1. cootcoot says

    All these straight people spreading heterosexuality all through our culture via prime time television makes me absolutely sick. Why would they want to normalize that?

  2. daftpunkydavid says

    it seems to me it’s simply to drive up viewership; imho, it’s in many ways similar to your publishing a post about the newspaper exploitation of 9/11… unfortunately, cnn is not the first to do it, and probably won’t be the last. sad, but true. we lgbt folks are some of the last people that are routinely used as punching ball without serious, systematic consequence.

  3. Craig says

    Actually, I’m terribly concerned about evangelicals on TV, more than anything else. Other than fleecing the flock, and lining their own pockets, I can’t see anything they accomplish other than spreading hate – for us, for the people watching and sending cash, for Muslims, Jews, pretty much anyone who isn’t behind the microphone raising money. These people are dangerous.

    Are gays dangerous? Maybe the unfettered influence of old, white, Republicans on TV is more what we should be afraid of.

  4. says

    CNN is getting desperate with their tailspin careening out of control… every CNN personality of quality has left the network… Christiane Amanpour, Larry King, etc.
    CNN is done, this unfortunate episode is just evidence of that.

  5. Joe says

    How does CNN HLN frame a question like that. I thought only fox did shit like that. They could have asked that in a less “Focus on Family” sort of way.

    This is actually really disgusting.

    And like someone said, their offices (Showbiz Tonight) is probably filled with Gays. Why didn’t someone speak up.

    Even if they did conclude that it’s great that there are so many gays on television, they should have said it in a very different way.

  6. Kyle says

    What would be helpful is if we had some openly gay folks working at CNN. You know, maybe some high profile anchor that could step up and help his community by not acting like there’s some shame in gay. Too bad that person doesn’t exist.

  7. Mike says

    F CNN for this crap. The numbers of gay characters are actually really low. There are some high profile shows w/ gay characters (Glee/ M Family) but hello! we do exist and should be represented. GLADD should be all over this junk piece.

  8. Zell says

    To be honest, I was all set to be outraged, but the segment was pretty positive, I thought. Yeah, they had one guy dissenting, and yeah, it’s not a question that should even be asked, but with those two caveats, I think it was heavily weighed in favor of gay visibility on TV. Also, those two dads were hot.

  9. SFshawn says

    The poor homophobes and haters are getting more and more desperate and shrill on a daily basis. The more the religious zealots,gawd hawkers and tax exempt preachers/”churches” and their ignorant flocks cry,whine,complain,demonize,murder,torture,denigrate and continue to deny GLBT folks their equality(and usually under the banner of Freedom of Religion or Freedom of(hate)Speech the more visibility,empathy and attention is focused on the millions of gays around the world. To all those promoting love and tolerance in the world I salute you and to those promoting hatred and physical violence towards their fellow man I can only hope you suffer what you wish upon others.

  10. Mike says

    Why isn’t there a piece on gay jokes and putdowns heard at a constant level on shows like O’Rielly Factor/David Letterman/Saturday Night Live/The Tonight Show etc. ???

  11. Mike says

    Surge? Invade? WTF, CNN? It’s gay characters on TV, not a war (G-day). Way to make a story about this non-issue. I’m actually more insulted by the overuse of the “Glee” pun. *puke*

  12. Liz says

    Daftpunkydavid says “we lgbt folks are some of the last people that are routinely used as punching ball without serious, systematic consequence.” Daftpunkydavid should try to walk in Christian shoes for a minute and see how the liberal left routinely targets and persecutes Christians without ANY (much less serious or systematic) consequence at all. Can’t do that to Jews, Blacks, OR Gays.

  13. Bart says

    What a fucking stupid piece. Seriously anti-intelligent. And this lump of a person with the dead eyes spouting eye-rolling lines like “They’re trying to normalize something that a lot of people don’t want normalized,” — WHAT? That’s why they make remote controls, lump. I use mine whenever I see Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Tony Perkins, et al – all of whom I and “a lot of other people” think is bad for society.

    CNN should be ashamed for running the piece and giving the lump airtime.

  14. wtf says

    Really Liz? I call bullshit on THAT. Sorry but you poor whiny fucking christians aren’t the ones being beaten up and/or killed on a daily basis for WHO you are. Your chosen religion is your right; it’s also my right to criticize your hypocrisy and BULLSHIT arguments in which you attempt to be the victim. In a word or two: fuck you and fuck your religion you hypocritical asshole. On a side note, the “liberal left” which barely exists in this country NEVER even treads on your fucking toes you shrill twat. I really can’t even express my distaste and utter contempt for you any further because you are so beneath my notice, frankly. But I thought you should get what you came for, you fucking troll.

  15. TANK says

    Yeah, liz… WHen over eighty per cent of the country identifies as christian, and this is a christian nation because of that, to complain that you’re not well represented in the media, and single out a minority who criticize the harms that christianity does, in fact, cause…is lunacy. You’re a wingnut.

  16. wtf says

    oh and one more thing, you dumb bitch. Name ONE just ONE example of you fucking christians being persecuted that isn’t some bullshit spin on a situation where you’re trying to shove your fantasy bullshit beliefs onto someone else/the whole fucking world. You CAN’T because it doesn’t fucking happen. So really, go fucking post somewhere else. You aren’t welcome here. We don’t come here to debate fucking assholes like you. We have enough in our own community without stupid fucks like YOU.

  17. TANK says

    Yeah, you christians have it awful tough basically getting whatever you want…politicians are fearful of being stigmatized by identifying as christian, which is why no politician who serves or runs now uses their faith to pander to the christian majority, or justifies whatever bullshit defense of bigotry with their christian faith…

    Lady, you don’t know what discrimination means.

  18. Zach says

    “Daftpunkydavid should try to walk in Christian shoes for a minute and see how the liberal left routinely targets and persecutes Christians without ANY (much less serious or systematic) consequence at all. Can’t do that to Jews, Blacks, OR Gays. ”

    Gays wouldn’t have a word to say about Christianity were it not for the fact that most of its adherents use it to run us into the ground. Persecuting the persecuters doesn’t really keep me up at night, so long as we’re not beating Christians up and tying them to fences to die.

  19. castaway says

    @ Liz,
    I believe Christians are the ones who have historically thrown the first stones (and continue throwning them) at pretty much every group when it comes to civil rights: women voting, race, sexual orientation…

    Sorry if I can’t sympathize with you feeling persecuted back.

  20. TJ says

    I was going to comment on Liz’s ridiculous, delusional post, but see so many others have done so that mine is not needed. Then I thought, what the heck!

    The only targeting occurs when those who speak out get the coverage they seek. If consequences occur (e.g., rational people see “christian” bigots for what they are), it’s your own damn fault.

  21. Disgusted American says

    @ Liz,
    I believe Christians are the ones who have historically thrown the first stones (and continue throwning them) at pretty much every group when it comes to civil rights: women voting, race, sexual orientation…

    Sorry if I can’t sympathize with you feeling persecuted back.

    Posted by: castaway | Sep 10, 2010 2:33:04 PM

    Well you see – Liz NEVER had to FIGHT for Her RIGHTS….She’s Takin them for GRANTED. She has her Rights due to the HARD Fought work of Women’s Movement in the 60’s/70’s…and the 1900’s..suffrogettes….Religion WAS USED Liz to Keep Women Barefoot,Pregnant..and without any say in thier daily lives,or gov’t. Religion Fought against women havingthe RIGHT to Vote…cause to them….it meant the DOWNFALL of American Society IF Women had a say…sound familiar hon? Please – edcuate yourself – before you come on here and make a fool of yourself. Look up the name Alice Paul

  22. Tom in long beach says

    The single Will and Grace characters were much more “safe” than Mitch and Cameron in Modern Family being together and adopting.
    Also threatening is the reality of gay teens struggling.
    As for the Fundies and Evangelicals wanting to control T.V. just watch your boring T.B.N. and reruns of the Andy Griffith show… Perhaps ” I love Lucy reruns are too racy” Ricky and Lucy being an interracial couple….
    What these “Christians” really are is anti-truth. They hate that we can have stable long term relationships and make good parents. It threatens their world view.

  23. anon says

    Christians do get abused on gay websites like this one, but that’s about it here in the US. Koran burning preachers don’t exactly create the best PR for themselves and other Christians, nor do pedophile priests, but that’s not quite the same as being abused or oppressed.

  24. TampaZeke says

    The Showbiz part was supportive but the woman who introduced the story was NOT support AT ALL.

    Gays “INVADING” television? REALLY?

    Everything about her introduction, from word choices to tone of voice, was VERY antagonistic!

  25. Bob says

    @Tom in Long Beach… W&G was safe because the gays there were swishy and funny… thats how Middle America likes their gays on TV… the butt of jokes. Truth be told even though I enjoyed W&G there was a certain Amos and Andy quality about it I just found offensive. I had to sit thru a client meeting once where they tried to decide if I was a “Will” or a “Jack”

  26. mad1026 says

    The man’s name is Dan Gainor, not Charles and he’s part of the ultra-conservative Media Research Center, which started The Culture and Media Institute. So, he’s a closeted right wing homophobe. The courts are slowly realizing that homosexuals are being discriminated against and he must want to get some licks in. Dear Dan: MYOB and stay out of my bedroom. You’re not wanted there!!

  27. topher says

    The poll right now is:
    “Should imams relocate NY Islamic center to stop Quran burning?”
    Could they think anything more moronic to put on their website? I mean, their logic is completely flawed!

  28. Greggie says

    I really enjoy this site and consider it to be presented really well and very intelligently, but I have a hard time not leaving it in a bad mood. Gay culture is a reality, and for that reality not to be presented on TV simply presents a close-minded fantasy. If we are to grow as a people, then we have to open our minds to all culture and stop trying to find so much fault in groups that are different.

  29. Darren K. Graff says

    You can provide feedback at this link…and feel free to cut and paste my letter if the words suit your thoughts.

    Re: CNN’s QuickVote “Is the surge in gay TV characters ‘bad for society’?”

    How appalling to have to see this today. Please replace “gay” with “Black”, “Jewish” or “Hispanic” and then consider reposting and reporting. Not appropriate, right? Sadly, CNN has chosen to legitimize the last acceptable form of bigotry. Blithely stating “This is not a scientific poll” will do little to thwart the use of this poll by religious extremists as they marginalize citizens of this country.

    Shame on you.

    For the greater good, please stop devoting air time and web space to this sensationalistic form of “reporting”. This topic is too important. In your attempt to generate traffic, advertising dollars and viewership you are damaging real families and further polarizing this great nation.


    Darren K. Graff

  30. MarkDC says

    The question is offensive.

    Would they ask the same of Blacks or Jews or Latinos or Asians or Women?

    Are 24 hour news networks with reductive content bad for society?

  31. greg says

    This is a HLN show.

    It is weird they did this. They have glass closeted AJ on Showbiz Tonight and out lesbian Jane Velez Mitchell hosting a show on the network. And it’s not straight guys watching HLN gossip shows.

  32. Rin says

    I have just one teeny comment…and I make this a lot, I know, but…

    What’s with the anti-femme backlash in the gay community? Huh?

    WTF did RuPaul ever do to StuffedAnimal (btw, I love his website so don’t hate on me SA!)?

    Will and Grace showed gays in a positive light regardless of whether or not they showed one “type” of gay.

    Sheesh! I hate it when feminists do this to other women, too. Unless you wear a nosering and have armpit hair you’re not a feminist–okay, I exaggerate, BUT stay at home moms are looked down upon by other feminists as if somehow motherhood is too antiquated or some shit like that.

    There are gays who play sports, gays who are bankers, gays who are drag queens, gays who are chefs, gays who are actors, gays who are software programmers…same as anyone else. So what is wrong when the gays who are “femme” like Poppycock or “Jack” get press? Seems to me that those gays were the ones who stood up to the most oppression, who were the forebearers of the movement, who took all the slings and arrows for being “different” and now somehow they are some ass kissing Uncle Tom?

    Puh-lease. Stop with that. It’s just not nice. When people like StuffedAnimal (sorry to pick on you) complain about Poppycock or Bob complains about W&G its like telling those kids who choose to be flamboyant that they are doing something wrong. How utterly divisive.

    It takes all types. The mom of six is no less a feminist than a bra burner, and the drag queen in heels is no less a man than Tom Brady.

  33. wanting names says

    who are the two apparent c*nts who did this segment?

    (Was the black woman who had a little statement about glaad a distinct voice from the other two? If so, she shouldn’t be blamed.)

    I want names and I’ll consider them personally blackballed. They should have told CNN they refused to report/talk this offensive way bc their principles were higher. anyone got names? They sounded like FOX journalists to me, but they were on CNN. WTF.

    Oh, and f u, liz. u deserve every trashing you’ve gotten on this site. but i swear, u can change; just be honest for a change.

  34. TampaZeke says

    I love it how Liz assumes that NONE of us would know what it feels like to walk a mile in a Christian’s shoes.

    Most of us probably do, or at least have at some point in our lives, walk in Christian shoes.

    I walked in them for 42 years, and NEVER, NOT ONCE, felt discriminated against as a Christian. The only time I ever had people give me any grief about my particular form of Christianity came from OTHER CHRISTIANS.

    I’m glad that I kicked off those Christian shoes and now walk blissfully spiritually barefooted. Best decision of my life!

    Liz, come on down from your cross sugar plum. Winter’s a’comin’ and we’re gonna need the wood!

  35. Jared says

    If Liz is like your average self-professed “Christian” in America today, she wouldn’t have a clue what it feels like to walk in a real Christian’s shoes.

    What Gandhi said!

    “Your Christians are so unlike your Christ!”

  36. ventura79 says

    shame on them! I thought it was Fox News’ job to put the gays down! I wonder if AJ Hammer was bothered that he had to run this segment on his show, or if Anderson Cooper took a vote on the poll! dirty dirty shame!

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