Costa Rica’s High Court Protects Minority, Blocks Referendum on Gay Civil Unions

Some excellent news out of Costa Rica, where the country's highest court has blocked a referendum that would have allowed the majority to vote on the rights of the minority, the AP reports:

Costarica "Costa Rica's top court has blocked the electoral tribunal from holding a referendum that would have let voters decide if same-sex civil unions should be allowed in the Central American country.
The Constitutional Court's 5-2 decision released Tuesday says such a referendum would put a minority at a disadvantage in a largely Roman Catholic country. It also says gay civil unions is a legislative issue and not an electoral one.
The court says it considers homosexuals a group that is at a disadvantage and the target for discrimination, requiring government authorities to protect their rights."

Said the court in a statement: "Minority rights that are derived from claims against the majority cannot be subject to a referendum process where majorities are needed…people who have relationships with individuals of the same sex form a group that is subject to disadvantages and discrimination, and require the support of public authorities to obtain their rights.""

Conservative groups had collected more than 150,000 signatures in support of the referendum, which was to take place at the beginning of December.


  1. crazywoman says

    Take that SCOTUS!
    Why is it that the lawmakers of Costa Rica are smarter than ours? I should move there. But I don’t want to live with Rush LimBUG

  2. stephen says

    Is it because the discrimination is so much more pronounced in these cultures, that their courts can see the obvious more easily???

    America is being made a laughing-stock of the western world with the craZy influence of religious thinking.

  3. says

    The Court’s ruling says: “Las personas que tienen relaciones con una pareja del mismo sexo son un grupo en desventaja y objeto de discriminación que precisa del apoyo de los poderes públicos para el reconocimiento de sus derechos constitucionales”, destaca el documento.” (Persons who have (sexual) relations with other persons of the same gender are a group at a disadvantage and objects of discrimination which demands the support of public powers (the government) in the recognition of their constitutional rights.”

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