Your Temporary Andy Signing Off…


My time minding Towleroad has come to an end. I've spent the last four days doing my best to gather news, video and images that appeal to a gay sensibility and to present them in a way that would represent a not-too-jarring shift from how Andy would have presented them.

RACHEL-MADDOW-YEARBOOK-PHOTO A few issues I find myself drawn to would include gay rights, politics, stardom/fandom, copyright, the evolving status of privacy, popular culture and its impact beyond escapism, hot guys, how religion shapes/hinders gay issues, the concept of "post-gay" and the debate over barebacking. I think some of these were reflected in my posts.

Feel free to grade my work below. And if my grade was passing for you, I welcome you to visit my site Boy Culture, to friend me on Facebook and/or to follow me on Twitter.

Thank you for your comments throughout the week. The critical and the supportive were equally interesting, and I especially appreciated the heads-ups regarding typos and errors. I do regret that I was unable to locate the gay Colonel Sanders look-alike who was suggested by one commenter, but my interview with the lesbian Wendy's Hot 'n' Juicy girl is forthcoming…

P.S. I couldn't fit Rachel Maddow's high school yearbook photo anywhere else in time and didn't want to waste it.


  1. kansastock says

    Read your blog every dayish and loved watching you morph into Andy 2.0. If the header is any indication of where Andy 1.0’s vaca was, I praying for Dick Dock pictures next week.

  2. Robert says

    Haven’t read the blog in a while and when I first caught glance of this post, my heart sank: I thought Andy was leaving and closing Towleroad. *whew*, thought I’d have to turn to Queerty as my go-to gay blog for a sec..

  3. TANK says

    great job! I suppose we’ll never know the identity of the 11 herbs and spices…alas, that could have been covered in popular misconceptions (i.e., just an impersonator, not the colonel), along with “fisting” (apparently!) and bar/batmitzvahs. It was more fun. Take care yoself.

  4. Guy says

    You did a nice job, but I prefer Andy’s style much better. You got too far away from true reporting and journalism and into what I call “all things gay” category.

  5. stranded says

    Towleroad is an excellent blog and a great resource for anyone gay or straight. You did a fantastic job keeping up with those standards. And seriously, the Rachel pic is hilarious. It has to be Photoshopped, right?

  6. JT - the original says

    Matthew: Great job! You did well with the interviews. I think you covered the news nicely. I’ll be visiting Boy Culture in the future. Thanks for keeping us informed on Towleroad. Andy chose a great custodian.

  7. Blaz says

    As an avid reader of Towleroad I get very weary when I hear that someone will be filling in. I shouldn’t thought because Andy picks wonderful people like yourself to do the job. I think you kept us up to date with the important events and added a few long well thought out pieces for us to ponder over.

    I enjoyed it. Thank you.

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