Lady Gaga on ‘DADT’ Vote: ‘Today Was an Enormous Disappointment’

Lady Gaga released a statement regarding yesterday's filibuster of the Defense bill:

Gagadat "Today was an enormous disappointment, for myself, and for many young American people. Not only because don't ask don't tell was not repealed by our senators, but moreover because legislative procedure is being abused to stop public business, public debates, from happening while America is watching. There was a debate today, we just didn't get to watch it. Instead, it has been customary now for antiquated procedures and partisan politics to take precedence over debate, America's needs, and today, sadly, over the needs of U.S. troops. I will keep fighting, i will not give up. I am passionate about the rights of the LGBT community and SLDN and I will continue to activate as many young people as I can, and encourage them to get politically involved in their future."


  1. says

    Long live Lady Gaga……at least she’s got balls.
    While everyone else hides behind excuses, procedural or tactical, the underlying message is clear;

    “Gays are second class citizens.
    Their rights are what we give them, no more.
    We may give them the right to serve in the military.
    We may give them the right to get married.
    But it is at our discretion.
    We can take our time making any decisions about their rights. After all what are they going to do about it ?
    So let’s have a rethink, a review. The fact the every ally in NATO has gay troops serving openly is not relevant. This is America…..we are superior to every other country, we won’t learn from anyone. After all this is the only country in the world that knows freedom and democracy.
    But gay rights ?…..that’s something we should take time to evaluate…..
    And if we grant them rights to serve in the military or get married what will they be looking for next ?
    It’s a slippery slope.
    They will think they’re entitled to what everyone else has.
    It’s communism.”

  2. Rin says

    I wish she would shut up and let someone like Neil Patrick Harris be the gay and lesbian celebrity spokesperson. She is too damn polarizing and is hurting more than helping.

    Who would middle America rather listen to: someone who looks like their neighbor or someone who wears their underwear in the airport and calls it an outfit?

    I’m sorry…I’m in the middle of “middle America” — you know those people that make up the majority and can push to give gays and lesbians the rights they deserve? I listen to people talk about gay and lesbians. Middle America doesn’t need more reasons to enforce stereotypes about gays and lesbians in their brains. They want to see the Neil Patrick Harris types and the Jodi Fosters talk about these issues–people that look like them, with stable families like them, who are apple pie eating…just like them.

    Middle America does not relate to people who wear only their underwear and a Yankees shirt out in public.

    How much credibility would blacks get on serious issues if they made Will.I.Am or Kanye West as their equality spokespeople–and they’re not even 1/10 as shocking as Gaga attempts to be.

    Yes, when speaking to the people that buy her albums and see her in concert I am sure she makes a lot of sense, but…the people that buy her albums are not enough to push appropriate, fair legislation through.

    While what she said is true (the ones that would bully gay service people should be removed) it is polarizing in that she, rather than a gay friendly general, would say it; someone who has never been in the military.

    Sorry…I just find her insincere and playing to her record buying public.

  3. says

    @RIN : Yeah, let’s pander to middle America……let’s beg them to “give” us our rights.
    Let’s get an acceptable face for our campaign to try to get our rights.
    You’ve said it all, Rin.
    This is where we came in…..
    I’m just so glad that the activists of the 80’s and 90’s didn’t have the same spineless, cap-in-hand attitude. Without ACT-UP we’d be still dropping like flies.

    No, RIN, why should our rights be held hostage by Middle America or even by the majority ?

    never understood the point that the majority must not be allowed to oppress the minority. But Madison understood the point and wrote in the protections we now have.
    Equal rights should never be begged for.

  4. ichabod says

    She’s amazing. She doesn’t have to do shit. She could just sit back and collect royalties, but she’s sticking her neck out and doing her best to make a real difference.

    I hope she never “shuts up”.

  5. JesryPo says

    Jeez, RIN, it’s not a zero-sum game… No one is telling NPH that he can’t take on DADT because Gaga’s doing it – she just stepped up to the plate. Not to disparage Neil, because I know he does other great things for us, but he did not take this on in the way that she has.

    Gaga is clear and articulate in her arguments – better spoken then most politicians, actually. She’s using her newfound (and hard-earned) fame in the service of our rights. It is precisely because of her iconoclasm that I believe that all of this advocacy is NOT simply in the service of her iTunes sales – I mean, do you think someone out there in Dubuque is going to suddenly start playing Alejandro at the KofC dance because they saw her on CNN?

    Now that I think about it, I’m tired of playing to the goddamn Middle America audience. I’m tired of waiting for my white-bread, uptight suburban high school English teacher and her ilk to decide that I’m worthy of equal rights. Fuck you, Ms. Graves. Lick that meat gown.

  6. says


    NPH has an opportunity to speak up. No one, including Gaga, is not preventing him from speaking up. I am a huge fan of NPH, but he has chosen a different path.

    Is HRC,Elton John or Ken Mehlman “middle of the road” enough? Good luck with them.

    Lady Gaga is using her influence where she has it, and it is a huge following. Whether you feel she is insincere is irrelevent. She has the support of SLDN, and i dare say,the majority of the Gay Community, so I say “Good for her”.

  7. DaveNY says

    While I can’t stand her because of that whole contrive shtick sh does, I can respect her for her efforts as the other commentators said NPH or any other openly gay star isn’t exactly injecting themselves in the conversation. still not buying her album though lol

  8. Joe says

    @Rin, I’ve never seen any male nearly as cute and well dressed in Middle America as Neil Patrick Harris, so he might not be the right spokesperson.

    Honestly, Gaga has a broad support group of YOUNG people from all across America. Yes, she may not appeal to too many in middle america over 25-30, but her support across the U.S. in that group is large.

    Also, for actors like Jodie Foster and Neil Patrick Harris, it’s too controversial for them to get involved in this and it really will hurt their careers. For Gaga, she has long made it a part of who she is as a performer.

    Most of the lines to McCain, Snowe, and Collin’s offices for the past few days were busy all the time and off the hook. The congressional switchboard was crashing. Honestly, I attribute Gaga to some of that.

    And, everytime she speaks, the mainsstream media carries her message. At first it was her music, then her crazy outfits, and now its her political message. CNN talks about her everytime she gets into a new wig – so using that popularity to talk about gay rights is great. She is forcing all of those normal looking anchors to talk about important issues and to cover real issues.

  9. PJ says

    Hey Rin , Oh I’m sorry I missed the part where Neil Patrick Harris stepped up to the plate , or Queen Latifah or Sean Hayes or any other of the gays who are out , Sad when none of our own have the guts to say anything so lets be grateful that there are some straight friends that will !

  10. Paul R says

    PJ, Queen Latifah (absurdly) isn’t actually out. Neither is Jodie Foster, as someone else suggested. Gaga is about 100 times more popular than the most successful gay actor (Neil Patrick Harris does not have a huge following under 25; Gaga is 24 and specifically preaching to young people).

    She’s using her fame as a soapbox, and for that I’m grateful. Not many other celebrities–gay or straight; actors, singers, or anything else–are doing it, and none so visibly and consistently.

  11. Lydia says

    Lady Gaga is such a butt ugly Madonna rip off artist. LOL that she thinks her blowing off at the mouth will do anything.

  12. Jesus says

    @DaveNY I totally agree. While she might just be a mouthpiece, she’s got the attention of an entire generation and that can’t hurt. I’m not going to bend over backwards to describe her as revolutionary or any of that other bs, but I’ll give her credit for putting herself out there because she wants to (not because she feels like she has to for her “little monsters”) Just don’t talk down to me, Stephy. We can fight our own battles, but back up never hurts.

  13. says

    Despite Lady Gaga’s Efforts, Senate Blocks “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” Debate

    The U.S. Senate has voted against debating a bill that includes language providing for the repeal of the military’s controversial “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, a prospective change championed passionately by Lady Gaga.

    Democrats fell short of the 60 votes needed to overcome a filibuster and move debate forward.

    Opposition included every Senate Republican and three Democrats.
    Lady Gaga visited Maine on Monday to rally against the long-standing DADT policy, which doesn’t allow openly gay soldiers to serve. The performer and service personnel, who have been discharged on the basis of sexual orientation, sought to apply pressure to the state’s Republican senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, on the eve of the vote.

  14. says

    “The DADT vote is additionally complicated by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s decision to allow a vote on the DREAM Act as an amendment to the defense bill. Opponents of the DREAM Act, which would give undocumented young people a path to citizenship by enlisting in the military or attending college, are reluctant to help break the GOP filibuster of the defense bill, distinct from objections they may have to repealing DADT.

    Collins spokesman Kevin Kelley said that his boss still hopes to come to an agreement with Reid (D-Nev.) that would satisfy her party’s demand to be allowed to amend the measure.

    “”She believes that our Armed Forces should welcome the service of any qualified individual who is willing and capable to serve our country,”” Kelley said in a statement. “”Senator Collins recognizes, however, that many of her colleagues have a different view. She would like the Senate to proceed to a full and open debate on the Defense Authorization bill, with members able to offer amendments on all relevant issues. She has encouraged Senator Reid to work with Republican leaders to negotiate such an agreement so that the defense bill could be brought to the floor this week.”””