1. TANK says

    Fail…and that goes for any guy that’s all tatted up, wears wifebeaters and tacky jewelry and is otherwise a douche…though that doesn’t leave much room for otherwise. Still less douchy that kanye, but that’s like saying nothing.

  2. Matt says

    Really? How long has it been since ANY of them ate ice cream? Or carbs? Seems like false advertising to me — no way you can look like that AND dive into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. :-)

  3. g_whiz says

    Yay that. And yes, this guy..apparently is for some reason a douche… (?) Its a fun summer song, with hot city boys in it. I think thats obviously something to shake my fist at…

  4. LD says

    What’s with all the negativity? This video is sexy and fun and stupidly catchy and wonderful and trashy. It’s fun to see these guys winking and wiggling–the gay boys’ answer to Milkshake. I’m buying.

  5. TANK says

    What’s with all the negativity? You say this having noticed the intentionally turned ball caps? That white guys seem to wear when they’re going bald…hmmmmmmm, maybe everyone else is wrong and I’m right…yet again…

  6. says

    cazwell’s still around? what a piece of shit this video is. jesus. he really needs to go back to the hole in massachusetts he crawled out of and quit bringing this hideous gay wiggertude.

  7. Jay says

    The guys in the video are cute.

    I’m always perplexed, though, by the fact that we don’t hold our gay artists up to the same standard as other artists. Where’s the talent? Cazwell and Amanda Lepore (another one I’m tired of seeing/hearing from) are self-proclaimed New York “celebrities” that could, if they worked hard enough, attain mediocrity at best.

  8. says

    eric – wigger isn’t racist. and it’s not 1992. the word and attitude are still alive and well. just because you’re old and over doesn’t mean the word is.

    @jay – exactly. the biggest issue is no talent. that and he’s trying so hard to have talent and not even be camp. it may be slightly amusing if he were making fun of himself but i’ve seen him and he’s full of it and himself.

  9. mrmnyc says

    Those of us who happen to live in NYC and are unfortunate enough to see Cazwell in person from time-to-time on the street and in the clubs can undoubtedly profess to what a pompous asshole he is. I don’t care about his abs and pecks. He’s truly a double-douche bag. Sure, you may think I’m being negative, but it’s no more negative than the attitude he gives off in person. If speaking the truth is being negative, then I’m guilty as charged!

  10. says

    @mrmnyc you are so right! he’s a super douche. he hit on my bf right in front of me, my bf was telling him that he wasn’t interested and he persisted to be inappropriate and just a plain asshole. you can say i’m jealous, but honestly i don’t care. we have an open relationship. i don’t find cazwell attractive AT ALL. so if my bf wanted to go off with him he could have, but he was so turned off by his doucheyness he almost punched him. he’s just a big ASSHOLE.

  11. Derek says

    stank it is amazing that you never tire of being such a total piece of shit. My god man how to you do it? How do consistently make me want to cave your thick skull in with a nice turning of hickory with almost every word? What is your secret? Inquiring minds want to know…

    Um…the little fingers on ALL their hands (even Cazwell’s) are more attractive than the sum of you dude – FACT. I think a wife beater sitting in a corner would be more attractive than you but I digress….

    I doubt I am alone in thinking this but it seems there is not one redeeming thing about you. I know you know this since I’m sure you’ve heard it all your life. I mean really how could you not?

    And I’ve said this before and I will say it again, the earth would be a better place if you were not assuming space on it. One less worthless, anonymous, opinionated, asshole, no big loss I can see. Jack help me out here…

    I think living in the world as you announce it should be is almost as miserable as being in a relationship with you must be, or having sex with you, or talking to you in person, or having you as a son or brother, or being in ANY proximity to you…

    How have you not been taken out in a fit of rage is truly beyond me? You must be homebound basement dweller – I see no other way.

    Dude I am going to be frank with ya. But if karma does exist, you are in for such a rude awakening someday and I pray, I PRAY it really fucks you up-but good. I know of no one more deserving than you.

    stank why don’t you head over to JoeMyGod and see how well the readers put up with you there. Two words, they wont. Trash is not well tolerated on those threads whereas here they seem to flourish unchecked.

    Fuck off and die already-please!

    And I APOLOGIZE to most of the posters here for my being just as nasty, just as mean and just as negative as the POS I am blasting but it needs to be brought to his attention-often it appears. For someone who repeatedly tries to prove just how smart he is, he really is fucking clueless.

  12. TANK says

    Well, at joemygod the readers are mostly (there are, of course, exceptions)…quite unwell. The free mumia moonbat crowd…they’re not very intelligent, and the ones that are don’t bother responding to the ones that aren’t after a while, because who cares? It’s just not worth it..and thus the mediocre middle (which, in that case, is the stupid moonbat) becomes the message. Nothing against it the site itself, because on rare occasion joe jervis posts interesting stories that aren’t covered here or elsewhere.

    And shut up, derek. You cracked stalker…and that goes for all of your sock puppets, too.

  13. ravewulf says

    @TANK, I’m genuinely curious about this and mean no disrespect or whatever: What generation/age group are you from? I was born in 1990 and nobody I know has any problem with wifebeaters, tattoos, backwards baseball caps, etc. In my opinion it can be done in an appealing way (this qualifies). Backwards baseball caps have been around for ages. I know tattoos used to be a thing for bikers and other “hard” types of people, but these days they are rather normal/a non-issue. I do agree with you on the tacky jewelry aka “bling.” The song still sucks, but the visuals are VERY appealing to me.

  14. Derek says

    stank I’ll shut up when you shut the fuck up and you drink a lye spritzer. So until then i remain…

    Stalking you? LOL-please don’t flatter yourself. I calls it like I sees them and with you as see a huge POS.

    And you are free to think I post under other “sock puppets” all you’d like. I post under my REAL name expect for the few times many months ago that I posted as Stank when I began to see just what a POS you were. So since that time it’s only my name. And in response to another of true wacko Michael/Leland’s rant, I signed my last as well. Derek Roberts.

    Can you say the same? No because because you thrive on the anonymity. It gives trolls like you the power they so desperate crave and have no other real way to obtain it in their miserable lives.

    That plus it allows you to say things that would normally get your head caved if you said them to someone’s face. You are the epitome of coward. But that too you are well aware. Aintcha?

    Now, fuck off and die x 2.

  15. adam says

    It’s not this video that is such a poor representation of all the incredible people the gay community has to offer . . . it’s honestly some of the postings i read . . . it just makes me sad sometimes . . . i guess everyone fights but sometimes people’s comments are jarring . . at least the video is just a silly stupid video made for fun . . .

  16. Robert says

    Jeez guys. Don’t you know not to feed the trolls?

    The music wasn’t the greatest, but neither is the majority of rap music, but the visuals were very nice.

  17. Maria says

    I don’t get it. Gay men find this hot? Shouldn’t straight women find it hot, too? Cause I’m a straight woman and I did not find it hot. I was embarrassed for every man in that video.

  18. says


    I never know whether to take this guy seriously or not. Every time I get close to taking him for more than just what he is, he comes out with something like this. Video – Spankeriffic. Lyrics – Garbage.

    He’s been on the scene for damn near it seems like forever and yet outside of the “gay ghetto” no one really knows who he is. You’d think after all this time he’d either “break out” of the “gay ghetto” or just fade away. New Yorkers, after all, are notorious for their short attention spans.

    As a musician myself I absolutely REFUSE to hate on a guy for getting his hustle on. The machine that is the music business is tougher to break into than anyone could ever imagine. And clearly this guy is making some sort of living at it or else he would have faded away a long time ago. So let him get his hustle on and move around if you don’t like it.

    But again, I go back to my original statement “I never know whether to take this guy seriously or not.” He’s like the Lady GaGa of the underground music scene.

  19. TANK says

    exactly, maria. These are punks, not men…not even the innocence of “boys” for a parallel to a heterosexual fetishization of teenaged girls.

    Wifebeaters are basketball shorts look sloppy…in this case, a studied sloppyness…which makes it even more depressing and tacky. Men should dress like grownups, don’t you think? Suits…casual should be tasteful… but growing up implies that we can’t have fun anymore, huh? no…just not the same kind of fun.

  20. ravewulf says

    “Suits…casual should be tasteful”

    But that would be boring. I want to have fun; I want the video to be sexy. There is more than enough room for different styles and different tastes. So this isn’t to your taste, that doesn’t mean others can’t enjoy it.

    Besides, females have been doing this sort of thing in music videos for ages with little controversy and people liked it. Why can’t guys do the same? Personally I am fine with men and women being treated as sex objects so long as it is done equally to both men and women and that people remember that there is more to them than “just” the sex appeal.

  21. says

    WTF with all the Nattering Nabobs of Negativety?

    Video is hot as fuck! Nice to see Gay guys who aren’t just Caucasian Twinks being celebrated as sexy eye candy! Also nice to see a video that is obviously well produced and meant for Gay guys.

    I’ve interviewed Cazwell and he is a very well put together young man who is not ashamed of who he is.

    Did I mention the video is FUCKING HOT!?

  22. says

    @ GRABBINNEWSCUM um ONCE AGAIN I am WHITE you tool. My heritage is Welsh & Scottish primarily. You can’t get much whiter than my ass is, not Powder white but you get the idea.

    And just where did I say anything remotely racist? Oh hun my partner of 5 years is black as the king of spades and before that I spent 13 great years with a Jew so don’t know what to tell ya there…

    But yes I do LOATHE stank and how he presents himself here. You got me. But I don’t hate him, I pity him. And that’s because he has no clue as to how seriously flawed, mean, caustic, jerky, obnoxious, condescending, negative, entitled, bullying, elitist and totally unlikeable he is. He is truly a waste of skin. His parents must be so proud…

    And in terms of violence, yes I would VERY much like to thunk his skull with a bat once or twice. Ok..ok…not so much a bat as perhaps a really big tree limb and ok…ok…not so much his head as his knee caps or his big mouth. As sick as it, those thoughts make me smile.

    Sad fact but some people do deserve to get beat down in this world. Sometimes it opens their eyes to the reality of who they are as a person and that changes in character are necessary.

    And yes, I would be lying if I said I’m not hoping that he experiences something so life shakingly bad (from his own actions) that it forces him to realize perhaps he does not know everything like he seems to believe, that his opinion is not THE opinion on all subjects, that he is really not a good person and usually you don’t have to be THE BIGGEST DICK even though that is your inherent nature.

    Lastly, yeah i am wrapping it up, I am generally happy with my lot in life for the most part. Those things I am not, I work on changing them. So I give your arm chair analysis of me is a solid D+. But you are more than welcome to try again if you’d like. I can’t promise I will respond though, I fear my crazy flag might appear to be a waving a bit too high.

    Sorry guys but I’ve said enough about stank for two life times and I didn’t mean to make this thread about him and his opinions (he does that enough on his own) nor me and mine, as equally wrong as you might find them.

    I will leave the crazy opinionated rants to Michael Bedwell/Leland Frances/Shirley McConell.

  23. TANK says

    derek=crazypants…that’s something only medication can resolve…and it’s stalking me! LMAO! Always the psychos.

    And I don’t think it would boring. It’s all or nothing. but you have a lot of people who have nothing else but their bodies…and I’m not against that, either. It’s just that they look douchebags dressed up like that…poseur douchebag punks.

  24. says

    Yeah you got me, I am crazy pants (wtf) and I need meds. Better living through chemistry I’ve always said.

    But judging from the bile you cause to rise in people on a daily basis there stank, I think you need to take a long look in the mirror if you can stomach it. How many times can you be called a dick and it not sink in, dick? Karma will beat it in someday, you’ll realize it at some point.

    And if calling you out as a huge POS when I am so moved is stalking, then I am a stalker. But you are still a huge-HUGE- piece of shit. You are basically told that on a daily/hourly basis on these thread. Am I mistaken? I don’t think so bud…

    I would live 3 lives as a psycho before 1 as you – god the misery I can’t imagine.

    But you got me stank, I need meds. Any chance there an anti- douche pill coming down the pharmaceutical pike?

  25. says

    I would be lying if I did not admit that I have watched that video 12 times and have shared with my straight gal pals on Facebook and my own blog. If no one has mentioned you are able to download the song for FREE at

  26. peterparker says

    Hey Derek…

    “TANK” and “GRABBINNEWSCUM” are the same person. He is a gay, late middle aged, conservative, Jewish guy in San Francisco. He posts in Craigslist’s Queer Forum under a variety of screen names, none of which lasts very long before it gets pulled by Craigslist staff for violations of terms of service–usually for posting racist hate speech. Craigslist posters from San Francisco have described him to me as few friends and poor social skills. The best thing you can do with “TANK”/”GRABBINNEWSCUM” is to ignore it.

  27. theo says

    “Men should dress like grownups, don’t you think?”

    Yes, more white dudes in polos and chinos wobbling awkwardly! That would be an AWESOME video!

  28. Musicboy says

    TXSTEVO: “I thought it was fun. It’s really weird that so many commenters are upset by it. I think it says more about them than it does the video.”

    Which would be what exactly? That we don’t have horrendously bad taste?

  29. TANK says

    “‘TANK’ and ‘GRABBINNEWSCUM’ are the same person.”

    That is a lie borne out by IP address comparison. One thing that isn’t is that you’re an HIV positive over indulged walking stereotype that gives gay men a bad name…and you’re alone, because you’re not just unpleasant…but boring as well.

    “He is a gay,”


    “late middle aged,”

    False. I am significantly younger than you are, peepee…



    “Jewish guy”

    Atheist, but my father’s a jew.

    “in San Francisco.”


    “He posts in Craigslist’s”

    False. I don’t wish to get aids and die from it like you will, peepee. Craigslist is your domain, you disgusting degenerate slime.

    “Queer Forum under a variety of screen names, none of which lasts very long before it gets pulled by Craigslist staff for violations of terms of service–usually for posting racist hate speech. Craigslist posters from San Francisco have described him to me as few friends and poor social skills. The best thing you can do with “TANK”/”GRABBINNEWSCUM” is to ignore it.”

    Ironically, with you as well…but, people do that, anyway…because you never have anything even remotely interesting to contribute other than your myopic, egocentric ramblings that seem only to interest you, reinforce some gay solipsism that is entirely dismissed.

  30. TJ says

    Also, I think genuine tough Latino boys can be very hot, but this is a bunch of gays dressed up in that “look” and looks so obviously staged and studied. And that Cazwell…..ugh….Ed Norton from The Honeymooners has a hotter face. Figures he’s from Massachusetts. The out-of-towners in NYC are always the biggest douches.

  31. nic says

    @PETERPARKER, i believe your characterization of TANK more than i believe his denials. i have never read a more reprehensible post than the one above. i’ve felt for a long time that TANK was a self-absorbed blowhard, but i had no idea he was so vile. i am convinced now that there is something seriously emotionally wrong with him. no wonder he got booted from JMG. now if only they would ban his pathetic ass from here, too.

  32. Bear says

    Being a country boy their attire is not exactly “my cup of tea”. However, the video was kind of cute with a silly little song. I could slam it with all kinds of negative comments but why bother? What I did see was that there was no vulgar language (thank goodness). It is very tiring and disgusting to hear so it was a relief to not hear any in the song. Rap in my opinion, and I have a very low opinion of it, isn’t singing anyway so who cares how bad his voice is? As far as the guys in the video go, everyone has different taste in what they like for physical appearance. They were not attractive to me but at least they were not obese. They look as if they care about their bodies. Also, not everyone can have a pretty face. Finally, about the ball caps; they had them front, back and side… big deal! Just enjoy the video for what it is a fun clean worded piece. Oh, and I detest Rap, just hate it. But, as I said, I’m a country boy.

  33. anon says

    From my observations, I think Tank has Asperger’s.

    I think he is a smart guy, and I often agree with some of his arguments, but he is quite unlikable. He is utterly lacking in empathy, compassion, and social graces. When criticized he can be especially vicious, and his ego is insufferable. What he doesn’t realize is he isn’t as smart as he thinks he is, for he does not possess the all facilities necessary for true intelligence.

    Like a blind man who can not possibly know what it is to see, he is not capable of empathy nor can he know what that really means. It would serve him to understand he is missing a basic functioning quality that most healthy humans are born with. I don’t think he can develop it, but I think he is smart enough to adapt his style of communication and his need to insist he is always right, if he were to be brave enough to admit he was born with an unfortunate disability.

    He has, on rare occasions, shown some cognizance of others’ misfortunes, so perhaps he can come to understand compassion in the abstract, even if he is unable to feel it himself.

  34. hamp says

    Wow. I thought the video was kinda fun and liked the sexy guys. It’s not art but I don’t think it’s trying to be Sondheim. But what’s funny are the arguments. Sheesh, y’all are funny.

  35. BCLance says

    @JGM22 Actually, “wigger” is a dated word as someone else mentioned. The reason it is dated is because it was pretty quickly exposed for what it is back in the 90s: racist. It borrows its animus from discomfort over black urban culture and what is and isn’t appropriate behavior for particular races. You have all the right in the world to be a little bigoted, but you don’t get to pretend you’re not.

  36. nic says

    @BCLANCE how can a term coined by blacks to describe white rapper-wannabes be racist? whom was it racist against? don’t be a douche. but if you insist upon it, don’t be a pretentious douche.

  37. TANK says

    What part of it’s my opinion? They do, in fact, look like douchebags. That, at least, is nonnegotiable. You find douchebags attractive…good for you.

  38. Derek says

    Wait stanky got the boot from JMG and that’s the real reason he doesn’t post? LOLOLOL

    How funny and pathetic is that, to be banned from commenting?

    Surprising? Um no. Laughably pathetic? Oh god yes.

    And if anyone had anyone doubts as to how huge a POS (as if there could be) stanky’s horrible response to Peterparker should wipe them away nicely.

    We know who the vile disgusting degenerate POS slime is. It’s you stanky.

    Oh and btw Tim…eat me.

  39. Derek says

    And Peter I see now why BOTH stanky and grabbinnewscum assumed I was black. It makes sense.

    Sock puppets? Ha! Et tu Brutus?

    And just where did grabbinnewscum go? Hello? Are you there?


    stanky can you wake him up?

  40. Blake J says

    Considering the boundless limit of ‘straight-themed’ rubbish we have to put up with, this video is hardly that bad.

    It is not supposed to be song/video classic, only a little bit of fun with barely clothed hot guys shaking their bodies to an annoyingly catchy tune.

    So stop hating on them, unless you can produce higher quality content!

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