they knew what was going on right now.

    These Fathers weren’t generally rich people. They’d despise the rich kids getting elected on the basis of their billions.

  3. Rob says

    “Murray is anti-gay, and was endorsed by the Log Cabin Republicans.”

    OK, WTF is wrong with the LCR? Furthermore, what GOP gay candidate (Berry) wouldn’t support repealing DADT?? It appears gay GOPers are out-to-lunch with the Tea Baggers.

  4. Patric says

    GOProud endorses a candidate who opposes repeal of DADT and who supports the right of states to discriminate against lesbian and gay people with respect to marriage rights. Log Cabins endorse an anti-gay candidate.

    In other news, the sun rose in the East this morning.

  5. walter says

    i want to know how gayproud and log cabin repuks hate themselves so much as to support antigay canidates. isn’t that similar to jews who voted for hitler. unfortunately they better be careful history does repeat itself.

  6. SmartVac says

    Aside from being anti-gay marriage, what are Fiorina’s other views on gay rights? Does anyone know? Are California gay groups building any campaigns against her? So far, she seems to be flying under gay activist radar in CA. No one seems to care. Is that the same as saying she’s a friend of gays (except for marriage)?

  7. anon says

    The Founding Fathers of the USA were all the richest men in the colonies. Back then you had to be a rich land owner to even vote. George Washington was the richest man in the country. Fortunately, he was also the fairest.

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