1. Cole says

    The show is terrible and scripted beyond belief. Bisexual? Gimme a break. One stop away from Gay town. Bisexuality is, for the most part, just the poor-mans homosexual. Not really fully committing to being apart of the gay community, because you want to have one foot in the door of heterosexuality “just in case”.

  2. Rad says

    Baby steps, Cole, baby steps. I went through my “Bi” stage for about a year or so before realizing da dames just ain’t go what I want. Give the guy credit for at least not denying his gayness.

  3. Eric26 says

    Oh you silly, stupid men. Before I clicked open the comments section I thought to myself, “I wonder how many people are going to say something offensively ignorant about bisexuality?”

  4. TANK says

    Yeah, good for him, I guess. Seems kinda fame whorish. But his show…I think anyone who watches those kinda shows isn’t all that bright to begin with… I saw five seconds of it once, and it’s horrendous. “Alright, when I’m talkin’ to this easily persuaded rube, you hit the keys on the piano, stan. Paula, use the fan to make the curtain appear to move on its own, and I’ll tell her it’s her dead grandmother telling her that everything’s gonna be cool. Let’s do this!”

  5. josepe says

    his faith doesn’t let him say , he is a big homo,the man is a big fairy queen from Penn .
    he didn’t have to say it, we all knew all along, the problem is that we have to acknowledge people not for their sexuality but for their qualities ,when we singled out ourselves or others then we make our labels and that makes us tacky.
    I’m happy if he is happy doing it , his show is silly but I’m glad he is working

  6. Javier says

    The hatred some gay men feel toward bisexuals is bitterness toward bisexual men’s perceived ability to fit into society better than effeminate gay men. So ignorant, yet so prevalent amongst a certain type of gay man.

  7. reality bites says

    hey now

    yeah the majority who claim the label of bisexuality r just gays not fully ready to embrace the truth BUT to deny that true bisexuality exists is just as foolish as the xtianistas claiming there is no homosexuality in nature.

    Nature is full of bisexuality amongst different animal kinds so it exists and is very much real.

  8. ohplease says

    “yeah the majority who claim the label of bisexuality r just gays…”? Well, you must know what you’re talking about since you can’t spell or use proper punctuation. That’s what I always look for in my authorities on human sexuality.

    Gay men who try to be the sexuality police would do well to stop living in a pre-Stonewall world. We get it, you’re bitter. Now try being an adult, instead. All the bitterness in the world won’t change reality for other people but letting go of it will definitely change yours.

  9. Jeffrey says

    @Eric26: Yeah, me too. Sure, a lot of gay guys go through a transition period where they identify outwardly as bisexual, possibly thinking it will be received as more palatable than identifying as gay.

    But there are men and women who truly are bisexual. My own son identifies as bisexual. Currently he has a girlfriend, but he’s not ‘unfamiliar’ with guys.

    Having been raised by two gay dads, he was brought up in a home environment where if he did identify as gay, it would have been fine. (Though anyone trying to date him would have been put through the wringer by his over-protective dads.) So when he says he’s bi, I believe him.

  10. Timzilla says

    I enjoy watching these ghost hunting shows—for a brief period of time it gives me false hope there is something after death other than just oblivion. As far as delusional ideas go it rather harmless. It’s certainly better than believing in an invisible man in the sky who wrote a book telling you to hate others and destroy their civil liberties. Coincidentally, I recently saw an episode of ‘Paranormal State’ where Ryan crawled into a girls bedroom closet looking for “spirits” and thought he looked rather comfortable and happy in there.

  11. alguien says

    why is it so difficult to accept the fact that there are people attracted to members of both sexes?

    i’ve known a large number of 50/50s in my life and i’ve not seen them (or their spouses, for that matter, who may be bi themselves) have any problems going either way.

  12. TANK says

    Yes, timzilla…hope. You know when Stanley Kubrick was directing the shining, and shelley duvall was being tortured to perform just the way he wanted her to (I think he really disliked her given how many takes he made her run through for a single scene…second to hitchcock’s treatment of tippi hedron)–she remarked in between takes that this is a horribly depressing movie. He responded that it wasn’t–that it was, in fact UPBEAT! because it gave people hope that life didn’t end in death.

  13. TPL says

    Really? Really?! It never ceases to amaze me how so many gay men consistently and predictably deny the existence of bisexuality.

    Who are you to say that such a thing does not exist? And here I thought we were the open-minded ones.

    Are there some young people who define themselves as bi simply because they’re afraid to admit to being totally gay? Of course there are. But there are also millions of others who are totally and happily right down the middle of the sexual highway. More power to them. They’re probably having a whole lotta fun!

    GBLT people been persecuted throughout history for loving who they love. Why not learn a lesson and stop pointing the finger? Honest-to-goodness bisexuality existed thousands of years ago and it still exists now. Deal with it.

    (Oh and just to diffuse the bitchy comments that I’m SURE to receive for defending people who shouldn’t need defending, I happen to be a gay man who has never been attracted to a woman. But I’m at least smart enough to know that human sexuality comes in all different colors. Kinda like a rainbow flag. You know–that symbol of diversity we’re always waving around…)

  14. jokr says

    What’s up with all the bi hate here? I don’t know this guy or his show and don’t really care. However, who says he can’t be bi? Just because it’s outside my experience doesn’t mean it can’t exist. Any time an “ex-gay” pops up, bisexuality seems to have a lot more believers than when a man actually says he’s bi.

  15. TANK says

    You’re not a black and white thinker? You dwell in the shadowlands of gray that BEST characterizes the “lived experience” of “individuals”? Because that accounts for all the subtle nuances in life? How mighty minded of you, preach. Diversity, blah blah, many shades of gray, diversity diversity, blah blah, gross generalization, talking head… Hey, alguien, soup is good food. Is that yet another gross generalization and oversimplification that overlooks the INDIVIDUALITY of countless millions?

    TPL, do you regularly fantasize about bisexual or straight “manly” men who engage in unseemly, salacious behavior with you? Do you have a lustful, vivid fantasy life concerning that fiction, and regularly partake in g4p pornographic entertainment to slake your thirst for your ideal of masculine=straight/curious/bi? If so, would it be possible to discredit your screed with that fact?

  16. TPL says

    Once again, “Tank,” you’re full of shit. You don’t know me so don’t pretend to. I, like many others like me (including some commenting on this post) DO see life in shades of gray. Do forgive me for not being a professional homosexual and seeing everything in screaming shades of pink.
    Sad queen. Waving at a parade that has long since passed her by.
    Bye Bye!

  17. Angels Are Gay says

    The problem most gay men have with alleged “bi” men is that it’s a familiar lie. I soft sold my coming out gay as coming out bi first. Also there is that little problem of many alleged “bi” men and women still end up in regular m/f marriages with kids. “Being bi was fun while it lasted but I want to please my parents/society now.” I believe in bisexuals, I just honestly haven’t met any who were “bi” for more than a small portion of their lives.

  18. TANK says

    Yuppers, tpl, you’ve got a “sophisticated, mature, and complex” approach to life, that takes into account all of the gray, and abhors the black and white…you’re a big boy! Good for you.

  19. Bobo says

    I don’t necessarily doubt that bisexuality exists, but of all the people I have met who at one time identified as bisexual eventually came out as gay, or said it was an experimental stage and they were really straight; the latter more common among woman I knew.
    I do know one thing for sure, and perhaps this is due to my own insecurities, I would have no interest in dating or having a relationship with someone who identified as bisexual. I have had in my history open relationships with a gay partner, but I think I would somehow feel “less then gay” by being involved with someone who was bisexual. And I am very proud of being gay, and to have always identified myself that way for the past 29 years.

  20. Dad says

    When a man sneaks out of the bed he shares with his male partner or boyfriend to go have sex with a woman, I’ll believe there is such a thing as bisexuality. Most “bisexuals” are men who openly date or marry women, but rarely disclose their interest in men.

  21. ventura79 says

    why that show is still on is beyond me, but Mary..please…you ain’t gonna fool no one but yourself saying your “bisexual”! I smelled the hommo in you through my television screen!!!

  22. Joel says

    ok, here’s a positive comment for a change: Congrats for being open about it Ryan! Love “Paranormal State”, and think Ryan is a catch! Wouldn’t mind going on a one-on-one ghosthunt with him. :-)

  23. Christopher says

    @tpl, @alguien

    Stank is not a sad queen he is a caged bear. Yes, there is a stick right next to his cage but the rest of us have learned to stop poking him with it. Now you see why.

  24. missanthrope says

    Wow, a bunch of gay people sitting around and questioning and mocking the sexuality of a bisexual? Love the hypocrisy around here at Towleroad. People suck.

  25. reality bites says

    Lee ur beliefs mean squat , and u sound liek a ‘believing” xtianista that swears and be damned animals dont have homsexual sex

    they do, and bisexual sex as well
    Dolphins r notoriously bisexual. They do not think to themselves “mom and papa dolphin r watching me so i better hit the pussy this time” No, they just have bisexual sex and the bonobo chimps have constant 24/7 bisexual orgies

    bisexuality is real

    That said, way too many closeted gay men toss around bisexual in describing themselves before taking the final step out of the closet

  26. Jacques says

    Thank you Jokr! What’s up with all of the bi-hate here? I am an Out and Proud Bisexual, over 50 and I started doing boys and girls at about the same time, when I was about 19. I’m not going to declare myself gay, because I’m really not, but I’m not going to stop doing boys and/or girls either.

    Bisexuals are not uncommitted-gays, we are who we are, which is mostly, not fussy about what you have in your pants. Hey, I’m a slut/whore, take off your clothes and surprise me, if you can. ($5.00 says you can’t surprise me, I’m a San Franciscan.)

    My point is that bisexuals exist, we are your political allies, and we will lick whatever you have in your pants. Come to San Francisco, and I’ll prove it.

  27. ratbastard says

    The hatred some gay men feel toward bisexuals is bitterness toward bisexual men’s perceived ability to fit into society better than effeminate gay men. So ignorant, yet so prevalent amongst a certain type of gay man.

    POSTED BY: JAVIER | SEP 14, 2010 2:10:58 PM

    …Well said, I agree 100%

    And most of those who whine about bisexuals and how it’s impossible to be bisexual are also the ones who freak if someone who is gay or bi has difficulty with trannies or really effete males…it’s perfectly ok to be a very effete guy, even dress up like a chick or have surgery even….but be bisexual? Impossible!

  28. says

    Ya know, when all is said and done… who really gives a shit?

    We all just want general acceptance for who we are as individuals. Not to be demonized or shunned just because we ‘look’ different than each other, or receive someone into our bed that happens to be the same gender, or have a difference in faith…

    but accepted and therefore respected as a fellow human being.


  29. TomSkylark says

    I don’t know which is more ridiculous in 2010: that it still counts as “news” when a non-celebrity comes out, or that (apparently a lot of) gay men still insist that bisexuality is “just a phase.” The former is sort of depressing as a statement about queer visibility in the media; the latter ranks up there with “you’re only gay because your mother coddled you too much” logic.

  30. dizzy spins says

    um, putting aside the whole bisexuality debate, his show is a piece of crap that perpetuates neanderthal superstitions. And Im curious how his “faith” views ghosthunting, seances, magic, etc. He didnt seem to have a problem going against his religion when there was a paycheck. What a hypocrite.

  31. TampaZeke says

    True bisexuals are like true ambidextrous people, they exist but are rare. Just because a person CAN throw a ball poorly with their non-preferred hand does not make them ambidextrous and just because a person CAN perform sexually with a person of the opposite sex doesn’t mean they are bisexual. Nor does being turned on by the idea of being turned on by women or being in love with the idea of being in love with women. I just wonder how many people would identify as bisexual if there were NO difference between the way straight people and gay people are treated. I suspect that the number would be far less than identify as gay in our homophobic society.

    Both sides of this silly debate need to get over it. One side acts as if every person who has ever claimed to be bisexual actually is and the other acts as if there has never in the history of the planet ever been a true bisexual. BOTH positions are ridiculous.

    Oh, and bisexuality is much more prevalent in women than in men whereas homosexuality is more prevalent in men than women. That’s not an opinion, it’s a scientifically proven fact.

  32. missanthrope says

    “The problem most gay men have with alleged “bi” men is that it’s a familiar lie. I soft sold my coming out gay as coming out bi first. Also there is that little problem of many alleged “bi” men and women still end up in regular m/f marriages with kids. “Being bi was fun while it lasted but I want to please my parents/society now.” I believe in bisexuals, I just honestly haven’t met any who were “bi” for more than a small portion of their lives.”

    Cool story bro. And that’s all it is, a story.

    My actual lived experience > you’re anecdotal stories about bi people who “go through phases and cheat”

    Sorry that the world doesn’t revolve around gay guys. Bi guys probably don’t hang around or out in your community because they’re tired of gay people spewing this kind of crap. In fact I know several bi people in my local gay community who just tell people they’re gay just to get around all of the shit they’ll catch (from gays) for being bi.

  33. missanthrope says

    “I just wonder how many people would identify as bisexual if there were NO difference between the way straight people and gay people are treated. I suspect that the number would be far less than identify as gay in our homophobic society.”

    Probably a lot. And positing over purity tests about “true bisexuals” is silly. It’s like say that a gay/lesbian who has slept with the opposite sex once isn’t “gay enough” or gold star or some kind of high school bullshit like that.

    Not all bisexuals are 50/50% attracted to both sexes, hell, I don’t think I’ve met one who’s actually identified like that a 50/50 bisexual. I’m a woman who is primarily attracted to women but I like many guys too, in fact one of the loves of my life was a guy. It doesn’t make me a closet case fraud or less than a dyke than my sisters, it just makes me some who is attracted to both sexes. Period.

    I really hate non-bisexual people trying to define who is bisexual or who not bisexual because if someone doesn’t fit your mold then you always move the goal post, just leave us alone and let us identify how we want.

    And it’s weird that this obsession with de-legitimizing bisexuals seems to come from mostly people over forty (I don’t know if you are or not). But people who I hang out with who are my age (29) just don’t give a shit over “who’s gay enough”. It’s petty and small-minded.

    “Oh, and bisexuality is much more prevalent in women than in men whereas homosexuality is more prevalent in men than women. That’s not an opinion, it’s a scientifically proven fact.”

    No, it actually isn’t.

  34. nick vaginitis says

    so, the ‘B’ in LGBT is just a smokescreen for the slower ‘come-outs’? no… tho my scales definitely tip toward males, the opposite sex still hits all the right keys on occasion. it’s amazing how the ‘tolerance’ many demand is so easily withheld when it’s beyond one’s own understanding. let it ‘B’.

  35. says

    Much love for my bi brothers and sisters, and our allies in the queer community who are speaking up against biphobia. *hugs* and *kisses* and sunshine to you all. :) Your actions will make it that much easier for the next bi male, celebrity or otherwise, to step out of the closet and know we’ll have his back.

  36. Jimmi says

    I’ll believe in ghosts before I will believe in Bisexuals.

    I do believe in spooks, I DO believe in spooks, I DO, I DO!! 😉

    SRSLY: Good for him to acknowledge it. The show is fakey but I love watching it because the guys are cute.

  37. Dave says

    I’m gay, and I find a lot of other gay guys have a problem that straight people cant “understand” how theyre gay. why is it such a problem to not just give a dude the benefit of the doubt? Why can’t bisexuality exist? Its kind of ignorant to tell someone else what their sexuality is based solely on knowing just your own, right? sounds kinda like the same mentality of homophobe straight people

  38. Gavin says

    I respect Ryan for coming out as a bisexual. But I think some feel like while he can “choose” between either sexes to have sex with, gays and straights don’t have that choice.

  39. shane says

    i like his show TANK!! its my home town and i think tank is just mad at him self cause he cant get him self out of closet hes to busy being stuck to the bed sheets

  40. CaptainObvious says

    First of all, I believe that the article was about Ryan’s coming out as a bisexual, not the debate about whether or not bisexuality exists.

    Secondly, its all for publicity; does it really make a difference in the price of tea in China if he is gay, bisexual, straight or otherwise? Really it does not, unless it puts an unwanted kink in your fantasies of him (no pun intended).

    It’s quite humorous that a group of people who want to be treated fairly and justly, and who do not want to be judged by who they love, but who rather their character, can be so vile and hateful to someone — because of the same reason that they themselves have been persecuted for! Oh the ironic hypocrisy!

  41. Jessica Roberts says

    Wow, I’m extremely surprised at how many people have negative comments here. I completely commend Ryan for making any public statements at all considering how personal the subject is and in light of all the recent suicides. If you don’t enjoy the show, and you aren’t accepting of LGBTQ individuals, why would you even post something negative here? Your only adding to the hate. We will never see a decline in hate crimes or bullying if the negative comments and bullshit don’t stop. Everyone probably has a secret anyway, so giving anything except support to a cause will get the world nowhere. Good for you Ryan.

  42. Donna says

    I thought people were getting better about this…That said if Ryan feels attracted to
    both men and women who are we to say otherwise. Shame on those of you that are gay, and “beating up” on those who are bi, there are so many people in this world that don’t like you either, so what right do you have to “beat up” those who are bi.

  43. TNJ says

    OMG people why do you ever care if he is straight, bi, or gay? Does it even matter? Those of you that want to slam the show and the viewers that watch it why are you even here? Some people believe in paranormal activity, some deny it completely, some are skeptical but open…whichever side you fall on stop beating down others or calling people any derivative of stupid/ignorant/etc.

    People believe what they believe. Ryan apparently feels that he is bisexual. Is it more socially acceptable to swing both ways than to swing one or the other? No, it isn’t. If he finds value in relationships with either sex then that is his decision. This was simply stating that he is desiring to be a sexually open Christian.

    Get over it. Move on. If you can relate to him – Fabulous! If not- that is fine as well.

    Move along. Nothing to see here!

  44. Belladonna says

    I cannot believe his statement that he has faith in god and is religious that statement is an oxymoron,the bible says it’s wrong.I strongly believe he will burn in hell for his choices and im starting to believe that all men down deep inside are perverted to some extent and that their brain is connected to their private part.I adored ryan but now i know what demon is really bothering him.

  45. lexi says

    i am not a Bisexual or gay but do i have a problem with it? No i relly dont see y a lot of pll are rude 2 somebody just for likin the same sex relly what is ur prob?. I have a best bud that is gay and just b/c he sees a dud at school or at the mall he is not wantin 2 sleep with them he just looks at them any way a straight dud would look at a diffrent person so just b/c somebody likes the same sex that means nothin the are just like anybody els in this planet.
    and i love ryans show it the best show i have ever seen on tv that they are not jokin. im srry if its not what u whant them have all the lights off and scream if they hear a lill noise of somebody hittin somethin and there actin like its “a ghost” ya right
    paranormal state is real if u relly whach the show and not just talkin how bad u think it is u will start 2 see that it is a good show

  46. Addi* says

    Gay, straight, bisexual, transgender.. What does it matter? We’re all human at the end of the day! Yes we’re all entitled to our own opinion but to start slagging people off and barking back at other people’s comments is just a little sad and immature..
    I think Ryan is a sound guy and love Paranormal State and take research techniques from PRS into my own investigations whether it be public or private team events. That’s my own personal opinion.
    *just sayin’

  47. Swolf says

    I don’t believe that Cole is right for making stupid ass comments about peoples sexualiaty when he should worry about his own!Don’t judge everyone for what they are,you shouldnt care about peoples sex life espically in our Cole grow up

  48. Francine Goodroe says

    He’s bi? Hmmmm, guess he likes the best of both worlds! Variety IS the spice of life, isn’t it? God said to love one another, soooooo who’s got a problem with that? If so, seek serious counseling, if that don’t help then the MD’s can prescribe chemicals maybe one or two doses a day?

    The kid has done a lot for a lot of people. I know there was friction on that show, as an old Mom, I picked up on it many times with the looks and bottom like, the show had to end. They were not meant to do that for 50 yrs, they did it for the time they were meant to do it, now they all moved forward in life.

    So, BACK OFF OF ALL MY KIDS!!! Straight, gay or bisexual, who the flipping business is it but his own? Cripes people, get a stinking life, will you, stinking haters, go sit on the toilet until all of that stuff leaks out of your brain and down the rear shoot! Stop being ugly!

  49. Tara says

    You aren’t bi! Your confused. But by your actions on the shows….. you aren’t into men! You’ll figure it out! Either way…. your a hottie! Good Luck! 😉

  50. Tony says

    Speaking from my own experience of coming out as bisexual to a VERY religious (Assembly of God) family, I give him credit for doing something as awkward and hard as ‘coming out’. It’s times like this when you really need friends, so quit the kvetching and let’s all pull together! As for his future career and the future of the PRS, I wish them the best of success.

  51. kathleen stanfield says

    i support him all the way i am not of the christian faith my self but i feel that every generation that is now or beyond us should all ways take a new direction and not linger in the past as i am a bi-sexual woman myself i understand how though it is to come out to family and friends but to nationally display it as a deeply realigous person as ryan buell is a major inspiration for pepole in the same situation as he is keep up the ghost hunting xx

  52. Just me says

    I love paranormal state and don’t really care who or what he wants to do during his ‘off’ time. We are on this earth a very short time and I think if your happy that is all that matters. And I am not gay at all. I do however support gay and lesbian equality.

  53. jennifer says

    Hey, shirts and skins,do you know the meaning of bi-sexual? its called being homosexual on night and staight the next. read up on bi-sexuallity JACKFKNTWIST before u go runnin that fnk mouth of urz. u obviously r not bi and know nothinthing of it. in yur spare time educate yourself on it JACKFKNTWIST. LET ME KNOW WHAT U FIND OUT BOUT IT K. Ryan has a mind of his own he can make his own decision as to what he likes and doesnt. Unless u r in his bed, and i SERIOUSLY DOUT THAT, it DOESNT CONCERN U OR ANYBODY ELSE EITHER!!!!!!! IF you would like to respond to me regarding this . . . .feel free.

  54. jennifer says

    Cole, the show is great, you just dont beleive in the paranormal, right? If you look into the paranormal watch ghost adventures, school spirits, ghost hunters, dead files shows etc. you WILL find that they ALL get similar evidence of the paranormal. If you dont beileve in the paranormal you cant appriciate it or shows about it. So there ya go.

  55. James says

    Why are you guys judging a person for being bisexual? Who are you guys to say that bisexuality doesn’t exist? Gays have been persecuted for thousands of years and you’d think that you guts would show some compassion and not judge. Are you guys jealous that he’s not 100% gay? Give the man a break. Sometimes there are no absolutes when it comes to sexuality. Anything is possible.

  56. anita says

    i personally do not dislike or judge bisexuals, homosexuals or ghost-hunters. Ryan Buell is a considerate, empathetic, intelligent and wonderful man. And a brave one. i could care less about his sexuality or profession. We should be saying good things about a man who has pancreatic cancer. Hang in there Ryan! I love you!

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