1. Lez says

    Interesting – not sure how it will (or if it can) compete with the 1945 movie. Not sure when we will get it here in Australia – but that is Guy Pearce who is playing Monte – so another reason to watch.

    Looks like a “new” re-telling, the movie was different to the book and this different again – like Veda singing opera instead of in a cheap / sleazy club owned by Wally.

  2. Disgusted American says

    well I’ll def. give it a I liked the original movie tho “cheezie” as it was…..this looks pretty good.

  3. says


    Very different from the Curtiz, needless to say. Veda as an opera star provides quite an opportunity for Todd. (Cain was crazy about opera, which also figures in his bisexual classic “Serenade”). Plus Guy Pearce is great casting fro Monty, and Patty Clarkson makes a perfect Eve Arden. It’s a mini-series cause Todd has gone back to James M. Cain’s book — which is rather different in its particulars from the Joan Crawford masterpeice we all know so well.

    I’m trembling with antici–


  4. coolbearinmd says

    Putting Mildred Pierce together with Queen of Night’s aria is pretty brilliant–some of the most appropriate use of opera quotation onscreen since “Soave sia il vento” in Sunday, Bloody Sunday.
    You queens know what I’m talking about.

  5. Greggie says

    Mildred Pierce was the first Joan Crawford movie I watched, and I LOVED it. I’m really excited for this, because I think Kate Winslet is on par with Meryl Streep…awesome.

  6. JD says

    YES! “Der holle rache” is the ultimate mother-daughter manipulation/dysfunction aria. VERY clever. Though its highbrow sound takes me out of depression-era LA and the grittiness of the story.

  7. dc20008 says

    Good old Joanie was a whole lot more talented than she is often given credit for. Sadly the better her performances became the more erratic her personal life became. “A Woman’s Face”, “Humoresque”, and “Harriet Craig” are some other really good films of hers.

  8. ggreen says

    This looks wonderful and totally faithful to the James M. Cain book which the 1945 Joan Crawford/Ann Blyth Noir version was not. The 1945 version was a star vehicle with the story modernized for Joan Crawford by Warner Brothers it was set after WWII. The novel was set during the 1930’s depression era, which adds a lot to the story. Too bad it was filmed in New Jersey and not LA I hope it doesn’t mess with the visuals. Mildred and Monty going for a late afternoon swim with the sun setting on the Pacific ocean on the wrong side.

  9. Billy says

    I was gonna say — there’s no way this will be anything like the original, so this will just be a treat. Actresses like Bette Davis and Joan Crawford will never be duplicated, but Kate Winslet (who has, let’s face it, a better acting range) is definitely up to the task.

  10. Trasker says

    Can’t wait. If anything the original suffered from cramming the story into a feature movie length. Mini series format will work well for this.

  11. mad1026 says

    Cannot wait! The book is terrific, Crawford owned Pierce and Farley Granger slimed the screen. but Ann Blyth? Magnificent bad girl! The miniseries format will work to the advantage of the story and give the actors a lot more to work with. Anxious to see Haynes’ interpretation; he did a fantastic job on “Far From Heaven.”

  12. Stachehunter says

    Got news for all you “Mildred” fans out there who have never read the book…Vida does opera, as written by Cain. Also, there is no Eve Arden-ish wisecracking best friend or neatly tied-up ending as in the Joan Crawford version. Get ready for something you probably aren’t expecting. Great to see Todd Haynes take this on!

  13. scar2 says

    Evan Rachel Wood is also a great actress despite being known for dating Marilyn Manson. She stood out as a teen in TV’s Once & Again before turning in good performances in Thirteen & The Wrestler.

  14. says

    @ Dick I’ve just never liked old movies. It severely annoys me that they talk so fast (did they really talk like that during the early 20th century?). If it’s that important, though, I’ll force myself to watch it on Netflix.

  15. Carlos Chavarin says

    Ok first this;….Oh my God, Oh My God! OK, with that said, this version is closer to the James Cain novel. It look fantastic can’t wait.

  16. says

    This should be an excellent film with Kate being the star. I loved the old version with Joan Crawford, so this will be interesting to watch. Can’t wait!!!!! :)