Australia Lifts Ban on Transgender Military Service

The chief of the Australia Defence Force has reportedly removed its policy that effectively banned transgender people from serving in the military:

Australia "The individual whose recent gender transition lead to the reform work was not available for public comment, but the referral service that assists gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender service members, DEFGLIS, was aware that commanders had been anything but understanding. While the ADF works on a new policy to address those problems, slated for December, Air Chief Marshall Houston called on commanders to show more understanding. Monday’s signal instructed commanders to “manage ADF transgender personnel with fairness, respect and dignity … and existing medical review provisions; and ensure all personnel are not subjects to unacceptable behavior”. It comes 18 years after the ADF repealed the ban on gay and lesbian service members, and two years after it started recognising same-sex relationships for family entitlements. Yet Australia still trails Canada, Israel, Czech Republic, Spain and Thailand, which not only allow transgender soldiers to serve but also support them through diversity programs."

According to Crikey, the ADF was the last remaining Australian agency allowed to fire its members for being transgender.

And here we continue to struggle with DADT and ENDA…


  1. ratbastard says

    Good morning gentlemen…please give a warm marine welcome to Shanequa! You all may have previously known Shanequa as Tyrone, before she had her dick and balls cut off…

    Yeah, I don’t think this level of diversity is a good or workable idea. But I’m sure the political hacks and diversity specialist in the Canadian and Australian governments know better than me.

  2. says

    This regularises a situation that has been in place for some time for Transsexual service personnel.

    They left the service, transitioned, then came back with a new S/N, a new uniform, and often a different branch of service. With no loss of rank or seniority. Similar to the process when an officer is promoted from the ranks.

    It seems that not everyone in the ADF was following this procedure. So it’s to be made official, and the harassment of non-TS Trans people prevented as well.

  3. tbeth says

    This policy seems sensible to me. The transgender soldier still has his or her training, skills and experience after transitioning, as well as a new-found sense of well-being and lack of inner conflict. If he or she wants to continue to serve, make that not only possible, but no big deal.