Maine Senators Snowe and Collins Release Statements on DADT As Senate Prepares to Vote on Cloture

In their write-up of the SLDN – Lady Gaga rally in Maine, the NYT posts responses from the two senators (Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins) which the rally, which took place in Portland, meant to pressure:

Soldier In an e-mail message, Kevin Kelley, a spokesman for Ms. Collins, said she was the only Republican on the Armed Forces committee to vote for a repeal and “She believes that our Armed Forces should welcome the service of any qualified individual who is willing and capable to serve our country.” However, she is calling for an open debate and allowing members to offer amendments.

In a statement, Ms. Snowe said the law is due "for a thorough review," but wants a comprehensive review complete before a vote is taken.

Here's Snowe's full statement.

The White House offered a lame statement.

If you haven't called your senator, now is the time.

According to Alex Nicholson at Servicemembers United, here's what's happening tomorrow on DADT:

Tomorrow the Senate will vote at 2:15pm on cloture for the motion to proceed to debate on NDAA. All that means is that we need 60 votes tomorrow to move forward.

The good news is that we had the 60 votes lined up (a few more than 60, in fact) and we were ready to move forward as NDAA normally does. The bad news is that Senator Reid, the Senate Majority Leader, just changed the terms of the debate to slight even the moderate Republicans who were lined up to vote with us to break the filibuster.

So now, this is where we are… either Senator Reid needs to change his mind and let at least some Republicans have an amendment or two of their own, or one or two Republicans need to vote to break the filibuster without the ability to offer any of their own amendments to other areas of NDAA. 

So there are two things you can do:

1. You can call Senator Reid's office and tell him to return to the original terms of amendments and debate for NDAA (the orginal terms that had us the 60 votes locked down).


2. You can call the 5 Republicans who were either going to or likely to vote to break the filibuster under the original terms of debate for NDAA (Susan Collins, Dick Lugar, George Voinovich, Olympia Snowe, and Scott Brown) and ask them to vote to break the filibuster anyway.

My suggestion is that we all do BOTH! No one can be let off the hook here. Please call these senate offices today and tomorrow. Numbers are below.

Alex Nicholson
Executive Director
Servicemembers United

Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV)
Senate Majority Leader
(202) 224-3542

Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME)
(202) 224-2523

Sen. Dick Lugar (R-IN)
(202) 224-4814

Sen. George Voinovich (R-OH)
(202) 224-3353

Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME)
(202) 224-5344

Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA)
(202) 224-4543

Here's the Washington Post's look at tomorrow's vote:

"The vote is expected to be close but is almost certain to pass if Democrats can break a Republican-led filibuster. The House passed a similar measure in May, and a House-Senate compromise version is expected to pass both chambers after the November midterm elections. But even if Tuesday's vote succeeds, Senate aides said Republicans may introduce an amendment this week that would remove the repeal from the defense bill."


  1. Steve says

    So basically they are playing petty politics with the lives of people.

    Some Senator wants concessions to may get some funding for a base or defense industry in his/her state and if they don’t get their way, they’ll say no.

  2. Sean says

    I called all the Senators who are noncommittal on breaking the filibuster today. I had trouble getting through to all of them but never did get in touch with Senator Snowe. The House switchboard operator told me that her office had received well over 10,000 calls today and that, in fat, her toll free line CRASHED!!! To me this proves that Lady Gaga’s campaign is working.

  3. AndrewW says

    Calling or emailing Senators? Are you really that stupid? Do you believe Senators are waiting to tally up calls and emails? Incredible, absolutely incredible that so many people would be so incredibly naive.

    Gay Inc. and the numerous non-profit that continue to suck resources from our community have no idea what is going on – we don’t have 60 votes. We never have. These fools are playing you.

    This will not pass and shortly after we will hear from gay inc. with the suggestion “we were so close, we just need more money.” It’s a charade. They are raising money, not delivering our equality. Wake the Fu*k up.

  4. says

    ANDREWW you really offer no advice, just bitching.

    There is no reason to call Harry Reid. I am in almost hourly contact with his staff daily, HE’S ON OUR SIDE. Call the Republicans!

    And YES, Senators do listen! If they didn’t why would those who hate us spend so much time writing and calling them? Learn from the bigots people!

  5. Allen says

    Next time any gay person complains about the Democrats and even considers voting Republican remember…if Martha Coakley had won in Massachusetts the repeal would be a done deal by now.

    Elections matter people and the fact is all 60 Democrats plan to vote for repeal while all 41 Republicans have expressed either opposition or non-commitment.

  6. Sean says

    AndrewW I will probably get perm blocked for saying this but FUCK YOU!!!! You demean every gay activist out there working for YOUR rights!!! Your lazy ass would rather sit in front of your computer and bitch and complain and name call rather than do SOMETHING to change things!!! You are a disgrace to your community buddy!!!

  7. Paul says

    oh, I think people listen to what Gaga is saying and i think that the phone crashing is effective, because it proves that you have a voice, the sad reality is that there isn’t anyone on the republican side willing to stick their neck out for what is right!!
    and even the president himself isn’t helping us here!!
    I do feel repeal will happen and gay marriage will happen, the problem is that the republicans are firing up a whole new base of candidates who use fear and homophobia as weapons against the community, but I don’t think it is going to work!! the older people will die off and the younger people will take over and these liberties will be awarded because the younger people aren’t predjudiced as the older people are!!
    Gaga is proving the power to reach people is by social networking and technology!! it was a small rally, but it was the shot heard round the world!! :)

  8. Rin says

    Gaga only hurt the cause in Maine. People there don’t want People From Away showing up and telling them what to do. It’s why the gay marriage amendment failed and why the two Senators are now “caught”. It will feel like they are giving into outsiders.

    Mainers are only prejudiced towards People from Away. They liked their quiet small town life and the only thing outsiders have done is bring in chain stores and trouble.

    Had gays who were born and raised in Maine led that rally it would have gone differently. Lady Gaga is what that flannel, wool, and duck boot wearing people are afraid of.

    My relatives said that if they thought they could vote in gay marriage but keep people from moving to Maine they would do it. They said that the gays from Maine are like everybody else and don’t scare the horses. They didn’t like the activists who came in from Massachusetts (Massholes) that showed up in their town hall meetings on it.

    A quieter, more folksy approach would work better in Maine. Having gay Mainers who served in the military talk to their neighbors would have gone much much farther.

    If being loud and brash won’t get the job done, why do it? Isn’t the goal the most important thing? That gays have equal rights?

    Kierkegaard said that the WHO, the HOW, and the WHAT are all equally important in making an argument. Locals should make the argument in this case.

  9. AndrewW says

    I guess you ACTIVISTS didn’t send enough emails or make enough calls to your Senators. Next time hire temps and have them call and email 24/7.

    It is foolish to believe that politicians tally up calls and emails – for either side. Just plain foolish. Polling data determines how a US Senator votes and that was proven again with the rejection of DADT repeal.

    Maybe we’re finally learning that simple reality.

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