FBI Looked Into Rumors GOP Icon Jack Kemp Was Gay

Through a series of interviews, including one with Kemp himself, the FBI picked apart the "Kemp is gay" rumors, and eventually concluded that they amounted to nothing but gossip. From the FBI file obtained by Salon and concerning agents' interaction with Kemp:


While the matter may have officially been settled, the chatter continued to follow the late Congressman, including during his tenure as Bob Dole's running mate in the 1996 presidential election.

It also makes you wonder how many other politicians have been put under the Spooks' gay microscope.


  1. Joe says

    That FBI report doesn’t look too conclusive. It seems like they basically trusted what he was saying when he said he wasn’t gay.

    I don’t really have an opinion or care about his comments, but I think smart politicians who are closeted know that they need to corroborate their stories and find really savvy ways of covering up. And we know the FBI has been wrong in the past (and would probably be kind to a republican politician anyway).

  2. TC says

    Typical in so many ways — let’s remember that DADT had its genesis in Kemp’s heyday. Dole/Kemp was going to use Clinton’s support of gay rights against him, so DADT was born to protect Clinton from Dole and Kemp. Thanks, Jack! Thanks, Bill! Thanks, Bob!

    Roy Cohn would be so proud.

  3. patrick nyc says

    FAN the one being blackmailed was J. Edgar Hoover, the gay, closeted cross dressing head of the FBI. He was blackmailed by Roy Cohen, the closeted creep who had photos of Hoover in drag and having sex with men. Cohen held this over his head until Hoover died, after 48 years as the first head of the FBI.

    Cohen is best known for being the lap dog for Joseph ‘have you no shame’ McCarthy during the red witch hunt in Congress, portrayed so well in Angels in America. That the FBI would let Kemp slide is not a shock, he was ‘one of them’ a right wing closet case.

    Kemp was careful, only sleeping with likewise closeted republicans. They would never rat on him, so the FBI had nothing solid to go on. Sadly this is why we still have so many closeted in the GOP. Look at how fast Lindsey Graham went back to the right when he was threatened with being outed.

  4. Bob R says

    Saint Reagan was a real piece of two-faced, smarmy, homophobic work, wasn’t he? It’s hard to think of a more despicable man elected to the White House and revered by so many brain dead rubes. Was Kemp gay? Who cares, he’s dead and pretty much forgotten. I long ago came to the conclusion that the only good Republican is a dead one anyway.

  5. patrick nyc says

    Yea Mike, my friend spells with the e, my bad.

    I agree ROB R, make America safe, eat a republican baby. Thank God Christie O’Donnell has not bred any litter.

  6. LincolnLounger says

    Classy, Bob. Nice to see how far our community has advanced with a Democrat President and HUGE, veto-proof Democrat majorities. Oh, that’s right. Nada.

    You are your “brain dead” ilk are the ones who guarantee that the gay community are taken for granted, Bob. Your simpleton “all Democrats are angels and all Republicans are evil” guarantee that the Democrats take us for granted and the Republicans have no reason to ever support us.

  7. jerry says

    this is really shallow of me and plays into all stereotypes of gay men as sex obsessed, but back in the day i always thought he was one hot daddy jock type

  8. says

    I remember the rumor back then, and recall the articles by Anderson and Drew Pearson… and they were the RIGHT WING nut’s of that period,as Russ Scumbag and Fox News are today. Arthur Miller wrote a story called Focus, in the 1950s, about a mixed neighborhood in Brooklyn. And someone with a Jewish sounding name, came to the aid of a candy store owner who was Jewish… and it was perceived that the guy must of been Jewish,too. However he was not! His neighbors started to turn garbage cans over on his lawn, and called him Antisemtic
    names… and Jack Kemp had gay friends back then… (as did Ronald Reagan),and it was not politically correct in the 60s just to know someone who was gay.

  9. Jerry6 says

    At a house party on Fire Island in the early 1950’s one week end with a lesbian friend who was a publesist (sp?)for MGM’s New York office, she pointed out Jack Kemp who was a house guest of the owner for the weekend.

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