Lady Gaga Heading to Maine for ‘DADT’ Rally on Monday


In an attempt to court the support of Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, Lady Gaga is taking her 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' advocacy to a rally in Portland on Monday, one day ahead of a scheduled debate and vote on the measure.

MTV reports:

"The pop superstar is slated to appear at the #4the14k rally organized by the SLDN in Portland, Maine on Monday. The title references the approximately 14,000 citizens discharged under DADT, and veterans affected by the military's controversial measure will address attendees. The event will kick off at 4 p.m. ET…SLDN maintains that the organization seeks to draw the support of Republican Maine Senators Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, who could significantly affect the passing of the National Defense Authorization Act, a bill which includes the repeal of DADT. The bill would benefit from bipartisan support in order to overtake Arizona Senator John McCain's filibuster."

Here's the info on the rally from SLDN.

If you have not called your Senator now and tomorrow are the times to do so.


  1. 24play says


    GaGa is officially 2000% smarter than Robin McGehee and the rest of the hacktivists at GetPAID.

    Unlike McGehee, GaGa actually has a fucking clue when it comes to who to target with an action—and WHEN to target them.

    Not sure how this will play with the ladies from Maine, but at least GaGa’s highlighting 2 of the DADT decisionmakers in the Senate.

  2. Joe says

    @24Play, I agree with you.

    Even if this doesn’t move Collins or Snowe, it does offer an important political lesson in targeting key votes. Honestly, I’m sure a lot of Gaga’s supporters are young and don’t understand how exactly lobbying for votes and these sorts of things work. Gaga is doing a great job at educating the public about how the process works and how to be an activist.

    I’ll admit I think some of her videos are overrated and I’m not particularly into her type of performance art, but seeing her being a true activist and trying to make a real difference is really great. She using her popularity for good and trying to make real change. This is what a real ally looks like, and I’m really glad we have her.

  3. says

    It’s a shame that there are only three or four reasonable senators in the Senate–two of which are in Maine. My musical tastes don’t extend more than two degrees out from either Black Flag or Merle Haggard, but I’m really impressed with Lady Gaga. I think I’m gonna buy one of her CD’s for my niece–as long as she promises not to play it at my place!

  4. adamblast says

    This old fart who doesn’t listen to contemporary music at all would like to thank Lady Gaga for making a real difference in this debate. Kudos and love. Whatever you wear.

  5. FunMe says

    Now THIS is gay diva being truly grateful to her gay fans and believing in their cause. More importantly, she is ACTIVELY doing something to make a difference.

    Yeah, yeah, yeah … there will be critics as always. But at the end, she will be the WINNER because she is doing something to help others, those she loves and appreciates getting support from: us the GLBT community.

    Love her or hate her, she is doing something that will make a difference.

    Go Gaga!

  6. BG says

    I agree, @24Play. The whole “GetEQUAL” bunch have been targeting the completely wrong people. Instead of targeting the people we KNOW support gay rights, we need to convince those on the fence. GO GAGA!

  7. says

    Absolutely agree with most of the sentiments already stated. However…

    @Thorne Cassidy Black Flag or Merle Haggard

    WOW! That’s one fucking HUGE leap between hardcore punk and hardcore country. Now that’s music appreciation!

  8. Daveny says

    Yes Ben, She does and your a fool if you don’t think all these singers don’t “Pander” to someone.

  9. Joe says

    Even if she is pandering, this is the best pandering and marketing I’ve ever seen.

    Sell a ton of Albums AND trying to make a difference for a minority community. Hell, I wish more artist pandered to our community like this. Better than all those male actors/singers who thinks it’s enough to take off their shirt and appear on the cover of “The Advocate.”

    I’ll be buying her next album even though I don’t enjoy her music.