For Some Levity, A Pink Hippo


News that Seth Walsh, like Asher Brown, committed suicide over anti-gay bullying really has me depressed. Seriously, the constant torrent of bad gay-related news can crush a spirit.

To keep us all balanced, here's a picture of an extremely rare pink hippopotamus recently spotted in Kenya. Let's call him, or her, "Perseverance," shall we?


  1. It Ges Better says

    If you really want to keep us all in balance from the recent surge in anti-gay bullying related suicides, show everyone these videos of San Francisco responding to the “It Gets Better” project, they’re pretty amazing:

    These videos, unlike the pink hippo, are in direct response to the horrible suicides that are happening.

  2. ratbastard says

    Cute. Poor thing, better stay the fuck away from witchcraft doctors. A pink hippo must be highly sought after as a cure for incontinence, eczema, and homosexuality.

  3. Travis says

    Thank you for commenting on Towleroad, but I think you’re a little out of line. If you read all of the pieces together, it’s pretty clear how distressing I find these suicides to be, and my pink hippo post was put up to lighten the mood, not entice angry profanities. A little balance never hurt anyone.
    Andrew Belonsky”

    It didn’t lighten the mood but took away from the seriousness of the issue at hand. You sound like a Fox News anchor.
    “Fair and BALANCED.”

    Again, go fuck yourself and your levity.

  4. Travis says

    Andrew: “alrighty then. i see the right isn’t the only camp who has a stake in irrational anger.”

    WOW, now Andrew likes to put readers down for expressing Andrew’s complete distaste and disrespect towards these kids. I’ve got 6 nephews and nieces. This is a serious issue, but let’s all have a smile on our face looking at a pink hippo. While families are destroyed. Could Andrew have made a post about only the hippo? That would have needed more from Andrew, than he’s capable to give.

    Good job, Andrew – You showed us all exactly what America is doing, pushing the issue aside for our own selfish reasons. Depression my ass!

  5. Lez says

    Travis get down off the cross someone else needs the wood. A little levity helps to re-focus, I know I have done counselling, Andrew noted his reason for showing the picture and I for one take no offence. Lighten up a little you’ll live longer – this doesn’t mean you turn your back on the shit that goes on around you, it just means you don’t let yourself become the shit.

  6. Jon says

    Travis, you don’t speak for the rest of us. I’ve been crying on and off all fucking day, and this post was a reminder that as fucked up as the world is (and as we sometimes we make the world), it’s still full of oddities and wonders.

  7. Travis says

    My position is the linking of these two topics. Seems like no one knows the true definition of the word levity.. let me enlighten you.

    Levity – Humor or frivolity, esp. the treatment of a serious matter with humor or in a manner lacking due respect.

    The real definition of the word speaks volumes to the disrespect I’ve seen here today. The hippo story could have been separated but wasn’t. This shows exactly how the writer views the subject of anti-gay bullying.. “lacking due respect.”

    Towleroad has shown a complete disregard to the families of those affected, with this post. I hope when Andy finally comes back the topic will be addressed with more respect than what was given today.

  8. trey says

    once again, travis, get down from the cross, someone needs the wood.

    it’s people like you… that just ruin shit. and turn everything to shit. you can’t let up, or let things be. that’s a very similar attitude to the bullies of those poor boys. ignorant and judgmental.

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