1. says

    Those poor people. Wow. My first instinct is to advocate the cutting off of aid to that country, but I just don’t know how that would help.

    I’m sure the religious/republican right in this country are very proud of their work in Uganda.

  2. SteveC says

    Cutting aid won’t help. Uganda is desperately poor.

    An appropriate response would be for aid to ONLY go NGO’s who have clear mission statements which support LGBT human rights.

    The Ugandan government should not be getting a dime of our money. They clearly don’t need it if they think genocide against LGBT people is a priority for their country.

  3. says

    The irony is that the Kingdom of Kongo which stretched at least up to modern day Uganda if not into it accepted homosexuality and honored it

    The writings of the Portuguese and jesuit missionaries detail the missionaries being SCANDALIZED by the Kingdom of Kongo having many men who dressed as women and married other men while being accepted as normal and even honored as sorcerers/ in touch with the gods within the kingdom of Kongo

    The anti-homosexuality of Uganda is (by historical standards) a very modern importation of foreign monotheistic BS

    I highly recommend people to read up on the Kingdom of Kongo

  4. whatever says

    I’m pretty sure Uganda have more important things to worry about than the way people live their lives. Leave the gays alone and worry about your economic downfall.

  5. steve says

    JOE: Send your comments about this to the US State Department contact: kampalawebcontact at state dot gov

    The ambassador to Uganda is Jerry Lanier, and the website is *silent* about anti-gay activities in Uganda. See kampala dot usembassy dot gov

    Very frightening.

  6. John says

    I’d take their reports with a grain of salt.

    Pretty much everywhere the Jesuits and Franciscans went, they reported to the Vatican that homosexuality was a huge problem (South America, Africa, Asia, Oceania). Western Europe, of course, was violently homophobic at the time. And they might have simply been playing to the Pope’s prejudices in the hopes of getting more money and material support for their evangelizing efforts. Demonizing and exaggerating the so-called “barbarity” of the natives also served as a justification their own brutal behavior. Elements of these accounts are undoubtedly true. But the priests also embellished the naughty bits for the benefit of the reader.

    As for Uganda, several western countries (the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada) have already threatened to withhold some aide if they go through with this. The American contribution is quite small because the country isn’t of any strategic importance. However, we might as well join the bandwagon for symbolic reasons. The president has already made his position clear to Ugandan leaders. Certainly, we should not invite these people to presidential or even secretarial functions anymore. Let low-level diplomats deal with it as a sign of our displeasure at their defiance.

  7. Roman Bolliger says

    With such evil attitudes (fostered by US evangelists) apparently dominating the mainstream “culture”, Uganda is showing to the whole world not only its total ignorance of basic human standards but also its unwillingness to evolve. Uganda has chosen the most effective bad publicity and will remain a poor, undeveloped and ridiculous nation for years.

  8. Clift says

    Wake up America. The current situation in Uganda is the result of a social experiment undertaken by American fundamentalist evangelical so-called christians. Now the results will be studied and applied to our fellow citizens here at home.

  9. Danny says

    Ugandan “christians” learned their hate from British and American “missionaries” who felt–and evidently still feel–that it’s important for African “christians” to learn to hate the way their American counterparts do.

    Rick Warren of Saddleback Church pretends he knew nothing about it the impact such attitudes have on Ugandan political life.

    Interesting how propagating hate and lies comes so easily to such “christians.”

  10. Tone says

    Although withholding foreign aid will hurt mainly citizens, there must be a time when the civilized world says no more. I am urging my government to stop writing cheques until Uganda’s leadership puts an end to this genocidal course it is on.

  11. Hunter says

    In the event that the proposed genocidal bill is actually made into law, there is a very straight-forward response to the Ugandan state that concerned persons everywhere should immediately deliver.
    It is this: Shut down all Ugandan embassies and diplomatic offices worldwide. Use nonviolent action to MAKE IT UTTERLY IMPOSSIBLE for Ugandan government representatives to do business anywhere in the world. Make them pay an exorbitant price every single day that the genocidal law remains in effect. Considering the scale of the outrage being committed by the Ugandan regime, this answer to them is entirely appropriate and proportional.

  12. Lexxvs says

    The other day I saw a report about that magazine, the Ugandan Rolling Stone, where the wingnut youngster editor of that piece of shit that published the addresses and photos of suspected homosexuals and asked for them to be hanged, that he thought that they deserved to die, that police must act to prosecute them, that there is no privacy –as argued by the reporter- as there is no privacy if terrorist were building a bomb inside their home (!!!!) the more monstrous, crazy, ignorant comments you could not even imagine, and all said with such an impassible and straight face you could only think that not even the Nazis were so unembarrassed about it. Literally he claimed that homosexuality was a disease that spreads like a virus that must be exterminated.
    The people in the streets, when asked about homosexuality, said things of similar tone –aberration etc. – and you could see that the country is ridden with evangelical primitivism.
    If you make their life difficult, they will turn to other crazy countries like them, the rest of Africa or the Muslim countries. Shitty countries have their ways of supporting among them. Hatred is their only glue. The western countries are the eternal enemies, no matter how many millions they spend trying to give some forgettable help.
    Ah, by the way, the showed a poor lesbian, in the hiding, telling her story, having to run from her home after the publication.

  13. please vote says

    are you surprised to see that the opinion of gays in a tabloid in one of the poorest countries in the world mimics the opinion of gays on the political right in the USA?

  14. TANK says

    Yes, please vote for democrats and remain their loyal lapdog because…you’re fearful and stupid…and if you don’t…they’ll kill the gays! LMAO!

    As to this…well…it’s a damn shame, isn’t it.

  15. says

    The enlightened western world governments need to offer UN protection to the gays of this god forsaken place .. offer guarded transportation out and sanctuary in Europe and the New world. Then drop all ties to this nation .. The West can not let genocide happen. This is why Africa will always be seen as a backward swamp that never evolved ….

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