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Towleroad Guide to the Tube #688

CHUCK COLSON: Prominent anti-gay activist Colson is not happy with Hillary Clinton.

SOLACE: Music video shot entirely on iPhone 4 with music created on iPad.

HEART STRINGS: A bonus Xenomania-produced track for Kylie's Japanese Aphrodite album.

EVE: Eveyone's favorite Sassy Gay Friend is back.

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  1. Chuck Colson is senile and without a shadow of doubt suffering from demetia. RIP Chuck.

    Would someone please close the lid?

    Posted by: dc20008 | Jul 1, 2010 5:47:21 PM

  2. Isn't there a rule somewhere that people convicted of crimes committed as part of a conspiracy to subvert democracy don't get to reference George Orwell?

    If there isn't, there should be.

    Posted by: Jonathan | Jul 1, 2010 6:52:55 PM


    exactly! of course, we should listen to charles colson, the former water-gate co-conspirator and convicted felon. he is a paragon of virtue, after all. conservatives have no shame. he is trying the slack-jawed approach to co-opting an anti-fascism novel for his nefarious purposes. in truth, george orwell would have detested this laughable excuse for a man. in "animal farm" and "1984" he was railing against oligarchy -- theocracy is only a skip away from that. how dare this dunderhead presume so much? in this case, colson is obtuse, demented, or he assumes that his listeners are simply stupid. whichever the reason, it is shameful.

    Posted by: nic | Jul 1, 2010 8:10:34 PM

  4. What are you doing? What. What. What are you doing? LOL I fucking love those videos.

    In all honesty I'm glad Heart Strings isn't on the album, it doesn't really have the atmospheric and overwhelming joy of the other album tracks. It's just kind of like "Well yeah you pull at my heart strings, whatever." Not that it's terrible by any means, it's still an okay song.

    Posted by: Brandon D | Jul 1, 2010 8:11:19 PM

  5. When will those idiots realise that the constitution is a secular document, the creation of a secular state.
    It is ironic that he refer to Orwell's Newspeak when it's Christians who try to change the meaning of that document.
    Where the fuck does it speak of freedom of religion in the Bible?
    Isn't one of those commandments about not worshipping any other god but Jehovah?

    Posted by: Urmensch | Jul 1, 2010 8:12:06 PM

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  7. hey chuck where did you get your religion on the inside of a jail cell. you and your president did more to damage freedom in this country than most people. you should join nixon in hell and the sooner the better. it is always good to see people who don't practice what they preach.

    Posted by: walter | Jul 1, 2010 9:08:23 PM

  8. Heartstrings is perfection on a breezy summer day. Lovin' it.

    Posted by: Wayne | Jul 1, 2010 10:10:02 PM

  9. Eve: No way!
    SassyGayFriend: Yah - way!


    Posted by: huh? | Jul 1, 2010 11:06:06 PM

  10. The film version of Watergate criminal Chuck Colson's autobiography "Born Again" was directed by the very gay Irving Rapper -- whose credits included "Now Voyager," "Decption" and

    (wait for it)

    "The Christine Jorgensen Story."

    "Born Again" (his last film) starred Dean Jones -- a Walt Disney meat puppet who was "Born Again" after the devestating experience of starring in Stephen Sondheim's "Company." It seem that Dean discovered that he too (like so many involved in that masterpiece) had "strange twilight urges" and so he "found Jesus" as a way of ridding himself of them.

    What he actually rid himself of was a career.

    Posted by: David Ehrenstein | Jul 1, 2010 11:56:26 PM

  11. Sassy Gay would make for a great TV show. Unfortunately, only Bravo would run it.

    Posted by: Drew | Jul 2, 2010 1:57:16 AM

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