1. Christopher Marcacci says

    Chord wont be Kurts boyfriend. They teased that he might in that first episode but now he’s with Quinn. Darren Criss has signed on to play Kurts boyfriend.

  2. crispy says

    Did ya’ll know that in the Rocky Horror episode Mercedes is playing Dr. Frank N Furter? #GleeFAIL

  3. jason says

    The producers of Glee appear to be homophobic towards male-male interactions. The only same-sex interaction they’ll allow is girl-girl, which they did in this week’s show. Therefore, I’m predicting that Kurt will never get a boyfriend.

    All these rumors about Kurt getting a boyfriend are being put out by the show’s PR department to make us gay men think that Glee is on our side. It ain’t. How do I know this? I know people who are “connected”.

    Keep in mind that Glee’s creator is Ryan Murphy, a peculiar, purported gay man who seems to have a fetish for lesbians. In his previous show, Nip/Tuck, he had tons of lesbian scenes but virtually no male-male ones.

    File Glee under “fake gay advocate”.

  4. Wayne says

    Jason, you’re not very well “connected”. First, Ryan Murphy is as OUT as they come. Second, Nip/Tuck was FULL of man on man action, from the very first season through to the end. Both of the last two seasons were about Christian being in love (supposedly) with his partner, and nearly every week had a story about gays, or at the very least a ton of eye candy for us. Even Mario Lopez shot a shower scene.

  5. Christopher Marcacci says

    Personally, I dont care if Kurt ever has a boyfriend. How many gay teens in tiny towns have boyfriends when they’re 15 anyway? The Kurt and his father storyline has been one of the most well written and touching storylines Ive ever seen about a gay teen. Since when is being gay all about man-on-man action? We have a show where one of the main characters is an out and openly proud gay boy. That should be more than enough for now.

  6. crispy says

    Oh, Sweet Zombie Jesus. Jason, your mother should be prosecuted for dropping you on your head as many times as she did.

  7. says

    “How do I know this? I know people who are ‘connected’.”

    Are they, by any chance, connected to electroshock therapy machines?

  8. Mike says

    Sorry, maybe I’m vapid, but as you guys speculate on whether the creators are with us or against us, i’m just a little hung up on this dude’s name: “Chord Overstreet” Really?

    Last night we had a porn name lightning round and that’s the one I came up with.

  9. Q says

    Crispy, I’m glad you brought that up. The very reason I stopped watching Glee is because they have done nothing with Mercedes’ character other than make her background fodder. Whatever happened to the “ensemble cast?” They should just call it what it is: The Rachel Show. [Stereo]typical Hollywood bullshit.

  10. patrick nyc says

    Sorry, maybe I’m vapid, but as you guys speculate on whether the creators are with us or against us, i’m just a little hung up on this dude’s name: “Chord Overstreet” Really?

    Last night we had a porn name lightning round and that’s the one I came up with.

    Not sure if you are vapid or not MIKE, but his father is a musician and that’s why they gave him the name, seems to have worked out well, since the guy not only sings, plays instruments and writes his own songs. Great article in Vouge linked bellow. He sounds 100% gay friendly.

    As for your connections JASON, are they the same connections that told Christie O’Donnell that China was going to invade the US?

  11. Zlick says

    I don’t much care about how gay or not gay Glee his. And don’t petition to revoke my gay card for this, but I’ve never seen an Episode.

    This is going to be the one I start with. Not because of cutie-boy Chord, but because I get nostalgic for 70’s Rocky Horror around Halloween, and this looks to be a hoot of a salute.

    I plan to catch the earlier eps on DVD at some point anyway, so this seems like a perfect point to jump in.

  12. patrick nyc says

    If you are talking about the Vanity Fair article I just tried it and I got the page, not sure what server you use, try another. Or try and search his name. It’s a good article from a kid who has his head on, not the typical shit they turn out.

  13. Paul R says

    I have a weakness for blonds, and since this kid is clearly well above high school age, I’m extremely happy that they’ve committed to showing him shirtless so often (so I don’t feel like a perv). He’s painfully attractive to me.

    Though Kurt’s comment about straight guys not having hair like “Linda Evangelista, circa 1993″ was hilariously spot on. I often have to skip through some of the musical numbers because I hate musicals, but this really is a good show.

    And Jason is insane. Kurt’s explanation for why he didn’t believe in god a couple weeks ago (basically, because of gay bullying) was amazing for a mainstream show airing at 8 pm, as was Sue Sylvester’s; most shows won’t go near religion in a negative way. That was way more important than Kurt kissing some guy, which I’m sure we’ll see soon anyway. Ryan Murphy has carte blanche with the content of the show, and I’m sure many of his decisions infuriate lots of parents whose kids love the show.

  14. Eric says

    My gawd that overstreet kid is hard to look at. And that mouth, sheesh. Taylor lautner he is not. More the home alone kid.

  15. says

    File Glee under “fake gay advocate”.
    Posted by: jason

    That is so true. Loop the gay demographic in with teasers and leave them with nothing.

  16. So Left I'm Right says

    All I can say is I like the terms of this guy’s contract…almost enough to make me watch this show on a regular basis.

  17. Brian says

    Iam’just glad that they have a gay character, that is believable but Kurt is a walking stereotype, effeminate, a gay guy who loves to sing Showtunes and who is in his high school glee club! I hope the boyfriend they pick for Kurt will be your average straight looking guy who just happens to be gay! If they play down the gay romance and don’t do it right they will have hell to pay with gay
    organizations like Glad that protect gay images in the media! There is no reason to have a token gay character on Glee. Check out the gay character Maxie (Mitch Hewer) from the 1st & 2nd seasons of Skins from the UK on you tube, his character was given boyfriends and all kinds episodes about being gay. The best episode was when he was being chased by bullies that ended in a gay kiss. Anyway, I guess we will just have to wait and see what the producers will do with Kurt the gay character on Glee in future episodes.