1. allnighter says

    The “no homo” thing is so ridiculous…I feel bad for anyone whose experience of the world has to be kept within such tight confines that any time they express any emotions it has to be tempered with a declaration of heterosexuality. I know I’d go crazy if I felt like I had to say “no hetero” every time I complimented a girl! Also, a fun thing to do if a friend of your insists on using the phrase is to turn it around on him, like “let’s go make out for a bit… no homo though!” or something…

  2. Joe says

    Ha. I’ve always gotten a strong gay vibe from Jason Derulo. Has he ever confirmed or denied. Like a lot of other celebs who are under suspicion, his wikipedia page is devoid of any details. haha

  3. nic says

    all the guys who took part in this vid are gay friendly. props to them. i’m pretty sure that jason is queer.

  4. says

    And all this time I believed that every human on the planet is a Homo… Homo-sapien that is. No Homo my ass. YES Homo. Deal with it.