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NYC Taxi Driver Stabbed by Passenger in Anti-Muslim Hate Crime

This morning, local station NY1 reported that a NYC taxi driver is in the hospital following a stabbing by a passenger that occurred after the passenger asked the driver if he was Muslim.

Taxi The New York Taxi Workers Alliance released a statement from the cab driver along with a description of the incident:

Ahmed H. Sharif, 43, a yellow taxi cab driver slashed across the neck, face and shoulders by a passenger during an anti-Muslim hate crime will stand with fellow New York Taxi Workers Alliance members, and community, immigrant and Muslim organizations to call for an end to the bigotry and anti-Islamic rhetoric in the debate around the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center, referred to as the Ground Zero Mosque. "I feel very sad. I have been here more than 25 years. I have been driving a taxi more than 15 years. All my four kids were born here. I never feel this hopeless and insecure before," said Mr. Sharif. "Right now, the public sentiment is very serious (because of the Ground Zero Mosque debate.) All drivers should be more careful."

On Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 Mr. Sharif picked up the perpetrator at 24th Street and Second Avenue, his first fare for the shift, and headed toward Times Square. The man, 21, started out friendly, asking Mr. Sharif about where he was from, how long he had been in America, if he was Muslim and if he was observing fast during Ramadan. He then first became silent for a few minutes and then suddenly started cursing and screaming. There, at about 6:15pm at Third Avenue between 40th and 41st Streets, he yelled, "Assalamu Alaikum. Consider this a checkpoint," and then slashed Mr. Sharif across the neck. As Mr. Sharif went to knock the knife out, the perpetrator, continuing to scream loudly, cut the taxi driver in the face (from nose to upper lip), arm and hand.

Very sad indeed.

UPDATE: Background on the attacker.

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  1. And I love the highbrow moral tone this site takes with that "very sad indeed" after Towle makes up stories about Michael Phelps running over people, makes jokes on the most bloodcurdling animal abuse, and allows posts calling for peoples' genitals to be shashed. But....that's the gay for ya.

    Posted by: JTtheOriginal | Aug 26, 2010 4:47:20 AM

  2. Cabbie ok, to visit the mayor:

    Posted by: Jack | Aug 26, 2010 6:17:36 AM

  3. JTTHEORIGINAL, I don't know what stories or posts your reading on your computer or where the hell you came from but kindly go back. And when you get there get some therapy it will do you and our society a world of good.

    Posted by: Dave | Aug 26, 2010 10:57:37 AM

  4. Hum, a bunch of socialist here!! :)~

    Posted by: WowWee | Sep 16, 2010 9:59:35 PM

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