1. Mark says

    Burnout loser. Can someone explain why this was posted here? Because he’s younger, shirtless, and boyish looking? We sure set the bar high this morning!

  2. john says

    He’s just so dirty looking and burned out, and it completely depresses me that he has more money that any of us ever will. Soon Jackass 3D will be released and he will be richer. He is like the male version of Tila Tequila, so desperate for attention that he’ll put cigarettes out on his balls if someone is taking pictures of him.

  3. Charlie says

    Your Steve-O trivia:
    The tattoo on his left arm which shows him fucking and ostrich, originally was a tattoo of him fucking a baby. It has been deemed the most tasteless tattoo ever.

  4. Jay Croce says

    Steve O is living proof that dementia doesn’t have to be a detriment to your career. Gotta love the boy. He may get old, but he’ll never grow up.

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