Australian Senate Candidate Wendy Francis Says Legalizing Gay Marriage is Like Legalizing Child Abuse


Wendy Francis, a candidate for the Family First party in Australia, caused outrage after tweeting her views on same-sex marriage — she says "legitimizing" it would be like "legitimizing child abuse." Francis later retracted the tweets.

Same Same reports:

"It didn’t take long for the Family First candidate’s anti-gay comments to be called out by angry members of the ‘mainstream Australia’ Francis assures us she speaks for. Many tweeters described her comments as ‘bigoted’ and 'an embarrassment to Australia.'

'1930’s Germany just called. They want their policy back,' read one of thousands of anti-Family First messages.

Francis then played the victim. 'Strange that I can be called a bigot for standing up for values that many people believe in yet others can deride my beliefs & that’s ok,' the confused candidate reacted.

'I’m not hurling abuse at homosexuals. I treat every person with personal respect. But we all have the right to stand firmly on principles.' No doubt realising her homophobic slurs, which would not be tolerated in any other Australian political party except Family First, were causing a storm she is not equipped to deal with, Francis’s tweets have now been erased."

Said Francis: "When I saw the amount of responses it was getting and the distress that it was causing people, I actually took the Twitter down."



  1. stephen says

    It’s always amusing when people from the dominant culture claim that they are victims when called on their BS.

    I can have the ‘opinion’ that privileged white ladies shouldn’t be allowed to hold public office, but when I grab a ‘mic’ to say so, I’d expect to take some criticism.

    She’s a dinosaur; on the edge of extinction.

  2. Matt26 says

    Putting Australia to the headlines. I would love to know how she reacts to the reactions of her statement. Wait – no, I don’t want to read, hear, see her, she has nothing to say.

  3. Craig says

    Look, I’m not hurling abuse at straight people, I respect everyone. I just wouldn’t trust one of them around kids. I mean, look at the statistics. Most pedophilia is attributed to them. So is almost all divorce. Then there’s the murder and suicide rate. And let’s not forget that most theft, embezzlement, bad grammar, and spelling errors occurs at the hands of straight people.

    Some of my best friends I suspect might even be heterosexual. They do seem to enjoy the company of people of the opposite sex and whatnot, and I strongly suspect my parents were, too.

    It’s just that I wouldn’t want my gay son to marry one. You just can’t trust them, especially red heads in Australia. But I’m not judging.

  4. Chris says

    As an Australian, I am obviously saddened that morons like this get any airtime in the public sphere.

    Yes, the Australian federal government does not have a good recent record on equality, and yes, like any other country, we have political fringe groups with dangerous and unreasonable policies. This does not, however, give the two commentators above good reason to call Australia ‘backward’, nor use ‘Australia’ itself as a pejorative. They are merely swapping one form of essentialism, based on sexual orientation, for another, based on nationality.

    Judging Australia, and Australians, on the basis of the tweet of an unelected candidate for an unelected, wholly fringe political party, is like judging the USA solely on the basis of George Rekers or Philippa Stroud in the UK.

    By all means object to specific policies, politicians, groups, even discourse, etc, but don’t tar the entire country with your offhanded prejudice.

  5. hoydengirl says

    Yeah ‘backwards’ Australia. Second country in the world to allow women to vote. Currently has a female Prime Minister, one of the most multi-cultural countries on earth. One of only a handful of countries to offer equal protection under the law to its gay citizens in almost all areas.
    Yes, the exceptions in terms of equality are marriage and fertility and adoption access and yes these are big buts, but we’re a hell of a lot closer to having equality across the board than the vast majority of countries, including America.
    1. Same sex relationships are legally recognised at Federal level.
    2. Gays allowed to serve openly in the military since 1992.
    3. Federal laws prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation.
    4. Federal government just spent 400 million dollars ensuring that all areas of federal law treat gays equally including social security, veterans affairs, health, aged care, workers compensation, employment and entitlements, access to tax, social security and inheritance entitlements.
    4. Equal ages of consent in all states except one.
    Government policy is lagging behind public opinion, like in many countries but public support is overwhelmingly in favour of gay marriage. Yeah, why would anyone want to come here for the biggest and the best gay celebration in the world?!

  6. hoydengirl says

    Oh, also, the second gay parent can now be recorded as ‘parent’ on the birth certificate and we have civil unions in 4 out of 8 states/territories
    Take a look at the Wikipedia page for LGBT rights by country, and then say we’re backward. We’re rated better than half of Europe.

  7. MadM@ says

    but I thought all the homosexual kids came from the abusive heterosexual parents? Maybe all the single welfare mothers? Oh wait I thought this was the 1980s.

    If she is trying to run for a political position like the senate and using a global messaging thing to do it she obviously needs to understand what she’s doing [which she obvs doesn’t]. At least here in the states we are archiving tweets in the library of congress so her ignorance can be on display.

  8. Fenrox says

    Fuck off True Words, what fucking country are you from without any bigots? Wherever it is I know it has at least one.


  9. Ben says

    If I remember my Australian politics correctly, the Family First party is a minor party which has one senator (out of 76), and not much chance of improving on that score. I seriously doubt her comments reflect the mainstream of Australian public opinion.

  10. jexer says

    Windy Wendy-

    Children of single parents (mostly due to poverty) are at a higher risk of being abused or neglected.

    Children suspected by their homophobic parents of being ‘queer’ are at an insanely high risk of being abused or neglected.

    Children OF two gay or two lesbian parents? Are far far more likely to be nurtured and properly cared for than an accidental child by two parents who weren’t ready to raise a child.

    You ignorant witch.

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