1. Gary says

    I’m just curious – what do you want him to do? Put on a wet suit and try to plug the hole himself? The Coast Guard is involved, FEMA is involved, the Justice Department is investigating possible criminal charges, and he cancelled a trip to Asia (so he can … watch the spill coverage on TV?).

  2. Urgency says

    Andy, it seems obvious that Obama knows this is an urgent problem. He’s a calm, cool, rational guy. If he were emotional and agitated it wouldn’t get this intractable problem solved any quicker.

  3. says

    I don’t know what more he could do. I think the tragedy is that our government allowed something like this to exist when its makers could not contain it; we need to fix the laws and suck every dollar out of BP that’s possible. But I don’t know what he can do to make the leak stop—it’s not like Katrina, where it was a huge disaster with an easy solution (get some fucking people down there to help the fucking survivors—stat!), it’s a technological issue that is quite unprecedented. Meanwhile, Republicans are actively campaigning to keep such drilling operations going, drill-baby-drilling the earth into oblivion.

  4. says

    …or allwoing BP to control press coverage of the disaster. He could also use this opportunity to finally get this country off of its oil addiction by abandoning such risky drilling procedures and using the bully pulpit to push for legislation and research promoting the use of safer energy sources. But then the millions of dollars, in an eerie contradiction to the well gusher itself, would cease to flow from BP (and other behemoth oil companies) coffers into Obama’s campaign warchest.

  5. Disgusted American says

    I dont agree with everything Obama does..but WHAT the Hell to people want him to do? If he acted all Pissed off,and jumped up and down…he’s be catagorized as the ANGRY BLACK MAN….he can’t win for losing here.

  6. Kyle says

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  7. Timzilla says

    Right, the President is going wave his magic wand and everything you deem wrong with the world is going to go away. Soccer moms will suddenly stop driving their mini-vans and buy $100K Tesla’s and everyone in LA will abandon their cars and start taking the Metro and riding the bus. Exactly what color is the sky in your world? I don’t agree with every instance the President is too contemplative and hesitant on certain issues, but you can’t fault him here. He has taken responsibility for a Republican mess he inherited a bit over a year ago and is working with limited technological resources and is credibly angry and concerned. Other than dropping a nuke on it what can he actually do right now? Bush and Halliburton and the true politicians of their ilk were never going to allow any federal agency to prepare for this eventuality with a response plan much less the technology to handle it. Get real.

  8. D. R. H. says

    I suggested this very socialist idea to my friend the other day and I think it could kill two birds with one stone. Stop spending trillions on 2 ridiculous wars, bring in more nations to help keep the peace in Iraq and Afghanistan, and start using those trillions to build a European style rail system. One which would be accessible, clean, safe, efficient and would also put possibly hundreds of thousands back to work. Thereby helping to solve the employment/economy woes and drastically reduce our need for oil. Any criticism is welcome. It’s just an option.

  9. JT says

    Wouldn’t work. Europe has the advantage of having centuries of non-nomadic development on the United States. As a result their nations are set up with more centralized urban developments while the United States is a giant nation of sprawl. It doesn’t exactly lend itself to an environmentally friendly transportation infrastructure. And even if it were a feasible solution, good luck trying to get Americans to give up their vehicles and personal space for public transportation. It’s just not how we are culturally wired. Which is in itself a huge obstacle we have to deal with to find the solution to a lot of our problems.

    Though I do very much agree with the spirit of your plan. End the wars and use the resources in a better way. Another course of action for those funds would be research into technologies for long range transmission of electrical power, updating our energy infrastructure with the development of the buzz-wordy “super-grid” and using green energy sources as a larger composition of our energy consumption.

    Though that also has the same drawback of the massive urban sprawl of this country in the inefficiencies of providing power everywhere.

    So first step should be shifting cultural aversion to living and working in urban areas. Then develop a smarter means of transportation and power delivery.

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