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Watch: Brawl Breaks Out in Stands at Djokovic U.S. Open Match


Here's something you don't see very often — a brawl breaking out during a tennis match.

The NYT reports:

"Up there, in fact, was a male fan – whether he was Serbian the authorities did not say — who was cursing and acting obnoxiously, according to the police. Two spectators who were sitting nearby, a woman in her 40s and her septuagenarian father, confronted the man, who apparently did not appreciate their feedback, the police said. Shortly thereafter, the man confronted the woman, and she slapped him in the face. But the man was apparently undeterred; he then sat down next to the woman and continued to curse at her, which prompted the woman’s father to grab him, the police said. The two men fell over two rows of seats as they tussled, and the entire thing was captured on video by another spectator."

Watch the clips (first one includes the slap), AFTER THE JUMP...


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  1. As much as that guido is a douchebag, he did not throw the first hit. The woman threw the first hit then the older man went further. Now, I of course do not know exactly what happened; however, these adults were acting like kids. The older two should have left and approached security to have them talk to the man rather than yelling back and forth. I mean, depending on what was said, the guido might have said some fighting words but still, physical violence is physical violence and the older man's subsequent actions of falling down could have hurt others in the rows below them. Overall, it was just a bad display of humanity and adulthood.

    And for those wondering, I personally avoid heated confrontations like that because it always leads nowhere.

    Posted by: Nat | Sep 3, 2010 9:37:58 AM

  2. So they get in an argument about something stupid I imagine, and the "lady" slaps the guy. Then grandpa comes over and lunges at the guy. They tumble over. Yound guy gets up and lady atttacks him again. So security tackles and remove the young guy. Seems like the couple were the ones that should have been ejected for the physical violence. If he was drunk and a jerk, they should have just told one of the event managers.

    Posted by: Lee | Sep 3, 2010 9:42:34 AM

  3. I have no idea what the young man said, he was obviously being a major dick, but he didn't lay a finger on them. I don't think they should have made it physical.

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 9:42:52 AM

  4. What a nagging bitch........the young man even tried to sit down but she keeps up her yelling and nagging.....then the old fat guy moves in to have his moment as great defender......dope !
    She struck him first .....and must be charged in criminal court.
    Then I say sue that bitch and the fat guy for damages for assault !

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Sep 3, 2010 9:46:41 AM

  5. New York Sucks.

    Posted by: Dave | Sep 3, 2010 9:54:46 AM

  6. I'm going to have to side with the guido. He took the woman's slap the way a gentleman should - and if grandpa wants to attack someone a quarter of his age - he deserves an ass-kicking.

    Posted by: Ken | Sep 3, 2010 10:06:01 AM

  7. News said they were all taken away in handcuffs to a precinct in Queens, but no charges laid, just banned from the stadium for a period of time, not disclosed.
    Also, did you see Djokovic in the red shorts? HAWT

    Posted by: secretagentman | Sep 3, 2010 10:08:02 AM

  8. Am I terrible to think the dude's kinda hot?

    Posted by: Chris | Sep 3, 2010 10:14:10 AM

  9. With the line about cursing, I thought surely he was a Serb. They curse a LOT, but mostly in Serbian. However, the body language is completely US.

    Posted by: Kevinvt | Sep 3, 2010 10:20:15 AM

  10. Hope grandpa is ok. And even though the young guy didn't throw the first punches. The guy clearly needs a good beating. Everything about him reeked of douchebag. I'm sure if had been brought up with some decency he would of taken there request (and I'm sure what the majority around him was thinking) to keep it down like a gentleman - not the vile disrespectful animal I saw before me. I think the reaction by the majority of the audience around them gives enough relative truth over the incident. "Get him outta here"

    Posted by: Joseph | Sep 3, 2010 10:20:55 AM

  11. Ken, how is it that a gentleman should take an assault by a woman? That's a lot of 1950's crap! Gentlemen don't hit ladies because ladies don't hit gentlemen. I really get sick of hearing people say that "gentlemen" are supposed to allow women to assault them with nothing more in return but a castrated smile.

    The woman and her father should have been arrested for assault. There are proper ways of dealing with a person who is verbally obnoxious and abusive. Physical assault is not one of them.

    Of course when there is a fight between a person with a penis and one with a vagina the person with the penis will always be the one arrested regardless of any facts.

    Posted by: Terrence | Sep 3, 2010 10:25:45 AM

  12. No excuse for hitting. If I were the younger guy, I'd press charges for assault.

    They should have sat down and ignored the smart mouthed asshole.

    The old man got what he deserved, falling over the seats.

    Posted by: Bobby | Sep 3, 2010 10:38:52 AM

  13. I have no idea what is the issue was but the young guy has a very strong case vs the older man and the women- especially since it was recorded. Although the crowd was against the younger guy, both the woman and the older man throw the first slap/punch. He was just defending himself and has very right to do so even against a woman. Even he looks like a douchbag, the right way to resolve is was for the older man or woman to get security. If this case goes to court, the older man and woman are fucked. He was just an asshole and that's not against the law but hitting is. So in the end, the bigger asses are the couple.

    Posted by: John | Sep 3, 2010 10:39:10 AM

  14. Joseph, people could have been taking the older man and the woman's side for a number of reasons. I think a lot of people are inclined to see an altercation and sympathize with an old man and his daughter over some young loudmouth. But that doesn't mean they'd necessarily be right. The lady could easily have been saying really nasty things to him before and after she slapped him. He did the right thing by sitting down, then the old man came over to play the hero. They should have just walked away, or told security if they felt he was disruptive. What we see in this video is three people with lots of pride and little sense.

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 10:39:42 AM

  15. Too often today obnoxious behavior that interferes with others enjoyment of an event is meekly tolerated and those in the vicinity just suffer in silence and have the event ruined for them.

    Posted by: jerry | Sep 3, 2010 10:44:41 AM

  16. Chris--

    I think the guy is kinda hot, too. And Andy---the police didn't say if he was Serbian? Have you watched your own video? He is most definitely from New York City, born and bred.

    Posted by: Christopher | Sep 3, 2010 10:47:01 AM

  17. I agree Jerry, thats when you complain to management. You don't just assault people unless you truly feel its defense against a physical threat.

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 10:49:13 AM

  18. You know what pisses me off? The old man attacks the young guy after he's already sat down, drags them both down and then a heap of people start jumping on the young guy.

    Seriously, never piss off fat old white people. The mob will not side with you, and if the old man falls while HE is attacking YOU, you will be instantly blamed and its fair game to get jumped by any 'concerned samaritan'.

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 11:01:58 AM

  19. Sorry, but cursing at a sporting event is not grounds for physically assaulting someone, which is what the woman did followed by a direct assault by the Grandpa. Guido may have a foul mouth (ironic that people are up in arms when you can hear the people filming one of the video also cursing while condemning the Guido, but the woman and the Grandpa escalated the argument.

    Posted by: Curtis | Sep 3, 2010 11:15:14 AM

  20. Any of you fools that side with the younger guy is lame.

    "From a "legal standpoint" - great!

    I don't know the whole story, but it was obvious by the guy's body language that he continued to egg them on, swear, incite and be a complete dumbass.

    Complete spinelessness - there are times you stand up for what you believe and that's what it seems the older guy did.

    If you think the older guy gets in fistfights or physical confrontations everyday - think about it again. Seeing that was enough for me to side with the woman and older man - as most in the stands did.

    Posted by: Stuart | Sep 3, 2010 11:16:14 AM

  21. I began watching this automatically assuming it was the kids fault, but the videos clearly show the woman and old man escalating things.

    @Dave "New York Sucks"? Rrright you have no douchbags in YOUR town? Oh wait there is at least one.

    Posted by: Ian | Sep 3, 2010 11:17:33 AM

  22. Stuart, again, have management deal with him. At that point you are just defending your pride to an obvious douchebag, which is silly.

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 11:22:45 AM

  23. Oh and Stuart, you don't know the old man and his daughter. They could be teabaggers for all you know. Why should we "think again" at the possibility that they are just as assy as the young man? Because of age?

    Posted by: Wes | Sep 3, 2010 11:24:45 AM

  24. Terence, I agree with you that noone should hit. What I meant about being a gentleman was using your brain. If you hit a woman you not only are going to jail you're also going to look like a bitch. It's not fair, but it's true.

    Posted by: Ken | Sep 3, 2010 11:25:54 AM

  25. The racism in the "– whether he was Serbian the authorities did not say —" is revolting. If they didn't say, why bring up the possibility? How is that relevant? Oh, because it couldn't possibly an American who got into a fight? Ha!

    Also, like so many commentators, the fat lady and grandpa were the ones to pull punches, and thank god there's plenty of video evidence to help him press charges.

    Posted by: echovic | Sep 3, 2010 11:32:10 AM

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