1. MikeInSanJose says

    I’ve never watched Glee, but I love this pic!

    Haven’t quite figured out what the hairy-chested guy in the middle is doing with his hands, tho.

    @dc20008: Not all leathermen are bears.

  2. JesryPo says

    The biggest verisimilitude issue with this picture is that those leather guys are even noticing him – I’m half as twinky as Chris Colfer and I have to practically jump up and down to even get served a drink at a leather bar…

  3. MT says

    Ha! T hat’s awesome. It reminds me when I was taken to Lure on a date once. I had no idea we were going and was wearing khakis. The doorman told my date he had to sneak me in.


    That’s the idea behind his facial expression. Either that or the photo is to suggest how strange it is/will be to navigate through his sexuality. Same way I feel when I step into a gay bar actually. I find myself asking “is this really what I’m? I have nothing in common with these people” except of course attraction to other men but that is where the similarities halt……and then I run.

  5. says

    I’m disturbed by the pic, actually. Sure Colfer is 20, but the photo shoot is about the character Kurt, who is 16. Far be it for me to sound like the prude, but this pic kinda perpetuates the gay man-as-boy predator stereotype, unknowingly or not.

    Not that I’m not completely jealous of Colfer in the pic. Oh, to be in his tacky red slacks in that room!

  6. Ted B. says

    Years ago in Philly, the local leather establishment’s downstairs bar was presided-over by this butch leather bear bartender who was a HUGE Broadway queen who traveled up to NYC to see all the plays, musicals during the week…and then reigned over the debauchery on the weekends.

    Close you eyes and listen and it was a literary salon, open them and it was gay biker-boy heaven. The friendly, casual bar-chat in contrast to the dress-code was enough to give you whiplash.

  7. Smartypants says

    Chris Colfer is only 19 or 20, so I’m assuming the leather bar is in Canada or Mexico and his martini glass is filled with a Shirley Temple. On the bright side, he is wearing leather shoes. And don’t bitch that they’re white leather. It’s still not Labor Day, so what’s the problem?

  8. says

    Perfect. That would have been exactly my reaction to a bunch of leather studs at Chris’s age (when the drinking age was a rational 18); since then, tho I can’t quite pull off the leather look myself, I’ve come to appreciate their charms. And they’re probably all closet Gleeks.

  9. TANK says

    Not even old enough to drink, and is already being associated with the seedy bar scene…FAGGOT! NO THY PLACE! That’s all this means to mem, and it’s depressing.

  10. Henry Holland says

    I don’t have a problem with the red pants –they kind of offset the killer bow tie– but yellow argyle socks?!?! Fashion queen, *please*.

    Can’t wait for “Glee” to start again.

  11. Paul says

    Yeah I got that Beaverhausen. But judging by his outfit, he’s in character. He’s playing a sixteen year old in a bar drinking a martini. And even if he wasn’t in character – he’s not 21. I couldn’t give a sh*t either way, but really careless of Rolling Stone in my op.

  12. TANK says

    You don’t see this as modeling behavior based on popular conceptions of gay males as inhabiting bars, drinking, drugging, and having promiscuous “kinky” sex? Otherwise living unhealthy lifestyles devoid of substance and purpose. (now, for fun, we can say “PROMISCUOUS SEX!” all red in the face and angry-like to inflect the moral indignation that’s in our hearts…or not). Hmmmmm, I don’t know how much more transparent it could get for you to get it, though I suspect you’re actively supressing that likelier interpretation for one you would prefer to believe…in modeling an otherwise unhealthy, ghettoized lifestyle for gay men. And that’s basically what it’s doing…and colfer plays 16 (and he’s still too young to drink) in glee, so I guess…gay men are born clutching appletinis with their pudgy little digits, huh? Death culture.

    I’ve never watched glee, and have no desire to. Oh well.

  13. bobbyjoe says

    Jesus Christ. Chris Colfer is 20 years old. We’re really conditioned to be THAT sex-phobic a society that a bunch of you are combing this silly, innocuous picture seeking out reasons to be offended?

  14. Breckin says

    GREAT GREAT pic. It brings both Norman Rockwell and Robert Mapplethorpe visual and cultural influences together, illustrating how all humans are melded from contrasts. Some of you need to recognize, appreciate and enjoy art, not get all Miss Priss “let’s look up laws” uptight about it.

  15. EM says

    I love Chris Colfer to bits and his face is like a work of art to me. This is such a sweet pic, he’s a total ham!

    I would totally dive into a like of alligators to save Chris Colfer.

  16. john says

    he was born May 27th 1990…is my math off or is he not 21 yet and therefor not supposed to be in a bar? then again the leather dudes ARE paying attention to someone they would totally ignore so I guess this is total fantasy and I’ll shut up now.

  17. nyrkr says

    damn, talk about a smogasbord of hotness … especially that guy in the middle,except the arm band on the right bicep indicates bottom ( if memory serves me right ), maybe I could convince hime to top
    and yeah I am playing into the stereotype of all gay men as wanton sluts, so get a life

  18. newportjoey says

    Honey Child, back in 1977 my peeps took me to Denver’s rough and ready leather bar. I was the most popular kid in town…everyone of those “mo’s” were bottoms and loved my 8″ uncut catholic school boy plowing.

  19. a dude says

    I actually think this picture gives the character’s sexuality some dignity, more than before. I mean, like, he’s desired in a way he kind of likes suddenly (even if he’s not sure what to do with it). Fits my first experiences at gay bars. And makes me think he’ll be more ready to pull off his apparent upcoming romance.

  20. leaf says

    Just got the new RS in the mail. They shot this at the Mother Lode in West Hollywood. Been there. If you absolutely want to get piss knock down drunk go to Doug and order his Long Island Iced Tea. Its a killer and tasty too. He might give you a shot of what me and my friends have come to call “Vitameatavegamin” which you will be glad you had because it saves you from the massive hangover you will no doubt have the morning after. Ahhh the gay life of a 20 something year old.

  21. says

    This reminds me when I had a date in the 1960s, and the guy showed up wearing leather and chains and his Harley! He took me to the fabled San Francisco leather bar… The Tool Box. The Buzz… everyone was asking if I was an escapee from the Club Rendezvous (non-leather bar) because I was wearing tennis shoes!

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