Montana Tea Party President Condones Violence Against Gays in Facebook Post Supporting Traditional Marriage


This seems to have been posted in late July, but several people have brought it to my attention today. Tim Ravndal, the President of Montana's Big Sky Tea Party Association, expressed his views that marriage should be between a man and a woman in a Facebook posting. The post was in response to an ACLU lawsuit in Montana brought by seven gay couples who want to get married.

Then Ravndal expressed support for a commenter who (in apparent reference to the Matthew Shepard murder) said, "I think fruits are decorative. Hang up where they can be seen and appreciated. Call Wyoming for display instructions."

Answered Ravndal: "Where can I get that Wyoming printed instruction manual?"

In related news, the Montana GOP Platform calls for making homosexual acts illegal.


  1. Patrick says

    You know, I’d love to say that I’m at least a little surprised by this sort of statement, but the sad truth is its nothing new or original. Its still a distressing notion to conceive, especially in an at least MODERATLY pro-gay political climate, but at the same time, I’m in no way shocked by this. What I am thankful for is social networking, and a print screen function… its a good way to keep tabs on the wing-nuts who might try to do more than just political harm to our cause.

  2. Wes says

    Oh but I thought the Tea Party was supposed to be different. You know, less social conservatism and more fiscal. I guess it really is just the GOP on steroids.

  3. Rob says

    “The Montana GOP Platform calls for making homosexual acts illegal.”

    Oops, I guess these Repugs up in Big Sky Country aren’t part of that growing but small group of enlightened GOPers who profess support for certain GLBT civil rights issues. No, this particular homophobic right-wing Republican group still believes in having the government step in and legally restrict the civil rights of our community. So much for that part of the long-standing GOP platform plank on controlling big government. Duh!

    Hey, Log Cabin Republicans and GOProud, are you going public to challenge Montana on their anti-GLBT stance?

  4. says

    I wish I could be surprised. I wonder what goes through people like Dennis Scranton’s brain to make comments such as the one he made. We all know a large portion of the TEA party are anti-progress, anti-minority and easily riled. They say they are tired of being “oppressed” yet I don’t think they have any idea what real oppression feels, tastes, or smells like.

  5. MikeMick says

    Wonder if any of these hard guys who want to decorate the landscape with hanging fruits would be interested in taking on a living, breathing fag one-on-one in a closed room with no weapons.

  6. Gridlock says

    Fucking bring it. I’ll just shoot anybody who tries. I have absolutely no qualms about doing so in self defense.

  7. Tea Bags as Compost says

    I put my tea bags in the compost bin. Hey, go green; Bury the Bags in crap!

    Will provide instructions.

  8. WQ5 says

    As posted online, here is Mr. Ravndal’s e-mail:

    Also as posted online (by Mr. Ravndal himself), here is his phone number: xxx-xxx-xxxx

    Above info was posted here:

    Notwithstanding Mr. Ravndal’s thinly veiled violent reference, I would implore and expect anyone who calls to be civil and non-threatening. There is no value in stooping to his level or doing something unethical or illegal.

  9. ToddE says

    That absolutely turns my stomach. Note to self: don’t step foot into Montana!

    Montana: where men are men and sheep are nervous.

  10. says

    And it’s not the only homophobic comment made by a Montana politico recently, Jason Priest’s running for MT state Senate and using words like “Keynes is a big homo” and ‘we’re all getting the dry thumb”. There’s a lot of ignorance around here- and it wants to run our state.

  11. Dave says

    Hell, send them both a message… Tell your friends and post it on your Facebook. Shame them into the hate-closet.

  12. TampaZeke says

    It doesn’t matter that the Republican platform of Montana and the other 49 states is rabidly anti-gay because Ken Mehlman came out which is proof that Republicans are now our friends. It’s not about their platforms or their policies or their votes you see, it’s about the fact that a handful of Republicans who hold no office and are running for no office are making nice with the gays.

    We’re being told left and right, from Pam Spaulding to John Aravosis, that Ken Mehlman is a sign that the Republican Party has changed. Strange that so many people who should know better aren’t willing to wait for at least ONE state Republican platform to at least remove their anti-gay planks before celebrating the Pinking of the Party.

  13. Steve says

    Need clarification – how does my marriage affect *your* rights? This is the implied argument by the “traditional marriage” advocates, and yet no one can explain how this works.

  14. Landon Bryce says

    Here is the telephone number for Dennis Scranton (406) 234-5882. When I called to ask if he was the one who made the joke about Matthew Shepherd’s murder, he called me a “fruitcake” and said “fuck you.”

  15. Joseph L. says

    I noticed that the comment has been taken down from his page. However, I did update my facebook profile with the picture above and with the phone numbers of the two assholes. :)

  16. Didgeridont says

    Dennis Scranton and Tim Ravndal can fuck-off-and-die! … and I say that with all the intentionality of a Phil Hine or an Anton Szandor LaVey.

  17. reality bites says

    ken mehlman came out!!!!!!!!!!!!

    u ungrateful gays u. U r supposed to throw roses at the feet of the repub party now because ken mehlamn came out and mccains daughter who has never held elected office nor ever will doesnt think gays r all that bad.

    shame on u getting worked up over the offical repub platform in all 50 states when ken mehlman came out of the closet

  18. Dave says

    On Dennis Scranton’s Facebook Bio it reads:

    Bio:”Shot down and killed WWII.”

    If that were only true…. We would not have had this discussion:

    Me: “May all of your grandchildren come out as gay men and women. Get the mental health help you need before it’s too late.”

    DS: “David. Too late for me. WWII graduate, my grandchildren are all grown and despise fruits too. Navy use to offer free swimming lessons mid- pacific.”

    Me: “Where there is life, it is never too late. Did you think that it was a suggestion from The Lord when he commanded “Thou shall not kill.” ? When you fought it World War II were you fighting tyranny or defending it in your mind?”

  19. AaronChgo says

    Sounds like Dennis Scranton is older than God’s toenail, so the hell with him. As for his “grandchildren,” they’re probably as dumb as he his, so screw them too.

  20. Matt McD says

    This wall post has since been removed. I went looking for it. I’m pretty sure Facebook can ban people for this type of hate speech. Might send them an email. I know it’s probably best just to ignore it, but I can’t stand people not facing the consequences for their actions.

  21. Tyler says

    What’s great is that clearly he would support your 2nd Amendment right to bear arms…he should watch his mouth of one of the fruitcakes my decide to assert that right.

    He’s a disgrace to WWII veterans, including my late grandfather who served in the Navy and who was proud of all of his grandchildren, gay or otherwise.

  22. Dave says

    In his statement to me on Facebook, DS: “Navy use to offer free swimming lessons mid- pacific.” He seems to be admitting that he has personal knowledge of or participated in the murder of suspected or gay United States Navy personnel.

  23. Bart says

    This guy is some fossilized douchebag who in spite of hearing aid and walker, I would love to run into one day and break –er, I mean shake his hand.

    And like many of you have pointed out, he IS the Republican party. Ken Melhman and the other self-loathers can come to grips with their little secret (“I’m not gay, I just like to get fucked by men”) and come out, but they aren’t the party. This fossilized douchebag is the face of the Republican party. They don’t give a good healthy crap about liberty and justice for all, they care about the Republican party being exclusionary and neo-Christian Nazi. That’s why all this “let’s get cozy with the Republicans” is utter and dangerous bullshit.

  24. apapertiger says

    I never understand why republicans and right wing activists have problems with gay marriage since according to the many embarassing situations that have come up for them, they have no problems with gay prostitutes…

    People like this make me sick. I am a pacifist and I wish they could not provoke me to anger yet they do. It is so frustrating to try and find a way to allow them to simply reflect on another individuals life as if it were their own and then possibly find some understanding, some sense of respect.

    “Be the change you wish to see in the world”

    Hopefully people will catch on through demonstration, co-operation, education and peaceful understanding…


  25. Steve says

    I am saddened and sickened by what was said by the Tea Party, I have a good friend who is a Tea Party activist, she was also sickened and saddened that no one from the Tea Party in Montana condemened his comments. I am also saddened by the lack of voices here in Montana that have remained complacent in letting these comments stand.

  26. Ray says

    Hey, his name’s there.


    Because homophobia deserves spam. And not the delicious kind.

    And decorative fruits are just plain boring.

  27. Rob says

    What a terrifying world these little men live in, where the big bad lib’rals are out to remove by force their freedom of speech and simultaneously teach the next generation to be wussies that fear doing anything by force. Luckily it’s not the United States.

    Seriously. This is some seriously divorced-from-reality-stuff. I can imagine the guys who write this having crossed eyes and a lolling tongue, their innermost minds a tempest of fear, anger, and hatred toward an enemy that does not, has not, and will never exist. Then again, the same can be said for their biggest supporter…

  28. Di says

    Somebody needs to blow up Dennis Scranton’s Oxygen tank. I know he’ll be dead in less than a decade, but that seems like a long time to wait for him to start roasting in hell.

  29. says

    I am a Christian conservative who harbors a sentimental spot for the tea party movement. So, I feel honor bound to swing by and say that yes–this is just awful, shouldn’t be tolerated, and ought to entail consequences. With things like that happening, I don’t blame libs and moderates for fearing that the Tea Parties are the acceptable wedge of the unacceptable stuff.

  30. dg5592 says

    Actually you are completely wrong about that Gus. Just because you have your civil rights doesn’t mean you should be willfully blind and stupid. Wake up and do some research.

  31. Mike in PP says

    Irony: Decrying homophobia by using the anti-gay slur “tea baggers.” You guys on the left are so unbelievably clueless.

  32. says

    Thanks for the blog. A spiritual awakening must be a reality for the Tea Party’s influence to be lasting. It is not enough to change politicians, it is not enough to change our financial direction as a nation, we must return to the one who gave us the responsibility to experience freedom and that person is God.