1. Justin says

    Looooooooooove. This is my fav track off the Fame Monster, and the vid looks bananas. Work, bitch!

  2. beegee says

    I don’t understand the “Vogue” comparison people have been saying. Other than it being black and white, it doesn’t look vogue at all. People are desperate to say gaga is copying someone else. puh-lease.

  3. culligan says

    i liked this video the first time when it was called “express yourself.”

    don’t get it twisted, i love me some gaga. but this is getting a little too familiar.

  4. ummmm says

    Vogue wasn’t derivative? Madonna’s video was copying some photographer; they looked so familiar to me & I read an article at the time… okay, I looked it up. The photographer whose images were used was Horst P. Horst.

  5. Tony says

    A little Rhythm Nation, Vogue and Express Yourself – imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

  6. Joe.Moon says

    Gaga is a phenomenon!! She’s managed to copy everything already done by famous and some underground pop divas, found commercial success and get’s called “original”. What a lucky woman she is. I bet if she wasn’t with the gays and for the gays (obviously for convenient reasons) no one would care a bit. Kudos, lady CaCa, kudos.

  7. Electro says

    Gaga isn’t original, she knows that. Although she knows how put her own spin on ideas that came before her and she does a great job at it. Lets face it, there is nothing original anymore. I appreciate an artist who puts thought into their videos (no matter how derivative it may be).

    FYI Madonna LOVES Gaga. So until Madonna has a problem…calm down. Not to mention that this is only a 19 second video out of 7 minutes. So can we reserve the judgment until the FULL video comes out. Anyways I’m excited!

  8. johnosahon says

    SWAGGER-JACKER, this is VOGUE, VOGUE, VOGUE video with an Ace of base/ABBA song.

    still like her though but can someone say swagg… ?

  9. Jackson says

    Madonna wishes her old ass was as cool as Gaga is now.

    Seriously. Why do the old gays always try to compare everything to Madonna? She wasn’t all that even back in her day. She was less original than the punk or new wave people she copied in the early 80’s, less iconic than the 40’s Hollywood bombshells she copied in the early 90’s, and even less original than the teen pop singers she copied during the Ray of Light era. All she ever did that was different was intentionally court controversy. She was just an 80’s Lindsey Lohan with a singing career.

    …and while we’re talking about Vogue, the imaging style was obviously stolen from the photographer mentioned above, while the dancing was stolen from gay clubs. She didn’t come up with anything even in her most well-known video. She just ripped off other people.

  10. Dan says

    LOL at the post above by “Jackson”. To say that Madonna “wasn’t all that even back in her day” is ludicrous. I’m not even sure where to start with this statement, but, let’s let her numbers do the talking, shall we? She’s had 37 top 10 singles since 1983. She had 16 top 5 singles in a row (“Oh Father” broke this run in 1989). She’s sold over 150 million albums worldwide. All but 4 of her 11 studio albums have gone to number 1 on the Billboard charts. She holds the top 3 spots on the recently released (May 2010) list of 15 most profitable female tours ever (Sticky Confessions; Reinvention). I could go on, but, I think you get the point.

    Her Blond Ambition Tour in 1990 arguably set the bar for pop tours to follow. She was one of the first pop acts to put together such a theatrical/choreographed concert and female pop singers have been (perhaps unintentionally) using that template ever since.

    I like Lady GaGa and think she is the first female star in 15 years to make good on the the “NEXT Madonna” promise (since, let’s face it, at 52 M’s best chart years are behind her).

    GaGa is talented and will continue to be successful. But, denying that there are similarities between GaGa and Madonna is short-sighted at best.

    “Alejandro” looks great, but, I can’t even count the number of times, while watching it, I thought, “oh, Madonna did that.” I mean, there are parts “Express Yourself”, “Vogue”, “Erotica” and that dancing part (where she does look amazing) seems straight out of the “Papa Don’t Preach” video.

    She’s really a rebooted/2010 version of 1989-1993 Madonna. But, like I said, since Madonna is now 52, someone has to take her role as “queen” and I’d much prefer GaGa than Britney.

    /end of rant from a HUGE, obviously over-obsessed, and “old”, Madonna fan : )