1. arch says

    The difference seems to be madec clear by the different preferences of the two men – on (Haggard) likes strong adult men – the other (Long) seems to like young men who call him “Daddy” that’s the difference, for once I would rather take my chances with Haggard…

  2. Disgusted American says

    Well,” began Haggard. “The times I met him I didn’t get that indication…But I do remember thinking what strong thighs he most likely had,and a Big Black cock too….and at the same time how important that churches be able to embrace the type of Hypocritical theology that they believe in and be able to communicate it with clarity to thier sheeple”

  3. CoMo'mo says

    “Pastors are more masculine sometimes in certain churches”. Sounds like Ted’s reverting to his preferred stereotyped male fixations. Maybe he’s thinking of all those sweaty Promise Keepers hugging in the hot summer nights in stadiums.

  4. Gus says

    The homoeroticism in Muscular Christianity, seen in the Christian bodybuilding/wrestling (almost ‘Fight Club’) movement is far greater than what we see in professional sports. I have a str8 friend who is in the gayest looking relationship with his Christian exercise pastor. They touch, tweet and spend more time with each other more than I do with my husband. It’s a weird.

  5. Raf says

    Pastor Troy Sanders rocks. He’s provides one of the most effective rebuttals against the hypocrisy of Haggard and others like him.

  6. Juan says

    It’s quite ironic that Ted admonished folks not to allow their theology to tyrannize other people. Hmm, Ted, isn’t that the exact thing you, Eddie Long, Harry Jackson, and countless others have been doing for so long? Does he even hear himself? SMH

  7. Tom in long beach says

    This is no comment on Eddie Long’s guilt or innocence. But if I were him the last person I would want defending me would be Ted Haggard. If Ted really wanted to help a discrete phone call offering advice or sympathetic ear, might even be the “Christian” thing to do. What he is doing just looks like media whoring to me.

  8. Marty says

    I think whoever at CNN decided to use Haggard to defend Long is brilliant!!

    Talk about making a point by using a glaring example!

    It like using Senator What’s His Name to defend other toilet toe tappers!!


  9. Tom in long beach says

    Troy Sanders seems like a man at peace with himself. Ted Haggard seems like one trying to convince himself and the world about a simplistic obsolete and untrue view of sexuality.

  10. TANK says

    “The first impression that I had was very hospitable to us but it was very clear that there was a difference in theology”

    I hope it can now be understood–but won’t be, because you are a largely uncomprehending group in an uncomprehending nation– why religious ‘allies’ can’t really be allies. They will always preference their faith above equality, and turn human rights into a mere scriptural disagreement of which there is no way out, or to win.

    They will approach violent, antigay rhetoric with “understanding” and “tolerance”, willing to overlook it in the name of their faith; calling it, in fact, a “difference in theology”. They simply are unable to advocate for lgbt americans in any effective way, and should be ignored. They don’t view people who, for whatever reason, oppose equal rights for lgbt americans as bigots, but as people who hold a different opinion about human rights…they have nothing of value to contribute to the debate or the conversation.

  11. Disgusted American says

    Did Ted Haggard just say “This is America – You can’t use your religion to terrorize others.”

    I’m literally sitting here dumbfounded.

    I know right!!!! I was like- HUH???? Interesting considering thier Religious Wackjobedness Terrorizes LGBT people and thier families on a daily basis.

  12. Bart says

    Ted’s last line, “You can’t use your religion to tyrannize other,” is EXACTLY what Eddie Long does to gay men and women. EXACTLY. It’s disgusting, hateful and now most of America has learned brought on by his own self-loathing and secret life. Eddie is being hoisted on his on petard.

    Haggard basically used the 10 minutes with Anderson to mea culpa his own behavior, his own self-hatred and abusive behavior. How could anyone look at this self-pitying, ridiculous man as their spiritual leader? He’s a pathetic, rationalize-away-his-own-behavior joke.

    And whatever Haggard was saying about masculine preachers and the what-not was sheer lunacy. The look on his face told me he didn’t even know what the hell he was saying. I’m a body builder…I wouldn’t send pictures of myself in lycra clothes to anyone, muchless a teenagers. Any adult male with a good body would never wear those shirts outside a gym unless he was heading to a bar in West Hollywood or Chelea hoping to go home with a trick.

    Long was asking to get caught and bless his hateful little heart he’s now going to be found to be the fraud most people knew he was (I don’t live in Atlanta and I have heard stories about the boys Eddie puts up in his guest house on his property. None of this is news or new.)

    I love when bigots, especially the self-loathing kind, step in their own shit. Even if somehow they manage to get out of it, it smells for a long, long, long time.

  13. Hollywood, CA says

    TED HAGGARD – “You cannot use your religion to terrorize others.” – IS THAT A F*CKING JOKE?!?!?! That’s exactly what Pastor LONG STROKE has been doing?! Why are you defending him?!

  14. Dave says

    Blaa, blaa, blaa hate…. Hate them, hate themselves, hate… blaa, blaa, blaa. Ha, ha ha!! I can’t wait for the revelation that Fred Phelps was sodomized by his father and then went on to sodomize his sons who went on to sodomize their sons. It’s not if, its when. And the blaa, blaa, blaa, ha, ha, ha will go on.

  15. wtf says

    re: religion to tyrannize others- it’s just the icing on his victim spiel. The entire last half of the conversation Haggard attempts to hijack the conversation and flip it so that HIS beliefs are portrayed as the ones being victimized, he’s saying that we need to be tolerant of his bigotry and hypocrisy, as per usual. It’s just the same ol’ spin and bullshit from the haters. Fuck him. Or rather, don’t. Let his wife figure it out. It’s really incredible how stupid they all are.

  16. says

    I watched them last night….what a fuck show…..but quite funny…..

    The unspeakable, Haggard, in pursuit of the uneatable, (by all accounts,) Long-Shank.

  17. rickster says

    this just in: a FOURTH man has accused long of sex acts with him. it just gets better and better.

    didn’t teddy deny, deny, deny before he admitted he did, he did, he did?

  18. Garst says

    I’m guessing we’d find ball gags and butt plugs in Haggard’s secret dungeon. Much more damning then homocentric attire.

  19. FunMe says

    Oh my gosh! Pastor Troy Sanders truly had the last line!
    “It didn’t take a scandal for me to walk in truth”

    DOUBLE WHAMMY to the crystal meth closet case hypocrite Teddy gurl!

    Living it and loving it

  20. nikko says

    I just saw the clip of Eddie preaching against homosexuality. Get him….oh get him. No mercy for closet case homphobes!!
    Troy Sanders was right on..He told truth like it is. The nerve of an evangelical christian to warn another not to terrorise them with their viewpoints.

  21. says

    At first, I was not sure what to think of the Eddie Long Story. Now, after seeing the pictures of him in muscle shirts being sent to other members of his church as well as the quack Ted Haggard coming to his defense, I am now more than ever sure that Long is guilty of the accusations.

  22. says

    Despite the irony of Ted Haggard being used to defend Eddie Long, his comment of “You can’t use religion to terrorize others” is classic Haggard. It seems odd that he would be defending Long at all.

  23. stacey says

    I know it’s a large number of fag’s talking i believe you guys are a disgrace to human race. I hope when the rapture comes you all will be the first to die and burn in hell. Who are you guys to judge like are you serious.

  24. ThomT says

    Haggard just can’t stand keeping his mouth shut … he just loves to talk about the gay boys (and men) and feels he is such an expert that he’s immediately makes himself available to the media whenever this ugliness comes up (no pun intended) the man is nothing but a publicity whore .. why can’t this man just crawl back into his deep dark closet?

  25. Ted's Toy Boy says

    @Stacey: thanks for dropping by – seems strange that a godly person such as yourself would find their way here – by hey, everyone is welcome. Stop back again the next time you’re surfing for gay porn to satisfy your closeted need for some action.