1. jexer says

    The only way this utterly ignorant “extinction” argument works is if EVERYONE is gay and hiding it so that God won’t smite them.

    And if that’s really how the world works, God is seriously messed up and deserves no worship.

  2. Brian in Texas says

    It’s despicable that she is using the King name to give her clout to be able speak out on such an issue. I suspect Dr. King would be for marriage quality if he was around today despite his evangelical background.

  3. melvin says

    Why doesn’t anyone ever ask the question: did extending the vote to women change the meaning of suffrage? Did the Loving decision change the meaning of marriage?

    She takes a very curious line in that interview that she is more qualified than Coretta Scott King to claim the mantle of MLK because his widow shared no dna with him, whereas she does. If that shared 25% qualifies her to speak for MLK, would 12.5%?

    Or does it only take one drop?

  4. duane says

    Extinction what in the world? She think that stopping gay marriage will save mankind! There is no way I would ever go straight and I dont need to marry to have kids.

  5. Silverlakejim says

    Human extinction? I take the white race would cease to exist if only African-Americans only married each other. Using her logic that’s an excellent argument against African-Americans marrying each other.

  6. Mike says

    Wow, I never knew that gayness was so irresistible that when given the choice the whole world would be gay??? Do these people realize just how insane they sound?

  7. stephen says

    I’m more and more pleased everyday that these people appear increasingly out of touch…

    this woman brings great shame on Dr. King’s legacy. Very sad.

  8. dizzy spins says

    “we know that people of virtually every faith and culture agree that marriage is a union between a man and woman..”

    Oh really? I think the billions of muslims, Africans, Jews, Mormons and others from cultures that do or did practice polygamy would disagree.

    PS: I wiki’d this woman–she also speaks out on behalf of the prolife movement and worked at the Toqueville Institute, which defended the tobacco companies and argued against reducing the production of B2 bombers. Unsurprisingly, her doctorate is just honorary.

  9. says

    just follow the money, folks. Alveda King was paid for her appearance; the only way NOM can get “speakers” for their failed freak show is to pay ’em cold hard untaxable (in the form of a “gift” or an honorarium) cash.

  10. boone68 says

    “I still hear people say that I should not be talking about the rights of lesbian and gay people. But I hasten to remind them that Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.’ I appeal to everyone who believes in Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream, to make room at the table of brotherhood and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people.”

    -Coretta Scott King

  11. Tom in Long Beach says

    Ah the Extinction argument. How silly. I just saw “The kids are all right” Hetero sex has became obsolete now that we have artificial insemination. The world will not go extinct as long as we have lesbians and guys willing to jack off for $ 60.00 to $90.00 a pop.

  12. David in Houston says

    This is the best argument that NOM can come up with? If gays can marry, the human race will end? They’re really THAT stupid? So if gays can’t marry, we’re saving the human race? Wow… I didn’t realize we had SO much power over humanity. Very impressive. I can see why Alveda is so terrified of us. We hold ALL the cards!

  13. says

    I saw Alveda King speak in Dublin. The meeting was called Human Dignity and Civil Rights, and I expected it to be on the history of the civil rights movement, but it was all about abortion. She did slip one reference in about protecting marriage of one man and one woman (I hate that phrase, as the singular is designed to link marriage equality with polygamy). While I can sympathize with opposition to abortion, even if I wouldn’t agree with it, she clearly took the most hardline stance, against the morning-after pill and even contraception. She’s clearly had a hard life that shaped her views, by finding refuge in a particular strand of Christianity, but it’s a shame that she gets so much notice simply because she’s a King. I should have Googled her going to that talk of hers. Is it any wonder people tolerated monarchy for so long if there’s some remnant of that attitude still there, a respect granted because of shared DNA, as she puts it.

    There’s something very much based in the Platonic idea of the forms in their fear that any change in the legal form of the family will change the family for everyone. The Platonic state tries to set up what it thinks should be the ideal, rather than dealing with humans as they actually are, in all their diversity.

  14. arch says

    Face it people, chrisitans especially black christians are strongly anti-gay. Likely that Dr King himself would have opposed our rights but would possibly have had the good grace to admit the hypocrisy of such a stance.

    Gays are at the bottom of the pile in terms of acceptance and social status that is why Judge Walker’s judgment is so important.

    Even the gays in the nazi death camps were shunned by the other inmates, there is no equality in oppression – we have only ourselves to rely upon.

  15. jexer says

    @Melven- Wait… if “In the extinction argument there is an unspoken assumption that heterosexuality will be unable to compete in a free market.” … How ironic. You’d expect the right wing to be arguing AGAINST regulation of the free market… not for it. 😉

    Seriously though… all women that support ‘traditional’ marriage should be classified as ‘chattel’ and automatically deprived of their right to vote. Oh… right. As usual the Christians get to pick and choose what rules they think are important, and we don’t.

    Bloody hypocrites.

  16. John Patrick says

    I had the feeling throughout the interview that Alveda is stuck in some kind of ideal world – God is her support, the decisions of human judges are irrelevant, there are no races but the human race, all we need is love. Sounded like some hippie on pot. I highly respect her suffering, her activism and commitment to racial justice and equality, but she seems to be clueless when it comes to the hard realities of laws, prejudice, dangers of popular votes on the rights of minorities, need for legal guarantee of rights. And what does allowing same sex marriages have to do with the survival of straight marriages and the propagation of the human race? Certainly same sex marriages had nothing to do with her divorce.

  17. Richard W. Prouse says

    So am I to assume that only 10% of the population is heterosexual, and not the other way around? I don’t know, but I know many gay friendly people in traditional one man one woman unions who keep popping out babies like there was no tomorrow, even knowing their
    families and friends would fully support them if they were to”come out” Still, the greatest threat to man,s existence, is overpopulation,
    not gay marriage.

  18. says

    Homophobia is like racism and anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry in that it seeks to dehumanize a large group of people, to deny their humanity, their dignity and personhood.

    -Coretta Scott King

  19. princely54 says

    @Arch – I really doubt Dr. King would have been one of the ‘anti’ voices. There is an African American pastor named Mark Thompson on Sirius/XM radio who is very close to the King family (and, I think part of the same church organization, but I could be wrong there) and he’s had conversations about King’s philosophy. He’s done a lot of reading of King’s published writings over the years and he finds some pretty solid evidence based on those writings that he’d be for it.

    Even this radio host/pastor finds no contradictions in supporting Gay rights because its about CIVIL rights and not RELIGIOUS rights. We all have to re-frame this argument as much as possible to reflect what this is all about. Its not about religious rights, as much as they want it to be.

    King fought for the rights of poor whites, blacks, hispanics, etc. and I don’t see him supporting discrimination in any form.

  20. Verdon Coleman says

    Arch, I am a Gay African American Christian, and let me assure you I am assuredly in favor of gay rights! I read the Bible from a liberationist point of view, as opposed to an oppressionist point of view.

    Since that’s out of the way, I find it highly ironic that, based on her biblical argument, the “two become one” (that is the definition most anti-gay marriage opponents hold) she discounts Mrs. King’s views, saying that “she did not have Martin’s DNA.” Actually, she DID have Martin’s DNA, at least 4 times (Yolanda, Martin III, Dexter, and Bernice).

    Just saying.

  21. AJ says

    Personally, I think homosexuality is God’s way of saying “QUIT BREEDING, STRAIGHT PEOPLE!” The world population is out of control and there are not enough responsible parents around to watch over all of those kids. We are God’s evolutionary response to over-population. Take THAT “Christian” nut-jobs!

  22. B-rad says

    Wow. Infuriating that she dodges every question of how courts and “mans law” have given her the right to be where she is. Ironic that a niece of mlk jr is so closed minded and biggotted. Just plain stupid to think that her views are part of her’s and MLK Jr’s DNA. I am so frustrated that the NOM people sink so low as to appeal to past civil rights fights and think that supports their fight to obstruct people’s rights. This woman is so ignorant she couldn’t even understand most of the questions. Ahhhh!

  23. jexer says

    @AJ- You’re so right. Breeders are a bigger contributor to our risk of extinction than gays are… by over-populating the planet, over-fishing & over-poisoning the oceans, poisoning the aquifers with shock-fracture gas mining, etc…

    Best way to live a ‘green’ life? Don’t have children.

  24. TANK says

    Man, she’s dumb. But ultimately, there’s no way in hell that she’d come down on brown v board or any of the “man’s laws” and court decisions that enabled black people to participate in u.s. citizenship and have equal rights and access…so she’s no leg to stand on.

  25. Dave says

    Somebody needs to remind her that her family were slaves to white Christians who made black people into slaves not that long ago in history in America. Then blacks had to protest and riot to get their Civil Rights in the 1950’s and 60’s in America and again it was white Christians who tried to stop them then. Alveda King is an insult to Martin Luther King, playing the Uncle Tom black agenda card to kiss up to the white anti-gay Christians again. But then again it was black Africans who help round up other black Africans for white Christians to take to the new world to make into slaves for the white Christians who used and abused the black African for hundreds of years and even now in America. She is a common Christian today turning against her own family when it was Coretta King, Martins wife who said that all people need to come together, black and white, gay and straight.

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