1. DougChgo says

    It was really exciting to see the Cup up close, to know that Brent had used his “Day with Lord Stanley” to share it with us, and that his family was spending the day riding that float with him. What a great guy — I don’t understand hockey, but I’m suddenly a huge Brent Sopel fan.

  2. TampaZeke says

    Great for the NHL, great for the Blackhawks, great for Chicago and great for Sopel. This was a very significant action.

    I do wish people wouldn’t go out of their way to state that they aren’t “advocating” for anything when they take part in events like this. Why not? Why not be proud to say that you’re advocating for justice and fairness and equality and dignity? Why not say that you’re advocating for a more open and inclusive sporting world? Why not say that you’re advocating for Brendan and people like him who shouldn’t ever have to “come out” because they should never have to be “in”. What’s wrong with proudly advocating for these things? People should be ashamed when they DON’T advocate for these things, no matter who they are.

  3. New Jersey Girl says

    Hey…Those chicago hockey Gays are one tough crowd. I know. I played against them in Gay Games more than a few times!

    To Sopel:

    You’re my “Dude of the Day’ Way to go!

  4. walter says

    how come chicago teams can do this both baseball and hockey but new york has 9 teams and not one could do something . all they want is the money.

  5. james Brown says

    Another “wow” story! I am originally from Chicago and have rarely been more proud of this great city than now! The Blackhawks are ultimately cool for this gesture of joy and good will to ALL!

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