1. says

    You know, this might have meant something a couple of years ago, but we keep getting these expressions of sympathy followed by ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from these assholes in power, and that includes the doubtless well-meaning but ultimately ineffectual Al Franken.

    Keep up the hand-wringing and heart-bleeding, Al. I’m sure some folks are buying it.

  2. Cory says

    Oh Jesus, here it begins, negative comments towards Al Franken. While I do not know much about Sen. Franken and his policies, my GOD people, how can you doubt his sincerity? Why not put your hatred aside for a MOMENT and let his emotion wash over you, feel what he feels and understand his struggles are OUR struggles.

    Please, for once on Towleroad, let’s make a thread a POSITIVE thread. I’m growing disheartened by all the animosity between my fellow gay brothers and sisters.

  3. Wes says

    Its cool to hate everyone, even our allies, because we haven’t gotten our way. Did you not get the memo Cory?

  4. mb says

    Al Franken is one of the most, if not THE most, genuine people in the senate and I have no doubt in my mind that he will fight for us as long as he’s able to.

  5. Kugel says

    Whatever, Roscoe. Franken is one of our best Senators and a great ally in the Senate. Sorry if he can’t control compromised Blue Dogs and hateful Repubs, or light a fire under the President to speak out more forcefully on DADT.

  6. Steve says

    He is a loss of words to understand how such a policy can be in place when some soldiers feel comfortable enough to basically say “I’m gay” in front of thousands of people and everyone, including their commanding general, knows it.

    It’s really a huge dissonance. And it’s not the only such occasion. For every horror story about someone being harassed, you’ll find another where someone, despite personal issues caused by DADT, is out to much of their unit without problems.

  7. captain underpants says

    I am glad al is in the senate — I doubt that pig norm coleman would be giving this speech –all indications are he’s more than decent –with any luck he’ll age into some seniority.
    Problem dear hearts is with the senate itself —
    a profoundly broken and undemocratic institution that is in dire need of reform
    The new Yorker had an article over the summer on the senate –read it –eye opening.
    If I remember correctly, one stat sticks out, the 40 gop senators represent something like 15% of the total us population –think about that for a minute
    The writer also pointed out that the dem leadership has never been interested in reforming the filibuster rule despite its obvious abuse
    -imagine for a minute what kind of coverage fox news would have if the dems pulled the same obstructionist policy
    Perhaps the only thing less democratic in our system is the electoral college
    Both give outsized power to rural, largely white, conservative states/regions at the expense of cities and any/all minorities.

  8. Mikey says

    I don’t grieve because “we didn’t get our way”, I grieve because of the number of people in this country who don’t believe in freedom. I grieve because of the ruined lives and careers of so many of our good brothers and sisters.

  9. says

    exactly captain

    al voted to allow the vote on dadt

    the repub coleman would have voted no like all the repubs did yesterday

    time to vote out the repubs

  10. says

    As a member of the Democratic Party which has BOTCHED everything it has come in contact with regarding gay rights, Al Franken can keep his fucking tears and all choked up speeches until he and his party deliver some RESULTS.

  11. jakeinlove says

    Roscoe,you’re about as ungrateful as they get. Do you really think Republicans or Tea Baggers for that matter would even be having these discussion in the Senate? At least the DEMS are trying to do something. It might not be by your playbook, and if not maybe you should take more steps in joining the political process so you can call the shots, but all this back seat moaning about the people who are trying to be proactive is ridiculous.

  12. Fred says

    Grow up Roscoe!

    The mistakes of the democratic party do not rest on the shoulders of Al Franken. If Sen Franken was the man at the top, the repeal of DADT would be a done deal.

    He my Senator and a friend. I know him well enough to know his tears are real.

  13. BobN says

    If the Dems have ruined all of Roscoe’s rights, he must live in, oh I don’t know, Kazakhstan???

    Cuz if he lives anywhere in the U.S., there’s not a goddamned right he has as a gay man that wasn’t won by the Democratic Party. (With occasional assistance from Independents and the Greens, of course.)

    To be completely fair, a handful of GOP politicians have been voting with the Dems on a few issues in a few places. (They’ld prefer you not mention it in election season)

  14. davii says

    If DADT is so easily wrong, why the fuck is it still there. I think Al is great, but this shit is so annoying. I know of friends deploying, and I can’t think of a more shitty situation, lying to everyone for a year out of a sense of security. So, yeah, those tears cost you nothing, but this law is a a bunch a bullshit in the rucksacks of our protectors. If you like us, fix this for us. Enough said.

  15. nic says

    this is ROSCOE in a nutshell:

    “Savage Destruction of Over-Rated Trifles Brings Me Joy” — Pooji Dung

    Sic Gorgiamus Allos Subjectatos Nunc.

    what a pretentious dilettante he is! and, how predictive of his own fate is that?

  16. PRE says

    I simply can’t believe that anyone could dis the sincerity that comes across in that clip of Senator Franken! That’s how laws are changed – by long, slow recitations of the TRUTH. If you want to criticize the WH for not doing enough, that’s one thing, but he’s just one senator out of 100, and when we get an advocate as steadfast as Franken we should count ourselves lucky. Are some gay men really so bitchy?

  17. to CORY says

    Cory, I agree – entirely. Keep it positive! ROSCOE how can you doubt senator Franken’s sincerity?? damn if you do damn if you don’t c’mon…some queens out there do nothing but BITCH instead of being thankful…imagine that?? for having an advocate in the Senate like Al Franken…if you believe ROSCOE you can do better than Al, run for office!