1. Rad says

    She is the most despicable political media whore I have ever had pain to listen to.

    She is also quite dangerous in as she wants to perpetually flame controversy without stepping up to owning the consequences. There is nothing statesman-like about her. There is nothing redeeming or credible about Sarah Palin.

    Because of all that; she will succeed as she is the lowest form of scum that still can get by on a “You betcha!” wink to her nimble-brained constituents.

  2. Gregoire says

    Can’t believe she’s continuing to take this ‘grizzly’ moniker. Is she considered a gay icon in the bear community?

  3. Michael @ says

    She makes Reagan [may he continue to rot in Hell] sound like Einstein.

    My heart goes out to those affected by what many claim are growing incidences of autism, but Palin’s form of brain damage seems far more rampant…and communicable.

  4. Disgusted American says

    John McCain should be Publically Flogged for Unleashing this Viper & her White trash family onto the American Public….GO AWAY!

  5. Disgusted American says

    ever notice EVERYTHING this woman says – sounds the same? INCOHERANT and Made Up!

  6. JimmyD says

    IF she does run… I see her as the Giuliani of 2012. All puffed up, full of hot air, and absolutely no substance.
    At least Giuliani had SOME substance, not to mention experience.

  7. MIke says

    Nice “pearl necklace” Don’t know how Todd gets it up having to look at this pig!

  8. name: says

    I don’t think she’ll ever run, but she is going to make a shit load of money over the next couple of years. She appeals to more women than most people on here care to believe. Just saying.

  9. Brian in Texas says

    If she does decide to run there is a clear path to her getting the nomination. But the general election will be disastrous for her and will almost insure a second Obama term. If nothing else it would expose her for what she really is.

  10. Rad says

    Brian, the problem with today is; what ever this… bitch… did in the past in not applicable. What ever she said in the past does not pertain. Her campaign will be run on slogans, and winks and folksy colloquialisms that got Bush II elected. I remember the discussions with “uncommitted” voters who went with him because “…he was someone [I] wanted to have a beer with” (and look where the fuck it got us). Well, Palin is using that same approach. Dazzle ’em with your bull shit because the base understands slogans and winks.

    The worst is her slogans and winks are bolstering the chances for others in her side of the party to gain this mid-term momentum. “She winked! This candidate MUST be good!”

    I look at the DISASTER that was Sharon Angle. Now, suddenly, all that right-wing bull shit she spouted so much during her primaries and published on her website is gone and cannot be brought up. Ever. Without fear of retribution. “Forget I ever said it; NOW I am going to tell you what you want to hear”.

    If Reid loses to her, so goes the Republic.

  11. jamal49 says

    @Gregoire She is most certainly a gay icon in the Log Cabin Republican and GOProud universe.

    She is dangerous. She is irresponsible. She is two-faced. She is a quitter. That anyone might give credence to the idea that this wretched person could ever be president is abominable. Sadly, she just might get there.

    So, everyone make sure that your passports are up to date. We might need them.