1. Rubberwilli says

    I was going to say, nearly impossible to recognize that as Chris Pine on the cover. I just kept looking at it thinking “I know Captain Kirk 2.0 is in there somewhere.”

  2. homoDM says

    His eyes are so crazy blue on that cover they look like two little holes in his skull, letting the sky shine through from behind. It’s a touch creepy.

  3. kc again says

    Just picked up the magazine and read this article.

    He has a multitude of excuses for why he’s single, then he claims that he ASKS his publicist and manager to set him up with starlets and that they refuse to do it because they’re “not a dating service”. I find that impossible to believe.

  4. Darrell says

    If you think that basket is hot check out the brief shot of his “Uhura’s Roomate” scene in Star Trek. That boy is packing some serious meat……

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