1. woodroad34d says

    When the issue of gay marriage first came up, the masses united. Gay marriage/civil unions passed and people realized that it wasn’t such a big deal. The only people who don’t are those who bang their heads against the wall expecting not to get a headache the next time. That, with real and logical lawsuits against NOM and the Mormon Church, are showing the average American the flaws in their thinking. Maggie, nor her followers, is not an adult with a mature emotional self. She’s a petulant, mean-spirited little girl with a sad life.

  2. says

    While I wouldn’t think about letting our guards down, is it possible that even the bigots are more concerned about jobs, their money, out of control spending on an endless war(s), health care death panels (theirs not mine) than to waste their time on less substantive issues like two gay people marrying?

    Great job on following this. Will be interesting to see what happens by the time they get to Atlanta.

  3. Garrett says

    It looks like a largely graying crowd. I’m hopeful that twenty- and thirtysomethings (not to mention those under 20) are more open to recognizing the rights of others.

  4. Paul R says

    @John M: Actually it didn’t quite happen that way. Early reports showed that there were about 100 people there, but they kept disappearing one by one after having “private chats” with Maggie.

    Yes, that’s what I’m saying: she ate them, bones and all. She’s a dinosaur in more ways than one, and nothing will sate her appetite!

  5. jpeckjr says

    I am predicting the crowds will be larger in places like Arkansas, South Carolina, and Idaho. Somewhere along the line, a “celebrity” will latch on and the crowds will increase, just to see him or her.

    The real question is who is providing the funding. Since they are a private organization and these events are not part of an election campaign, we will probably never know.

    I’m also concerned that the press will bore with these non-events, and not report them. Then, when 10,000 show up for the rally in Oklahoma, it will be reported as though all the events have been similar.

    Thanks, Andy, for these photos. Stay on it for the whole tour. There needs to be a complete record.

    Don’t dismiss the power of hatred to bring hateful people together! And don’t dismiss the ability of the press to miss the full story.

  6. jpeckjr says

    Having checked the map, I correct my post to Indiana, Missouri, and North Carolina. They do not appear to be traveling to Arkansas, Idaho, or Oklahoma. Traveling through South Carolina, so you never know if they might add an event. Actually, looking at the map, it seems kind of stupid to have three rallies in Minnesota and none in Tennessee or South Carolina. Be interesting to see what happens in Atlanta with its large GLBT community.

    My main points still stand, though.

  7. Jonathan says

    They’re inflating the numbers. Maybe 35-45 showed up in Maine. About 20 in Albany.
    I hope this is very expensive and puts them out of business.

    The failure of this tour will be due to Maggies snacks were too expensive. Her chins alone need t least 50,000 calories an hour.

  8. S says

    I had something similar happen in Charleston SC. We were told to cover the anti-abortion rally in a park for TV news. No one showed but the aprox. 6 protestors. Zero anti-abortion supporters and zero pro-choice protestors showed up. they played for the camera as if there was a crowd listening. When the producer saw that as my camera turned around, you could not see one soul listening, an empty lawn, the producer killed the story, LOL.

  9. Jeff Dunivant says

    It appears that no one cares about social issues anymore, they want to get back to work. This is just a distraction and will go nowhere, just look at the turnout; quite abysmal if you ask me just sayin.’

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